Apple Orchards In Michigan

Awesome Mitten’s Guide to the BEST Cider Mills & Apple Orchards in Michigan

If you’re craving the flavors of fall this year, check out some of the best cider mills & apple orchards in Michigan to visit this fall!

You might not be surprised to learn that, with so many apple orchards in Michigan, the state is a major contributor to the apple market. In fact, Michigan apple farmers produced about 10% of the nation’s apples in 2018. There are numerous Michigan cider mill locations too. 

If you’re looking for the best apple orchards in Michigan or a “cider mill near me”, we’ve got you covered!

From our list of the best Michigan cider mills and apple orchards to our regional round-ups, plus our interactive map of Michigan apple orchards & cider mills, we’ll help you make this fall the best yet!

Best Apple Orchards &Amp; Cider Mills In Michigan
Schwallier’s Country Basket | photo via @melissanicholsonphotography

Best Cider Mills & Apple Orchards in Michigan to Visit in 2023

  • Sunny G Orchard | Stephenson, Michigan
  • Knaebe’s Apple Farm & Ciderworks | Rogers City, Michigan
  • Friske’s Farm Market | Ellsworth, Michigan
  • King Orchards | Central Lake, Michigan
  • Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | New Era, Michigan
  • Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery | Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • Crane Orchards | Fennville, Michigan
  • Gull Meadow Farms | Richland, Michigan
  • Phillips Orchards & Cider Mill | St. Johns, Michigan
  • Uncle John’s Cider Mill | St. Johns, Michigan
  • Montrose Orchards | Montrose, Michigan
  • Clearview Orchards | Haslett, Michigan
  • Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill | Charlotte, Michigan
  • Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill | Armada, Michigan
  • Westview Orchards & Winery | Washington, Michigan
  • Yates Cider Mill | Rochester Hills, Michigan
  • Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill | Plymouth, Michigan

Our Favorite Upper Peninsula Michigan Apple Orchards

Sunny G Orchard | Stephenson, Michigan

There aren’t too many orchards in the Upper Peninsula that grow apples. Sunny G Orchard stands out because it offers tours and hayrides for anyone who wants to schedule a visit to see what life is like on the farm.

The family-owned and -operated orchard is an up-and-coming farm and grows more than 10 apple varieties.

Apple Orchard In Michigan's Upper Peninsula
photo via Clearview Orchard

Northern Michigan Cider Mills and Apple Orchards (Lower Peninsula) That We Love

Knaebe’s Apple Farm & Ciderworks | Rogers City, Michigan

From late September through October, you can pick your own apples at Knaebe’s Apple Farm & Ciderworks. While you’re only allowed to pick select varieties on your own, all of the apples are available for purchase in the main barn.

Along with picking apples, Knaebe’s serves hard cider and wood-fired pizza in the Ciderworks. You can visit the corn maze, playground, and animals, or try your hand at the Mac ‘n’ Squasher apple slingshot while you’re there.

Knaebes Apple Farm And Ciderworks 1
Knaebe’s Apple Farm And Ciderworks | photo via @iamjustlibby

Friske’s Farm Market | Ellsworth, Michigan

Friske’s Farm Market is one of the best orchards in Michigan if you’re looking for fall activities. It opens for U-pick apples in early September. You can enjoy a home-cooked breakfast or lunch in the Orchard Cafe, and purchase a range of products in the market, bakery, and gift shop.

Children love the playground and petting zoo. On top of that, Friske’s hosts three fall events: Harvest Festival in late September and Fall Fest and Apple Fest Days in early October.

Friske Farm Market 1
Friske Farm Market | photo via @friskefarmmarket

King Orchards | Central Lake, Michigan

Anytime you want to pick apples in early September through October, visit King Orchards. While you’re there, check out the bakery. It creates homemade pies, jams and jellies, and other farm-fresh treats with its fruits. Unpasteurized apple cider is available also.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the view of Grand Traverse Bay and Torch Lake during your visit as well.

Lewis Farms Apple Orchard In Michigan
Lewis Farms | photo via @visitlewisfarms

Can’t-Miss West Michigan Apple Orchards and Cider Mills

Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | New Era, Michigan

It’s easy to spend an entire day at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo, which is open from mid-September through October. Although it’s not in the name, it has an orchard where you can pick all kinds of apples every day of the week, from Cortland and Empire to McIntosh and Red Delicious.

