Best Michigan Corn Mazes And Pumpkin Patches

Awesome Mitten’s Favorite Corn Mazes in Michigan

Corn mazes in Michigan range from simple to complex — some are haunted attractions designed to scare and thrill visitors, while others are family-friendly attractions that are suitable for visitors of all ages.

Michigan may be the home to the Motor City, and its automobile roots run deep — but this state also has thrived as a result of its agricultural industry. So when the warm winds of summer blow away and fall arrives in earnest, many residents and visitors in Michigan have a desire to spend time out in the country, near the farms, and around the fields.

As such, the corn maze has become one of the most popular fall things to do in Michigan when looking to spend quality time with family and friends, causing people to search for “corn maze near me in Michigan”. 

Here are our favorite Michigan corn mazes in each region of the state…

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Best Upper Peninsula Corn Mazes

Fall arrives first in the Upper Peninsula, and local residents as well as travelers are always excited to indulge in their favorite autumnal traditions, including corn mazes. These are a few of the best corn mazes in the Upper Peninsula:

Getzloff Corn Maze

N15891 County Rd 551, Wilson, Michigan 49896

The Getzloff Corn Maze was established in 2009 and is known as the top family-run corn maze in Wilson. Visitors are able to enjoy a hay ride out to the maze, and they also have the opportunity to pick a pumpkin while they are there.

Touted as a family-friendly attraction, the Getzloff Corn Maze also has playground equipment and farm animals for the youngest corn maze enthusiasts to meet.

Hayes Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

3474 Saint Nicholas Rd, Rock, MI 49880

Hayes Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is a seasonal fall attraction in Rock, Michigan that opens in mid-September and closes by Halloween. It is famous for having a brand-new maze every year, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a completely new — and challenging — experience each time they arrive.

This corn maze is known for its competitive edge, as there is always an additional challenge that visitors can attempt to complete in hopes of becoming one of the Hayes Corn Maze Masters.

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Hayes Corn Maze - Rock, Michigan - Michigan Corn Mazes
Hayes Corn Maze | photo via @ava.lars

Favorite Northern Michigan Corn Mazes

Corn mazes are a Northern Michigan tradition, and there are many mazes to visit throughout this region. Some of the top corn mazes in Northern Michigan include:

Royal Farms Corn Maze

10445 US-31, Ellsworth, MI 49729

The Royal Farms Corn Maze is more than just a place to get lost and explore — it’s a competitive scavenger hunt. Guests are encouraged to try to find all six stations throughout the 5-acre corn maze. If they do it within 30 minutes or less, they get to win a prize!

It’s a family-friendly attraction, but adult visitors are invited to visit the tasting room on the farm for a glass of cider or wine before they embark on their journey.

Jacobs Farm Corn Maze

7100 East Traverse Hwy, Traverse City, MI 49684

Spanning more than 10 acres, the Jacobs Farm Corn Maze is one of the largest and most intricate corn mazes in Michigan. It prides itself on using technology to create a design that lends itself to an intuitive and engaging guest experience.

The designer is Brett Hood, a retired kindergarten teacher who has worked on the farm for several years. He loves creating interactive maze themes that teach others about Michigan.

For 2020, he chose the theme of shipwrecks. The 2022 theme is Alice in Wonderland, and visitors will find thematic elements throughout their journey in the maze.

The maze will be available beginning in late August until the end of October, and the farm recommends that guests allocate approximately two hours to complete the maze.

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Robinettes Apple Haus &Amp; Winery - 2022 Maze
Robinette’ s Apple Haus & Winery | photo via Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery

Top Corn Mazes in Greater Grand Rapids

With agriculture playing such a prominent role in the local Grand Rapids economy, it’s not surprising that there are many fun farms to visit and corn mazes to choose from.

These are just a sampling of the Greater Grand Rapids corn mazes:

Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery Corn Maze

3142 4 Mile Rd NE Grand Rapids, MI 49525

The Robinette’s Apple Haus & Winery Corn Maze is a Grand Rapids tradition for many local residents. Every year, the farm unveils a new theme for its six-and-a-half acre corn maze creation. Previous themes have included patriotic tributes to 9/11 and memorial tributes to influential local residents.

The corn maze opens after Labor Day each year and guests can visit daily through the first week of November. While people of all ages are welcome, dogs are not allowed in this corn maze.

