Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
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AWESOME Guide to Spicer Orchards Farm Market & Winery in Fenton

There’s nothing quite like a visit to an orchard in the great state of Michigan. Places like Spicer Orchards in Fenton are the perfect place for a family adventure and offer plenty to see, do, and taste.

Whether you’re after the perfect pumpkin for Halloween, fresh cider and donuts, the perfect apples for baking pies at home, or you just want to get out of the house and have some fun, Spicer’s Apple Orchard is a perfect fall family destination!

Not only can you get your fill of delicious food, but there’s also something for visitors of all ages to enjoy. Kids can frolic on the playground or get lost in a corn maze. Adults can go to Spicer’s winery for wine tasting and hard cider sampling.

Spicer Orchards is a family-owned and operated establishment that brings the best of fall to life. With five generations of farming under their belts, the Spicer family definitely knows how to produce an array of AWESOME fruits, donuts, and cider with their own special twist.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @pachiaay

Getting to Know Spicer Orchards

Farming is deeply embedded in the Spicer family’s history and, for six generations, they’ve been growing fruit in southern Michigan. The family started in Detroit, taking fruit by horse and wagon to sell downtown. They eventually opened up a fruit stand at the corner of Grand River and Novi roads.

When I-96 opened, the family bought a farm in Linden and supplied fruit to the Novi market. In 1967, the family purchased a farm in Hartland and began planting fruit for a new generation. 

In 1980, the Spicer family bought a second Hartland market at its current location in Fenton. It’s here where visitors can come to see Spicer’s winery, cider mill, doughnut shop, and much more.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @emilywalkerphoto

Making Memories at Spicer Orchards

Memories last forever and you can make plenty of great ones at Spicer Orchards. Spicer is all about farming, family, and fun, so make sure to take advantage of all the fun activities offered here.

You just need to have the fall experience here. From wagon rides into the fields to pick your own (several pick-your-own options) to pumpkins to wines to the best cinnamon donuts and apple cider to just being around people – lots of families – enjoying the experience. My wife and I (along with her daughter with whom she has been visiting here for 30+ and son-in-law) make this an annual “must do” event.

– Thomas B. via TripAdvisor

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @petra_nadezhda

Pick Yourself Some Fresh Fruit in Spicer’s Orchards

If you’ve ever wanted to pick fresh fruit straight from the source, Spicer Orchards is the perfect place to do it.

Depending on the season, you can pick delicious red raspberries, u-pick strawberries, many u-pick apple varieties, cherries, blueberries, and peaches in Spicer’s Orchards. For easy convenience, Spicer’s offers a Fruit Harvest Ripening Calendar on their website with estimated dates to help plan your u-pick fruit fun.

You can buy a bucket at the market for just $1.50 that carries anywhere from 8 to 15 pounds, depending on what you’re picking. So if you really like cherries or strawberries, you can leave with plenty of them to make delicious treats at home.

Picking conditions can change quite a bit during the year, and if you’ve got your heart set on picking, you want to call ahead to see what conditions are like.

After our doughnut and cider break, we got on the hay ride for the U-Pick. They had about 7-8 apple options when we went and we were able to fill our bag. For apples, you pay for your preferred size of bag at the counter before getting on the wagon. For pumpkins, which is the 2nd stop on the ride), you pay at the lot. The first two apple spots are hard to walk, but we ended up walking the last few since they were closer together. If your last stop is the Jonagolds, you can definitely walk back to the main area without having to wait for the next wagon.

– Michelle T. via TripAdvisor
The Awesome Mitten Spicers
Spicers Orchard | photo via Danielle Gordon

Treat Yourself to Cider and Donuts in Spicer’s Farm Market

When you first enter Spicer’s Farm Market you see many flowers and pumpkins while being entertained by a couple playing folk music. Spicer’s Store smells of fall goodness, offering candies, caramel apples, and pies.

However, the donuts are by far the highlight of Spicer Orchards during the fall months. Plain, cinnamon, powdered and pumpkin cinnamon donuts can be smelled just by pulling into the parking lot. The donuts are so fresh you actually watch your donuts come off the press and be bagged.

Fresh, sweet apple cider and donuts just taste better at an orchard.

Spicer Orchards makes fresh donuts daily as well as cider that’s squeezed from fresh, wonderful apples and adds no preservatives or flavorings. Hot donuts are made every day and available for purchase.

Relatives of the Spicer family can often be seen making donuts. Freshly made apple cider is also sold alongside all the amazing donuts.

Once you’ve got fresh donuts in hand, you may have to stop yourself from eating all of them before you head back to the car.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @taleb_afaf

Treat (or Tempt) Yourself With Sweet Treats

The cider and donuts from Spicer Orchards are fantastic, but Spicer offers lots of other sweet treats to tempt and tantalize your tastebuds.