The farm has more than 46 attractions too, including a corn maze, pumpkin patch, carousel, farm skeeball, and pedal carts. In addition, the petting zoo has more than 100 animals.

Lewis Adventure Farm And Zoo 2
Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo | photo via @mhicks72

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery | Grand Rapids, Michigan

Since 1911, Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery has been a staple. It offers U-pick apples from mid-September until the end of the season, and cider is made on-site. From early September, the 6.5-acre corn maze is open and doesn’t close until the end of October or early November.

The petting zoo, hayrides, and jumping pillow are open if the weather is good. Also, the bakery makes about 200 dozen doughnuts per hour, and wine tasting is available in the barn.

Robinettes Apple Haus And Winery 3
Robinette’s Apple Haus and Winery | photo via @robinettesapplehaus

Crane Orchards | Fennville, Michigan

U-pick apples are available at Crane Orchards every day from Labor Day until the season ends. Among the many apple orchards in Michigan, it has one of the largest varieties of apples. You can even taste test them before you go apple picking.

Golf cart rides are often available to get around the orchard if you don’t want to walk. During the U-pick season, the 20-acre corn maze, cow train, and hayrides are open.

Crane Orchards
Crane Orchards | photo via @jennyrebecca75

Gull Meadow Farms | Richland, Mcihigan

Gull Meadow Farms is one of the most-popular Michigan apple orchards. The U-pick orchard has been operating for more than 25 years. You can pick several apple varieties from early September, and stop by the barn and bakery for apple-baked goods, cider and doughnuts.

The apple cannons are a favorite fall activity alongside the pumpkin patch, 6-acre corn maze, wagon rides, petting farm, and pig races.

Instagram Gullmeadowfarms
Gull Meadow Farms | photo via @gullmeadowfarms

Must-Visit Mid-Michigan Cider Mills and Apple Orchards

Phillips Orchards & Cider Mill | St. Johns, Michigan

Since 1852, Phillips Orchards & Cider Mill has been growing delicious apples. Over the years, six generations of the family have lived on the fruit farm, and the ciders are named after them.

Every September, this Michigan cider mill lets you watch as more than 30 apple varieties are turned into cider. It uses a traditional rack and cloth press, and the flavors vary slightly throughout the season depending on the apples that are available.

You can stop by the Phillips market for delicious treats as well.

Phillips Orchard And Cider Mill
Phillips Orchard and Cider Mill | photo via @cassondra.wanders

Uncle John’s Cider Mill | St. Johns, Michigan

In the early 1900s, Uncle John’s Cider Mill was a cattle barn. Although it was converted into a cider press, it maintains the same charm of its early days. The mill makes cider the old-fashioned way without additives, preservatives, or pasteurization.

You can watch the fresh cider being made while the mill is open in September and October. While you’re there, you can enjoy caramel apples, fresh bakery items, the 5-acre corn maze, pumpkin patch, and 40-foot mining sluice.

Uncle John’s Cider Mill

Montrose Orchards | Montrose, Michigan

Montrose Orchards is open for U-pick apples and pumpkins throughout the fall. Tours of the orchard are available for groups. You can watch cider being pressed, go on hayrides and meet some of the farm animals.

During the season, there may be an arts and crafts show too. At the market, you can purchase apples, cider, and other local products.

Montrose Orchards
Montrose Orchards | photo via @focusedontheroad

Clearview Orchards | Haslett, Michigan

As one of the family-run apple farms in Michigan, Clearview Orchards focuses on growing and selling apples and peaches. It opens in early September for U-pick apples, and McIntosh apples are one of the first varieties available.

Let's Go To The Apple Orchard In Michigan
Clearview Orchards | photo via Clearview Orchards

Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill | Charlotte, Michigan

From late August through early November, Country Mill Orchard & Cider Mill is open for picking your own apples by the half bushel. If you don’t want to pick apples, you can buy bags in the farm market instead.

Wagon tours of the orchard and cider mill are available in September and October with a focus on apples and pumpkins. The tours include fun in the indoor inflatable play area, exploration in the corn maze, and time using the apple cannon.