Deep Roots Produce Corn Maze

8570 84th St SE, Caledonia, MI 49302

The Deep Roots Produce Corn Maze is the ideal experience for people who want to choose a maze that is well-suited to their interests and skill level.

There are three distinct trails to choose from at this maze, allowing young visitors to enjoy a fun experience that helps them build their confidence, beginners to embark on an intermediate trail, and experienced corn maze enthusiasts to enjoy a challenging advanced maze.

Each trail includes checkpoints, and you have not completed the maze until your punch card has been punched at each checkpoint.

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Barkham Creek Farms - Haslett, Michigan - Michigan Corn Mazes
Barkham Creek Farms | photo via @jacqui_brei

Greater Lansing Area Corn Mazes

Located in the heart of the state, there are a variety of corn mazes to choose from in the Greater Lansing area. In fact, people travel from all over in order to enjoy the experience of getting lost in these intricate designs.

Some of the top corn mazes in the Lansing area include:

BestMaze Corn Maze

3803 Noble Rd, Williamston, MI 48895

Bestmaze Corn Maze has been a Williamston mainstay for more than two decades. In fact, the corn maze was first built under the name Maze-n-Market, but the popularity of its mazes earned it the reputation of being one of the best in the state. As a result, they changed their name to Bestmaze, and they continue to uphold their reputation year after year.

NOTE: 2022 will be the final year for Bestmaze corn maze after 22 years of operation. It will open Friday, Sept. 16th, and run until Oct. 30, 2022.

The 2022 theme is Vikings, and visitors are invited to wind through a massive, intricate maze that includes the shape of a Viking long ship as well as a Viking face. Traditional elements have been expanded for the maze. For example, the forest of circles has been expanded for this year.

Maze organizers anticipate that the 2022 Mid-Michigan corn maze experience will take visitors between 45 minutes and an hour to finish.

Barkham Creek Farms Corn Maze

181 Haslett Rd., Haslett, MI 48840

Barkham Creek Farms is known as one of the best places in the Lansing area to enjoy a family-friendly fall outing. Not only does this farm offer cider, donuts, and pumpkin picking, but it also has corn mazes on location for people of all ages and skill levels.

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Corn Fun Corn Maze Adventure &Amp; Pumpkin Patch - Casco, Michigan - Michigan Corn Mazes
Corn Fun Corn Maze Adventure & Pumpkin Patch | photo via CornFun Corn Maze Adventure and Pumpkin Patch

Outstanding Metro Detroit Corn Mazes

Throughout Metro Detroit, there are several corn mazes to complete. Some are designed to be spooky, haunted mazes, while others are ideal for a family-friendly outing.

These are some of our favorite mazes in Metro Detroit:

Corn Fun Corn Maze

9391 Lindset Ln, Casco, MI 48064

On the east side of Metro Detroit, the Corn Fun Corn Maze is the best option for families with kids of all ages. This fun-filled attraction spans more than 13 acres, including a massive corn maze with four distinct trails inside it.

Their 2022 maze design includes checkpoint challenges, which add a touch of competition to the experience. In addition to the corn maze, other activities include courtyard mazes, bonfire pits, a corn box, and a petting zoo.

DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

50240 Martz Road, Belleville, MI 48111

DeBuck’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch is less like a traditional corn maze and more like a full-scale amusement park. It is known for its many attractions and activities, such as the sunflower farm, the family fun area, and the pumpkin patch.

Its most famous attraction, however, is its 15-acre corn maze. With three corn mazes available — an easy, an intermediate and a hard maze — visitors are able to select the experience that is right for them. Those who are nervous about getting lost have nothing to worry about — you can call for help if you can’t find your way out!

Maybury Farm Corn Maze

50165 Eight Mile Rd, Northville, MI 48167

Maybury Farm is a working farm in Northville that is known for its incredible corn maze design that is unveiled each year. When you arrive at the farm, you will get to take a wagon ride out to the corn maze, and then your real adventure begins.

You can choose between the 9-acre family-friendly corn maze or the 1-acre mini maze which is perfect for the youngest guests. The large corn maze also includes a scavenger hunt, with the chance to win a prize if you get all of the clues correct.

After you have completed the maze, you can head back to the farm for fresh cider and donuts.

