Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
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Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo | A Fun Family Day in New Era

A visit to Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo is a must for many people who live around New Era Michigan. It has a corn maze, petting zoo, and other attractions for visitors to enjoy. Part educational and lots of fun, the attraction is a family favorite for many reasons.

The farm and zoo is located in a stunning location near the Silver Lake Sand Dunes where weekend adventures are formed and families often visit year after year. With so much to do and such an exciting opportunity to explore the region, you will certainly want to plan a visit this year.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via littlelillsphotography

About the Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo is a 700-acre working fruit farm that was started in the 1970s. It began with Winston and Alice Lewis and was passed down to Gary and Brenda Lewis and finally to Scott, their son, and his wife, Cindy.

Over the years, this attraction has changed substantially and was even shut down for a few years because of a road closure. After reopening in 2003, it continued to offer some of the best experiences for young and old throughout the year.

A Significant Change

Prior to the reopening, the farm underwent a significant change. The apple orchard that was originally present was removed after Cindy Lewis had significant success selling sweet cherries from a front yard stand on the property. That led to a revamp of the entire market, which has stayed mostly the same since 2004.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via mhicks72

Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo Attractions

There are quite a few things to do at Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo depending on the time of the year you decide to visit. It is particularly popular during the summer and fall months. Here are some of the attractions and activities that families can expect to enjoy.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via joegeeisme

The Zoo

Cindy and Scott decided to bring on a petting zoo after the farm reopened in 2003. Initially, it was quite small, but a barn was added, and with that came a significant amount of growth.

The first animals on the farm were baby goats. Then, a miniature donkey and miniature horse were welcomed onto the property. Then, the petting zoo added an alpaca.

Over time, the couple added a few other animals — zebus, a baby camel, wallabies, fallow deer, and bunnies. This growth continued over the coming years and now includes birds — peacocks, ducks, and chickens. You may see a few prairie dogs as well.

No matter when you visit Lewis Adventures Farm & Zoo, plan to spend quite a bit of time at the zoo portion. There are lots of opportunities to not only engage with the animals but also learn from them — from the ducks to the emu to the llamas to the porcupines.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via joegeeisme

Farm Market

Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo also boasts an impressive farm market that is packed with exceptional quality goodies throughout the year. The property has a significant fruit orchard on it, which is the source of many of the goodies.

In addition, the farm market includes local produce from a wide range of locations. The inventory is always based on what is growing during the season around the farm.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via realamericanfood

The Bakery

If you want something sweet to take home or enjoy while you explore, there is plenty to enjoy at the bakery. Pies, doughnuts, and cinnamon rolls are often available.

Also, the bakery offers a range of fruit-filled croissants and specialty breads. It may be impossible not to take home some fantastic sticky buns for breakfast the next morning.

The Orchard

The Orchard is the heart of the farm, and it is one of the best places to go to get something fresh to enjoy, especially apples. Two options are available — you can visit the farm market to pick up some apples to take home with you, or you can pick them right from the tree yourself.

By the end of summer, apples are ready to go. The farm will list when each variety that it grows is available for picking. This experience is one that your child may love, and you will want to repeat it time and time again.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via hazel.dazel

Summer Activities

In addition to the above attractions, Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo offers a wide range of things to do during the summer season. There is so much to explore that you will need to spend at least a full weekend doing it all. Some of the traditional activities include:

  • BumpAlong barrel train rides
  • Hillbilly giant slide
  • Farm Skee-Ball
  • Low ropes and activity course
  • Pedal carts
  • Rubber duck races
  • Carousel
  • Bunnyville
  • Wooden tractor play area

These are just a few of the fun activities. Make sure that you watch the singing chickens and have some fun gem mining too.

Lewis Adventure Farm &Amp; Zoo-New Era
Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo | photo via rchlbylw

Fall Activities

During the fall months, the farm is still busy keeping everyone outdoors and enjoying the weather. From the start of September through October, you will find a range of other activities to enjoy based on the weather. Some of these fun things to do include:

  • Corn maze
  • Jumping pillow
  • Bird aviary
  • Pumpkin patch
  • U-pick apples
  • Sound gardens
  • Photo ops

Many of the same summer activities remain available, but more are added. You will certainly want to visit to pick up pumpkins for the fall season as well.

Country Dairy - New Era, Michigan - Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Country Dairy | photo via @meg_dee83

Restaurants Near Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo

There are several places to grab a meal near Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo if you are planning a long stay in the area. Below are a couple of the best options.

The Artisan

In New Era, The Artisan is a fun restaurant with handcrafted salads, burritos, vegan tamales, and lots of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. It also offers soups that are made in-house. The menu changes with each season since it incorporates a great deal of fresh produce from local markets.

The Sundance Saloon & Grill

For lunch and dinner, check out The Sundance Saloon & Grill in Rothbury. It’s located at the Double JJ Resort, which is the perfect place to stay while you are in town as well. There’s also a waterpark on-site. The menu features a wide range of burgers, specialty sandwiches, steak, fish, ribs, and other entrees.

Stony Lake Stables - New Era, Michigan
Stony Lake Stables | photo via @missmac45

Other Attractions Near Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

As you plan to spend some time at Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo, you may also want to invest your time in other fun things to do nearby. You could make it a weekend trip and get in a few outstanding experiences for the whole family.

Stony Lakes Stables

For those who love to spend time outdoors, learning to ride a horse can be a welcoming experience. Stony Lake Stables in New Era is a fun location that’s perfect for beginners. You can book your experience online — such as a one-hour ride.

Country Dairy

For yet another fantastic experience, take the entire family to Country Dairy in New Era. Established in 1907, this dairy farm has grown over the years to include some outstanding educational and hands-on learning experiences.

Plus, it produces 70,000 gallons of milk every week. You can book a tour of the location to learn how that happens.

Michigan’s Adventure & WildWater Adventure

Located in nearby Muskegon, Michigan’s Adventure & WildWater Adventure is a fun amusement park, particularly for young children who may not be ready for big thrill rides. It is an excellent way to spend a hot summer day thanks to the water park.

The Weathervane Inn-Montague
The Weathervane Inn | photo via adventures.with.rissa

Lodging Near Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo

If you plan to spend the night or two or seven in the area, you’ll want to choose one of the local hotels and properties, which offer something special. Of course, the area is noted for its tourism, which means a lot of bigger hotels are nearby as well.

The Weathervane Inn

Perhaps one of the best options is The Weathervane Inn in Montague. Located on White Lake, it is a low-key establishment that offers excellent hospitality and incredible access to the waterfront. It’s quite a relaxing place to stay with luxurious amenities.

Dunes Waterfront Resort

Another relaxing location with fantastic views of Silver Lake, Dunes Waterfront Resort in Mears Michigan is perhaps the best location for those who want on-site amenities, like an in-ground pool and outdoor play area.

Sierra Sands Family Lodge

The Sierra Sands Family Lodge in Mears is very kid-friendly and tends to be a bit more affordable than others. Yet, it has some outstanding amenities to enjoy, including a hot tub, in-ground pool, playground, fire pits, and cornhole. Also, you can bring your boat, trailer, or RV to park on-site.

Exciting Experiences Abound at Lewis Adventure Farm & Zoo

A visit to Lewis Adventure Farm and Zoo could be one of the best ways to spend a day during the summer. And, it is certainly the type of farm you will want to visit a few times during the fall to get doughnuts, warm drinks, and pumpkins.

There is plenty to do near the farm and zoo to make this a weekend trip too, especially if you want to spend the day on the waterfront or explore the area’s natural beauty.

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