Afterward, you can stop by the bakery for caramel apples, doughnuts, and pies.

Country Mill Orchard And Cider Mill 1
Country Mill Orchard and Cider Mill | photo via @dallinthorpe

The Best Southeast Michigan Apple Orchards and Cider Mills

Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill | Armada, Michigan

Offering tons of family fun in the fall, Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill is one of the best orchards in Michigan. The U-pick apples from early September through early November are just the beginning.

You can visit Blake’s Orchard Funland and Blake’s Big Apple Funland for numerous attractions, such as an animal petting farm, water duck races, animated scarecrow band, and wagon rides. Also, each Funland has unique attractions and locally sourced treats.

Blakes Orchard
Blake’s Orchard | photo via @pcrome

Westview Orchards & Winery | Washington, Michigan

Westview Orchards & Winery has been going strong for more than 200 years. From mid-August to the end of October, you can pick from a variety of apples. You can even pick your own pumpkins from late September.

The property features a children’s play area, animal barn, outdoor petting area, giant slide, and more as well.

Westview Orchards 1
Westview Orchards | photo via @westvieworchards

Yates Cider Mill | Rochester Hills, Michigan

At Yates Cider Mill, fresh apple cider is produced right before your eyes. The orchard has more than 15 apple varieties, and you can bag your own or buy pre-bagged apples. The mill uses a water-powered, double-tap process to make up to 300 gallons of cider every hour.

There are on-site pony rides, a petting zoo, a ⅕-mile river walk trail, and an ice cream shop with a signature doughnut sundae and 20 flavors.

Yates Cider Mill 1
Yates Cider Mill | photo via @megumi_in_america

Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill | Plymouth, Michigan

Organic apple orchards are less common in Michigan, but Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill is one that fills the gap.

Although it doesn’t allow you to pick apples, you can watch while the award-winning cider is made. The process starts with equipment that peels the apple skins within seconds and moves hundreds of apples through the press.

The orchard has a pumpkin patch, farm animals, wagon rides, and live music too. Fresh cider, doughnuts, and pies are available to take home.

Plymouth Orchards
Plymouth Orchards | photo via @gdeanphoto

Fascinating Facts About Michigan Apples

Apples aren’t native fruits to Michigan or North America.

Apples originally came from Kazakhstan in Central Asia and have been eaten by people since at least 6500 BC. The seeds were carried throughout Europe by 1500 BC and cultivated by the Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans.

It wasn’t until the 17th century that colonists brought apples to North America, with the first apple orchard being planted in New England in 1625. The seeds were also cultivated on Colonial farms and spread alongside Native American trade routes.

Johnny Appleseed was real and helped bring apples to the Midwest.

John Chapman, his real name, is one of the reasons there are so many apples in Michigan and the Midwest. He owned many tree nurseries and was an apple tree seller and trader throughout the region.

Michigan is a major apple producer.

With 825 family farms that cover 35,500 acres and maintain more than 11.3 million apple trees, Michigan is the third-largest apple producer in the country. The state produces about 1.05 billion pounds of apples from every harvest season.

Apples are among the most valuable of Michigan’s fruit crops.

The apple industry in Michigan contributes up to $900 million to the state economy each year. About 55% of the apples are turned into other products, which means that the state contributes more apples for making pies, applesauce, juice, and cider than any other state.

Michigan apples are enjoyed far and wide.

Michigan apples are available in 150 farm markets and cider mills across the state. But, they aren’t only eaten or used to make apple products in Michigan. You can buy them in more than 12,000 grocery stores across more than 30 states. Plus, Michigan apples are sold in more than 15 countries!

Apples are part of the rose family of flowering plants.

Rosaceae, the scientific name for the rose family, includes 4,828 known species of flowering plants. Among them is Malus domestic, the scientific name for apples. The flowers of apple trees have five sepals and five petals.

FAQ About Cider Mills & Apple Orchards in Michigan

When should I go to Michigan apple orchards?

Apple season runs from mid-August through early November, depending on the weather. The peak harvest time for most varieties is late September into October.

However, there can still be plenty of fruit available at other times throughout the growing season. If you want to visit a Michigan apple orchard during off-peak hours, it’s always worth checking its website before visiting.