  • Try some homemade Spicer’s fudge, which is offered in delectable flavors like butter pecan, butterscotch salted caramel, rocky road, and cherry nut, which is made with Spicer’s own cherries.
  • Get a scoop of Ashby’s ice cream to cool off on a hot summer day.
  • Get a mouth-watering homemade caramel apple, which is offered with and without nuts and made with apples right from Spicer.
  • Visit the bakery and buy a homemade pie to take home. Spicer offers great flavors like caramel apple nut, raspberry, dutch apple, and pumpkin among others.
The Awesome Mitten Spicers 2
Spicers Orchard | photo via Danielle Gordon

Relax and Enjoy Yourself at Spicer’s Winery

There’s plenty to see and do at Spicer Orchards, but if you’re looking to relax and get off your feet for a while, the winery is a good spot to visit.

In 2009, they introduced Spicer’s Carriage House Cellars, later renamed Spicer’s Winery. The winery is one of the newer additions to the farm and offers its own hard ciders as well as wines. More than twenty different flavors of fruit and grape wines can be found at the winery which is open year-round.

You can get flight boards with up to four wines or hard ciders. There are nine ciders to choose from, including flavors like maple pecan, mango habanero, and cranberry. You can choose from several wines to enjoy in flights or by the glass. If you want to take cider home with you, Spicer offers 16-ounce Prowlers and 64-ounce Growlers for purchase. 

In addition to drinks, the winery serves a “grill”-style menu from 12-6 pm daily with wraps, sandwiches, soups, and more. It’s the perfect spot to chill out and take in the atmosphere of the orchard.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @mittentripphotography

Lose Yourself in a Fun Corn Maze

Corn mazes are a great way to spend a few hours on a perfect, crisp fall day. Spicer’s corn maze is open every day during September and October.

So prepare to lose yourself in a maze of fun, but just know that you’ll be rewarded if you can make it all the way through. Once you complete the maze, you can turn in your ticket for a cider and doughnut.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @amberrosephotographs

Let Yourself Frolic in a Sunflower Field

Some of the best memories you can make at Spicer can be made in their beautiful sunflower fields.

When the weather conditions are right for flower growth and exploring, visitors can pick their own sunflowers and take their own photos. It’s a great way to capture some great photos for family albums.

If you want to take some sunflowers home, they’re also available to buy in the Spicer’s market.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @petra_nadezhda

Let the Kids Have Fun at the Playground 

There’s a lot for adults to do at Spicer Orchards, but if you’ve got youngsters who need to burn off some energy, Spicer’s playground is the perfect spot.

Kiddos can explore all kinds of fascinating playground structures here. They can visit the family of goats living in the playground, they can hide out in a treehouse, they can chill on a tractor, swing, climb, and have a great time playing.

The Awesome Mitten Spicers 1
Spicers Orchard | photo via Danielle Gordon

Spicer Orchards FAQs

Planning a trip to Spicer Orchards? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers to help you plan your trip.

Q: Where is Spicer Orchards located?

A: It’s located at 10411 Clyde Rd in Fenton Michigan – just east of US-23 off Exit 70.

Q: When is Spicer Orchards Farm Market open?

A: The farm market is open every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The winery is open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Q: Are there admission fees?

A: No, there are no parking or admission fees. You pay a la carte for whatever activities you want to do. Activities include picking apples, playgrounds, corn mazes, bounce houses, train rides, hayrides, and fall scenic hayrides. Prices vary depending on the activity and may be seasonal.

Q: What forms of payment are accepted at Spicer’s Orchard?

A: Cash is preferred, but credit card transactions are accepted. No personal checks.

Q: Where can I park?

A: Most of the year, Spicer’s main parking lot has plenty of space. In the fall, a second parking lot is opened, so you’ve got plenty of options.

Q: Is Spicer Orchards pet-friendly?

A: No. While trained service animals are welcome, pets are prohibited in the market and crop areas due to food safety regulations.

Q: What time is picking open at Spicer Orchards?

A: Wagons run as long as there is fruit to be picked and start and end times vary depending on the time of year.

Q: How does U-Pick work at Spicer Orchards?

A: You’ll buy a container from the market and then take a wagon ride to go pick. When you get back, you’ll have your container weighed and you’ll pay for it at the market.

Dress appropriately and check the weather before you visit, as rain often ends picking for the day.

Spicer Orchards - Fenton, Michigan
Spicer Orchards | photo via @wmilyealker

Get to Spicer Orchards For an Adventure Today

Whether you’re dying to go strawberry picking, looking for popular baking apples ahead of the holidays, craving cider and donuts, or just looking for a new destination for the perfect family trip, Spicer Orchards is the place to go.

There’s something for everyone to enjoy and it’s the perfect place to visit any time. With so much to see and do, it’s a place you’ll want to come back to.

So come for some fresh cider and donuts in the fall. Come on a summer day and enjoy a refreshing hard cider at the winery. Let the kids explore and have fun on the playground. There are memories aplenty just waiting to be made at Spicer, so make plans to visit today!

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