Creator Team

We need your expertise and experience to help us accomplish our mission – to help people fall more in love with Michigan and then invest their passion and resources back into this state, their community, and their neighborhood.

See, we believe that Michigan is an amazing place to experience. Its people are creative, bold, and passionate. There are thousands of unique hidden gems to visit. And there are inspiring stories waiting to be told.

But there’s a mountain of information out there, most of it fluff. It’s overwhelming in quantity but underwhelming in quality. Most of it is vanilla. Uninspiring. 

Most content is created to chase pageviews, not to leave a lasting impact. 

We love pageviews as much as anyone but we won’t sacrifice the quality of our content. 

Instead, content is what drives everything we do. From sharing the stories of the people who lead unassuming lives – like the single mom who leads shipwreck tours through the Straits of Mackinac to the man who purchased his grandfather’s fishing property and is recreating it as a campground, to highlighting hidden gems throughout the state, and the amazing stories in between, quality content is what drives us.

And, that’s where you come in!

You’ll help us tell those stories by creating great content about hidden gems, interesting people, and more in Michigan!

Who will you work with? 

You’ll work directly with Leah (Owner, Creator Team Manager), Matt (Owner, SEO Nerd), Ashley (Content Manager), and more. 

Where and when do you work?

We won’t micromanage you. You can work from anywhere. You’ll need to pick up your articles, turn them in, and complete edits for publishing by posted due dates. Together, we’ll set the right pace of articles that works for your lifestyle.

A passion and strong connection to Michigan is important.

You’ll need to sign into a Google account to complete the Google form. Let us know if you’re having any issues.


You’ll regularly write articles for our main site (typically 1,000 words in length is what we’re looking for) to be shared with our audience of 200,000 monthly readers and our following on social media (351,000 followers and counting). 

We’re looking for you to get out and explore unique underrated experiences in your area and tell their story. We’ll ask for your written word, some great photos, and a few short videos to showcase your experience. Here’s an example of a trip across the UP, one exploring a Traverse City vineyard, and another exploring Presque Isle.

We’re also looking for unique opinions on Michigan that centers around exploring, enjoying, and getting to know it better. Here’s an example.

Finally, we’re looking to highlight unique people (historical and current) and little known history that’s happened over the years throughout our great state.

With any content produced on our site we’re looking for a unique perspective, quality writing, and a penchant for telling good stories. 

On the administrative side of things we’ll ask you to report to the Creator Team Manager by the due dates you’ve agreed to, join in with our team and individual chat threads as we plan and grow, and use our Creator Hub dashboard to help you grow. 

The Ideal Person

The ideal person for this role has :

  • A passion for exploring Michigan and the hidden gems in this amazing state and encouraging others to do the same
  • The ability to self-manage
  • Strong writing and storytelling skills that are compelling to read and bring readers along on the experience with you
  • The ability to take great photos (fancy equipment not necessarily needed)
    Turns work in by deadlines

Role Details

  • Join our mission to help people fall more in love with Michigan
  • Chooses topics every month based on availability
  • Can choose more than one topic (an amount will be posted)
  • Focus on creation and allow us to focus on promoting the content plus we take care of the business side of things
  • Get paid to explore Michigan’s hidden gems – base pay of $75 for posts 
    Byline on posts with a hyperlink to an author page and exposure to our audience

Our Values

We strive to exhibit these values in everything we do and look for long-term people that will do the same: 

  • We love to create
  • We take ownership and figure it out
  • We strive for excellence in all things
  • We show that we value relationships through kindness and respect
  • We always do what we say we will do
  • We look for ways to serve and support each other on the team and in our community
  • We continuously look for ways to learn and grow

About Red Oak Local & Awesome Mitten

We’re Red Oak Local; a local marketing company dedicated to building up local communities through the work that we do. We run Awesome Mitten, a site dedicated to one of the largest and most engaged audiences focused on helping people fall more in love with Michigan. You can learn more about us and our team here.

You’ll need to sign into a Google account to complete the Google form. Let us know if you’re having any issues.