Some places offer special events like pumpkin patches, hayrides, corn mazes, etc., which may require additional admission fees.

How many cider mills are in Michigan?

Some estimate that there are over 150 cider mills in Michigan, many of which are family-owned and operated. Not all Michigan cider mills are open to the public, so check before you go!

What is the oldest cider mill in Michigan?

Dexter Cider Mill is the oldest cider mill in Michigan and has been in operation since 1886.

Is Apple picking good in October?

Yes, although we recommend going as soon as possible after Labor Day if you don’t mind crowds. You’ll find fewer people when the weather gets cooler. Also, keep in mind that the majority of Michigan apple farms close down for the winter months.

Discover More Cider Mills and Apple Orchards in Michigan

With the array of apple orchards and cider mills in Michigan, you’ll have no trouble getting a taste of autumn this year:

Visiting several of these locations on a fall color drive is a great way to enjoy the Michigan fall colors at the same time.

As you’re enjoying your Michigan fall color drive, explore nearby Michigan cider mill and apple orchard locations using our interactive map of Michigan apple orchards to find an “apple orchard near me”!

More Michigan Apple Orchards to Explore

  • (A.W.) Overhiser Orchards: 109th Avenue, South Haven, MI
  • Aerts Farm, Inc.: 979 W. Monroe Road, Hart, MI
  • Alber’s Orchard & Cider Mill: 13011 Bethel Church Road, Manchester, MI
  • Almar Orchard: 1431 Duffield Rd, Flushing, MI
  • Altonen Orchards: 11882 S. US-31, Elk Rapids, MI
  • Anderson and Girls Orchard: 82985 North Sheridan Road, Stanton, MI
  • Apple Blossom Orchard: 2581 Wilder, Midland, MI
  • Apple Charlie’s Orchard and Cider Mill: 38035 S. Huron Rd, New Boston, MI
  • Apple Lane Orchard: 4460 N. Center Rd, Flint, MI
  • Apple Schram Organic Orchard: 1300 Mount Hope Hwy, Charlotte, MI
  • Apple Valley Orchard: 6480 Davis Road, Saginaw, MI
  • Applewood Orchards, Inc: 2998 Rodesiler Hwy, Deerfield, MI
  • Bayne’s Apple Valley Farm: 5395 Midland Road (M-47), Freeland, MI
  • Beck’s Cider Mill: 1660 West Maple Rapids Road, St. Johns, MI
  • Bennett’s Orchard: 5647 Consear, Ottawa Lake, MI
  • Bintz Cider Mill and Apple Farm: 4520 N River Rd, Freeland, MI
  • Bixby Orchards: 5745 Pokagon Rd, Berrien Springs, MI
  • Blake’s Almont Orchard: 5600 Van Dyke, Almont, MI
  • Blake’s Big Apple Orchard: 71485 North Avenue, Armada, MI
  • Blake’s Orchard and Cider Mill: 17985 Armada Center Rd, Armada, MI
  • Brainerd Farms: 8430 Groger Rd, Onsted, MI
  • Brookwood Fruit Farm: 7845 Bordman Road, Almont, MI
  • Calvin Lutz Farms: 8576 Chief Rd, Kaleva, MI
  • Cherry View Orchards: 1644 U.S. Hwy. 31, Kewadin, MI
  • Christmas Cove Farm: 11573 N. Kilcherman Rd., Northport, MI
  • Clam Lake Orchards: 6662 Clam Lake Road, Bellaire, MI
  • Clearview Orchards: 1051 Barry Road, Haslett, MI
  • Cleveland Farms: 4520 County Rd 380, Bloomingdale, MI
  • Crane Orchards: 6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI
  • Crane’s U-Pick: 6017 124th Ave., Fennville, MI