Blast Corn Maze

6175 Daly Rd, Dexter, MI 48130

At Nixon Farms, Blast Corn Maze allows you to experience a 10-acre corn maze Michigan adventure that features a new design every year. The maze has 3.5 miles of trails and three different exits, giving you the option to take the short, medium, or long way through.

You can visit the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins, test out the corn cannon, go on hayrides, eat yummy treats, and more.

Coleman’s Corn Maze, Saline - Southcentral Michigan Apple Orchards &Amp; Cider Mills
Coleman’s Corn Maze | photo via @fatednightwolf

Coleman’s Corn Maze

12758 Jordan Rd, Saline, MI 48176

With the densest, tallest corn, Coleman’s Corn Maze designs can be navigated by people of all skill levels. The 15-acre field is transformed into three separate mazes that vary in length. Total, there are more than 5 miles of trails and 18 checkpoints, and there’s a mystery to solve at the same time.

You have the option to navigate the Michigan corn mazes during daylight or after dark with a flashlight. Coleman’s has several other activities as well, including U-pick apples and pumpkins, hayrides, and a petting barn.

Bonadeo Farms

1215 White Lake Rd, Highland Charter Twp, MI 48356

From late September, Bonadeo Farms opens its corn maze. You can find your own way through, or use the posted placards for help. After dark, the maze becomes haunted with zombies, ghosts, and other creepy creatures. You’ll need a flashlight for the haunted maze.

Bonadeo has a pumpkin patch, wagon rides, apple cider, and fresh doughnuts too.

Farmer Charley’s Kackleberry Farm

6421 N Stoney Creek Rd, Monroe, MI 48162

Open from September through October, Farmer Charley’s Kackleberry Farm welcomes you to test out one of its several corn mazes. Designed by The Maize, the 12-acre cornfield is filled with twisting turns.

Navigating the mazes can take from 15 minutes to more than an hour to complete. The smallest one is used to educate kids about Michigan and other themes.

Whether you explore during daylight or after dark, Corn Cops walk the mazes to provide assistance when needed. Many other courtyard attractions extend across 6 acres.

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Gull Meadow Farms - Richland, Michigan - Michigan Corn Mazes
Gull Meadow Farms Corn Maze | photo via @matt_carrier

Favorite Southwest Michigan Corn Mazes

Harvest Moon Acres Corn Maze & Fun Park

18725 M-40, Gobles, MI 49055

Inside the Giant Maize Quest Corn Maze at Harvest Moon Acres Corn Maze & Fun Park, you’ll navigate twisting pathways, find picture rubbings and answer questions. It stretches over 5 acres and offers educational fun for families and groups.

Flashlight Nights make the maze even more mysterious after dark.

Harvest Moon Acres has pumpkins, hayrides, farm animals, campfires for groups and concession treats. The Fun Zone also includes a cattle castle, saloon shootout, rubber duck races, barnyard board game, and zip lines.

Crane Orchards

6054 124th Ave, Fennville, MI 49408

With the biggest corn maze in Michigan, Crane Orchards offers tons of big family-friendly fun. A lot of creativity goes into choosing a theme and getting the 20-acre corn maze ready for the fall.

It’s open from Labor Day weekend through October alongside the chance to pick your own apples and pumpkins.

There’s a cow train for children and hayrides of the farm, orchard, and woods for everyone.

Gull Meadow Farms

8544 Gull Rd, Richland, MI 49083

With a 6-acre maze, Gull Meadow Farms invites you to put your navigational skills to the test as you race to reach the end or just enjoy a leisure stroll. You can raise the ante by attempting the maze at night with flashlights.

The farm creates a miniature maze for kids and those who aren’t sure about trying out the big maze.

Before you leave, check out its apple orchard and pumpkin patch in Michigan to pick your own apples and pumpkins, or visit the market. There are wagon rides, a petting farm, pig races, apple cannons, and other activities as well.

Crane Orchards U-Pick And Corn Maze - Fennville, Michigan - Michigan Corn Mazes
Crane Orchards U-PIck and Corn Maze | photo via @avacmcg

Additional Michigan Corn Mazes to Wander

A few other corn mazes in Michigan to consider include:

Getting lost in a corn maze isn’t the only way to wander around Michigan in the fall. From apple orchards to pumpkin patches, there are plenty of ways to explore the Great Lakes State, soak up its natural beauty, and support the agricultural businesses that serve as anchors within their local communities.