Gull Meadow Farms
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Awesome Mitten’s Guide to Gull Meadow Farms | A Michigan Day Trip Idea

Gull Meadow Farms is a favorite local staple in Richland and Kalamazoo, MI. Located just over seven miles east of Kalamazoo, off of M-43/Gull Road, the farm’s offerings always get local residents and visitors excited for the changing Michigan seasons.

Visiting Gull Meadow Farms is one of the best fall things to do in West Michigan!

Gull Meadows Farm
photo via @elizabethdally

About Gull Meadow Farms

How did this massive farm plot become so successful?

Gull Meadow Farms began as an eighty-acre strawberry and wheat farm in 1949 ran by Julius Wendzel. In 1978, his grandson, David, took over and decided to grow additional produce such as pumpkins, corn, and tomatoes. He set up a picnic table and sold his fresh produce roadside.

David quickly began to expand the farm, adding an apple orchard and a large pavilion. He enclosed the pavilion in order to stay open longer during the year. By 1985, Gull Meadows was able to offer “u-pick” apples and began baking and selling their famous donuts.

Over the next several years the Wendzel’s added multiple greenhouses to their operation as well as family-friendly activities. It has become a favorite way for Michiganders from all over to enjoy the best of each spring, summer, and fall.

Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze 1
Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze | photo via @matt_carrier

Visiting Gull Meadow Farms

Gull Meadow opens to the public every April. They operate several large greenhouses in which they cultivate all of Southwest Michigan’s favorite springtime and summer flowers and plants. That includes flats, pots, and hanging baskets with petunias, zinnias, geraniums, and scavoles, to name a few.

If you are starting a garden, ask the friendly staff to help you find a perfect strawberry or raspberry plant, lettuce bowl, or tomato pot.

Visit their Facebook page to find out what specials they are running – that might include “20% off annuals” or “50% off vegetables.” They offer fantastic deals that change from day to day!

Mid-July, the greenhouses close down and Gull Meadow Farms prepares for the fall season. The market opens in late August and activities begin in September. The Apple Bakery and Barn sell bags of apples, apple cider, freshly baked donuts, homemade fudge, local honey, jellies and jams, candles, and even some fun home décor items.

Apples, of course, are one of their specialties. You can pick your own from over five thousand trees, or buy them bagged and ready to go. Varieties include MacIntosh, Honey Gold, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Jonagold, Gala, and Zestar.

Depending on what time of year you stop, there could be anywhere from six to 20 types to choose from. All the apples are hand-shined individually by GMF staff members.

While you are there, enjoy some of Southwest Michigan’s best donuts, made fresh daily. They come in plain, apple, and pumpkin, with a variety of topping options. You will also find mums, caramel apples, apple butter, gourds, and corn stalks in the market as well.

Fall At Gull Meadows 1
Fall at Gull Meadows | photo via @ashleeruth

Fall at Gull Meadows

If you are interested in participating in some fun fall activities at Gull Meadows, swing by the farm and attempt to navigate your way through the famous corn maze.

Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze

The maze is typically available during market hours, but sometimes GMF will keep it open Friday and Saturday nights so you can try to make your way through by flashlight. Go with friends and see how well you fare in the dark.

We love the message behind the 2021 Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze... and we can’t wait to try it for ourselves!

Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze
Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze | photo via @discountjaba

Family Fun at Gull Meadow Farms

Gull Meadow also offers some great kid and family activities, such as apple and pumpkin train rides, a pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving contests, and a petting farm.

Petting Zoo At Gull Meadow Farms
Petting Zoo at Gull Meadow Farms | photo via @dds_photo

Fall Tickets to Gull Meadow Farms

You can purchase a season pass (only $29.99 in 2021) or daily admission passes for Gull Meadow Farms fall fun. Admission to Gull Meadows includes both activity areas, a scenic fall color wagon ride, and a trip through the 5-acre corn maze in West Michigan.

Children under 36″ do not require a ticket. Pig races and the pumpkin cannon only run on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Article contributed by Lindsey Hinkel

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