  • Dexter Cider Mill: 3685 Central Street, Dexter, MI
  • Diehl’s Orchard & Cider Mill: 1478 Ranch Road, Holly, MI
  • Earth First Farms: 8335 Smith Road, Berrien Center, MI
  • Eastman’s Antique Orchard: 1058 W. Midland-Gratiot County Line Rd., Wheeler, MI
  • Ed Dunneback & Girls Farm: 3025 6 Mile Road, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Elliotts Orchard: 6350 Clam Lake Rd, Bellaire, MI
  • Epple Orchards: 4996 N. M-140, Watervliet, MI
  • Erie Orchards and Cider Mill: 1235 Erie Road, Erie, MI
  • Erwin Orchards U-Pick & Cider Mill: 61475 Silver Lake Road, South Lyon, MI
  • Evans Brothers Fruit Company: 5273 Joyfield Rd., Frankfort, MI
  • Farmer White’s: 11373 U.S. 31 South, Williamsburg, MI
  • First Fruits LLC (Flynn Orchards): 6654 Scholl Rd, Mancelona, MI
  • Flavor Fruit Farm: 11025 S. Jackson Road, Somerset Center, MI
  • Flavorland Farms: 9868 Lauer Road, Baroda, MI
  • Forraht Farms: 960 East Lemon Creek Road, Berrien Springs, MI
  • Friske Orchards & Farm Market: 10743 U.S. 31 N. Atwood, Ellsworth, MI
  • Frosty Apple Orchard: 6884 Walsh Road, Dexter, MI
  • Fruit Acres Farm & U-Pick: 3452 Friday Road, Coloma, MI
  • Fruit Ridge Hayrides: 11966 Fruit Ridge Ave., Kent City, MI
  • Fryear’s Little Red Market: 6740 Fruitridge, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Fuhr’s Valley View Fruit Farm: 1554 N Van Dyke Rd, Imlay City, MI
  • Gallagher Farm Market: 7237 East Traverse Highway, Traverse City, MI
  • Geldersma Farm: 11148 Belding Rd NE, Belding, MI
  • Glei’s Inc.: 4295 Orion Road, Rochester, MI
  • Grand View Orchard: 1118 Riley Street, Hudsonville, MI
  • Granny’s Orchard: 11490 Wilbur Highway, Eaton Rapids, MI
  • Gull Meadow Farms: 8544 Gull Road, Richland, MI
  • Hahnenberg Farm Market & Cider Mill: 614 S. Lake Leelanau Dr., Lake Leelanau, MI
  • Hanover Orchard: Hanover Rd, Hanover, MI
  • Hanulcik Pick-Your-Own Orchard: 1727 N. Jefferson Rd., Ionia, MI
  • Hemmeter’s Farm Market and Greenhouse: 4050 Lawndale Road, Saginaw Township, MI
  • Hide Away Orchard: Shumway Rd, Adrian, MI
  • Hildebrand Fruit Farms: 10267 Garr Rd., Berrien Springs, MI
  • Hill Bros. Orchards & Cider Mill: 6159 Peach Ridge Avenue NW, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Hillside Orchards: 8198 Fleisher Ln., Berrien Springs, MI
  • Hood Orchards: 821 S. Kalamazoo, Paw Paw, MI
  • Hoxsie’s Orchard Hill Farms: 6578 M 72 East, Williamsburg, MI
  • Husted Farm Market and Cider Mill: 9191 West Main, Kalamazoo, MI
  • Hy’s Cider Mill: 6350 37 Mile Road, Romeo, MI
  • Jacques Orchard: 2275 N. Iva Rd., Hemlock, MI
  • Joe Gavin Orchards: 16495 40th Avenue, Coopersville, MI
  • Johanson’s Apple World: 8700 Keehn Road, Baroda, MI
  • Johnston’s Applewood Farm: 362 N. Canal Road, Eaton Rapids, MI
  • Jollay Orchards: 1850 Friday Road, Coloma, MI
  • Jonas Farm Cider Mill: 8736 Red Arrow Hwy, Watervliet, MI
  • Kapnick Orchards: 4245 Rogers Highway, Britton, MI
  • Keeney Miller Orchard: 10347 S. Dixie Hwy, Erie, MI
  • Keeney Orchards: 5300 Monroe Rd, Tipton, MI
  • King Orchards: 4620 North M-88, Central Lake, MI
  • Klackle Orchards: 11466 W. Carson City Road (M-57), Greenville, MI
  • KlineKrest USDA Certified Organic Produce Farm: 1067 Somers Road, Lyons, MI
  • Knaebe’s “”Mmmunchy Krunchy”” Apple Farm Cider Mill: 2621 So. Karsten Road, Rogers City, MI
  • Koan’s Orchard: 12183 Beecher Rd, Flushing, MI
  • Kreps Apple Barn: 12500 Minx Rd., LaSalle, MI
  • Lange Farms: 2280 Portage Rd., Niles, MI
  • Leaman’s Green Applebarn: 7475 N. River Road, Freeland, MI
  • Lehman’s Orchard: 2280 Portage Rd., Niles, MI
  • Leipprandt Orchard: 7171 Filion Road, Pigeon, MI
  • Lesser Farms and Orchard: 12651 Island Lake Road, Dexter, MI
  • Lewis Farm Market & Petting Farm: 4180 W. M-20, New Era, MI
  • Long Family Orchard and Farm: 1540 East Commerce Rd., Commerce, MI
  • Lutz Orchard: 11030 Macon Rd, Saline, MI
  • Markillie Orchard and Cider Mill: 5200 N Latson, Howell, MI
  • Marvin’s Fairfield Orchard: 7062 South Adrian Highway, Adrian, MI
  • McCallum Orchard: 5697 Harris Road, Jeddo, MI
  • McCarron’s Orchard: 7456 West Carpenter Road, Flushing, MI
  • McCartney Farm: 2537 Hlilandale Rd, Sodus, MI
  • McCollough Orchard: 542 South Angola Road, Coldwater, MI
  • McFarland Farm: 64951 66th St, Hartford, MI
  • McIntosh Apple Orchards & Cider Mill: 6431 107th Avenue, South Haven, MI
  • Middleton Cider Mill: 46462 Dequindre, Utica, MI
  • Miller Family Orchard: 3209 S. Vassar Road, Vassar, MI
  • Miller’s Big Red Apple Orchard: 4900 32-Mile Rd, Washington Twp, MI
  • Moelker Orchards & Farm Market: 9265 Kenowa Ave SW, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Montrose Orchards: 12473 Seymour Road, Montrose, MI
  • Moore Orchards: 1727 S Sasse Road, Midland, MI
  • Morrison Farms: 11575 Elk Lake Road, Williamsburg, MI
  • Morrison’s Sunny Field Farms: 30384 Red Arrow Hwy., Paw Paw, MI
  • Mueller’s Orchard: 6036 Lobdell Rd., Linden, MI
  • Northville Cider Mill, Inc.: 714 Baseline Road, Northville, MI
  • Nye’s Apple Barn and Farms: 4700 Hollywood Rd, St. Joseph, MI
  • Obstbaum Orchards and Cider Mill: 9252 Currie Road, Salem, MI
  • Orchard Beach Farm: 130 Orchard Trail, Quincy, MI
  • Orchard Hill Farm: 2934 68th St. SE, Caledonia, MI
  • Paint Creek Cider Mill: 4480 Orion Road, Rochester, MI
  • Pankiewicz Cider Mill & Farm Market: 10377 Lindsey Road, Casco, MI
  • Parker’s Orchard: 8355 Oak Road, Millington, MI
  • Past Tense Cider Mill: 1965 Farnsworth Rd., Lapeer, MI
  • Paulson’s Pumpkin Patch: 11164 W Belding Rd, Belding, MI
  • Phillippi Fruit Farm & Cider Mill: 13196 Cleveland Avenue, Buchanan, MI
  • Phillips Orchards & Cider Mill: 1174 W Gratiot County Line Rd., Saint Johns, MI
  • Pierson’s Farm Market: 5523 N. State Road (M-66), Orleans, MI
  • Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill: 10685 Warren Road, Plymouth, MI
  • Porter’s Orchard Farm Market & Cider Mill: 12060 E. Hegel Road, Goodrich, MI
  • Quint’s Fruit Farm: 497 E. Shawnee Rd., Baroda, MI
  • Red Apple Orchard: 4122 Billmyer Hwy, Britton, MI
  • Rennhack Orchards: 3731 West Polk Road, Hart, MI
  • Rennie Orchards: 11221 Munro Rd., Williamsburg, MI
  • Ridgeway Farm Market: 55140 M-43, Bangor, MI
  • Ritz’s Farm Market & Cider Mill: 910 144th Street, Wayland, MI
  • Robinette’s Apple Haus and Winery: 3142 4 Mile Road NE, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Rochester Cider Mill: 5125 Rochester Road, Rochester, MI
  • Roossinck Fruit Storage: 8990 W 60th Street, Fremont, MI
  • Sarno Farm: 36197 M-140, Covert, MI
  • Schemenauers Orchards and Cider Mill: 28120 County Road 215, Bangor, MI
  • Schlubatis Orchards: 209 N. Angola Road, Coldwater, MI
  • Schultz Fruitridge Farms: 60139 County Road 652, Mattawan, MI
  • Shafer Orchards: 207 Shafer Rd, Baroda, MI
  • Sietsema Orchards & Cider Mill: 8540 2 Mile Road, Ada, MI
  • Sineman’s Orchard: 1800 West Olds Road, Leslie, MI
  • Spicer’s Orchards: 10411 Clyde Road, Fenton, MI
  • Spirit Springs Farm: 12401 Hoffman Road, Marcellus, MI
  • Sprague’s Family Fun Farm: 33120 Middle Crossing Rd., Dowagiac, MI
  • Springhope Farm: 18720 Cleveland Ave, Galien, MI
  • Stan’s Cider Mill: 2505 E. Vernon Road, Rosebush, MI
  • Steffens Orchard Market: 4344 13 Mile Rd., Sparta, MI
  • Stephenson Farms: 6783 Baseline Rd., South Haven, MI
  • Stony Creek Orchard and Cider Mill: 2961 W. 32 Mile Road, Romeo, MI
  • Sue and Glenn’s Fruitstand: 5300 NW Bay Shore Drive, Omena, MI
  • Sunrise Farms: 1280 Hillendale Road, Benton Harbor, MI
  • Sweet Seasons Orchards: 15787 Allman Rd., Concord, MI
  • T&K Orchard: 5270 S. LaChance Rd., Lake City, MI
  • The Country Mill: 4648 Otto Road, Charlotte, MI
  • The Frosty Apple: 6920 Walsh, Dexter, MI
  • The Little Orchard Company: 2282 East Salzburg Rd, Bay City, MI
  • Tompkins’ Orchard and Country Store: 5966 W. Sanilac Rd., Vassar, MI
  • Tree-Mendus Fruit Farm: 9351 East Eureka Road, Eau Claire, MI
  • Twin Maple Orchards and U-pick: 15352 Cleveland Ave., Galien, MI
  • Uncle John’s Cider Mill & Fruit House Winery: 8614 N US 27, St. Johns, MI
  • Uptegraff’s Orchard: 5350 N. Gale, Davison, MI
  • Vander MillPhone: (616) 84-CIDER14921 Cleveland Street, Spring Lake, MI
  • Verellen Orchards: 63260 Van Dyke, Romeo, MI
  • VerHage Fruit Farms: 8619 West ML Ave., Kalamazoo, MI
  • Wasem Fruit Farm: 6580 Judd Road, Milan, MI
  • Weckwerth Farms: 8025 Territorial Rd., Watervliet, MI
  • Wells Orchards: 9009 Kenowa, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Westview Farm: 60636 County Road 652, Mattawan, MI
  • Westview Orchards & Winery: 65075 Van Dyke, Romeo, MI
  • Wiard’s Orchard and Country Fair: 5565 Merritt Road, Ypsilanti, MI
  • Windy Ridge Orchard and Cider Mill: 9375 Saline-Milan Road, Saline, MI
  • Witte Orchards: 3426 N. Michigan Rd. (M-99), Dimondale, MI
  • Witzgall Orchards: 5179 S. Two Mile Rd., Bay City, MI
  • Wolcott Orchards: 3284 W. Coldwater Road, Mt. Morris, MI
  • Yates Cider Mill: 1990 E. Avon Road, Rochester Hills, MI
  • Youker Farm Market: 4977 S M-37, Grawn, MI

Please contact the specific orchard you wish to visit for the most up-to-date information regarding open hours, pricing, and product availability. Awesome Mitten aims to provide the most accurate information and appreciates any updates being submitted via our contact form.

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