Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
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Get Lost in the UP at Getzloff Corn Maze

Corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and hayrides are all part of fall in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and Getzloff Corn Maze near Escanaba, Michigan has all that and more.

If you’re looking for a fun place to spend a few hours with family or friends while soaking up the best that fall has to offer, Getzloff’s Corn Maze is definitely worth checking out. Located just a mile off the US-2 in Wilson, Michigan, it’s easy to find and there’s a wide range of things to do.

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Getting to Know Getzloff Corn Maze

Located just outside Escanaba, Getzloff Corn Maze packs a lot of fun into seven acres of property. For more than a decade, this family-run maze has delighted visitors who love making their way through corn mazes every fall.

If you like corn mazes, you’re in luck because Getzloff’s maze is massive. Co-owners Mike and Darci work to till the land and plant corn each year to have corn tall enough for a maze.

Last year’s maze honored the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the words ‘Never Forget’ were written into the maze.

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via @alycattail

Getzloff Corn Maze FAQs

Planning a fall trip to the Upper Peninsula? If you are, Getzloff Corn Maze is worth stopping at and these frequently asked questions and answers will help you plan your visit.

Q: Where is it?

A: Getzloff Corn Maze is located at N15891 County Road 551 in Wilson. Once you’re over the Mackinac Bridge, head west toward Escanaba. Wilson is only about 20 mins from Escanaba.

Q: When it is open?

A: Getzloff Corn Maze is traditionally open from mid to late September through early November.

The grounds are typically open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sunday, 4-10 p.m. on Friday, and by appointment during the rest of the week.

Q: Is there a cost of admission?

A: Traditionally, there is a small fee to go through the maze, but kids 4 and under are free. Concessions are also available for purchase.

Q: What else is there to do?

A: At Getzloff, you can do a little bit of everything. There’s a pumpkin patch, fun activities for kids, hayrides, and much more.

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Exploring the Maze and Other Activities

There’s no doubt that the corn maze is probably the biggest reason visitors come to Getzloff’s, but there’s much more to explore and do than just the maze.

Going Through the Corn Maze

If you visit Getzloff’s, you should absolutely go through the corn maze. If you visit in the fall, it’s almost a rite of passage.

You’ll probably take a wrong turn (or three) while you try to navigate the maze, but, trust us, you’re going to have fun doing it. It might take you more than a few minutes, but once you make it out of the maze, you’ll feel really accomplished and ready to have more fun.

Make sure to dress appropriately, just in case the weather is a bit too hot or a bit chilly.

My Experience at the Maze

I’ve wanted to check out Getzloff’s maze for the last few years, and finally made time to do it this year. My stepson had a friend over, so my wife and piled a total of four kids into the car and headed to Wilson! (Two nine year olds, a two year old and a baby, oh my…)

The Getzloff farm was easy to find (a big sign right on U.S. 2 told us where to turn) but we probably could have picked a slightly nicer day to go, weather-wise. But, we dressed according to the forecast of high wind and light rain (or so I thought) so we pressed on into the maze. Darci, co-owner of the maze, assured us that it was less windy and warmer once you got into the maze, and she was definitely right.

The boys dashed into the maze as Darci let me know that there were six colored posts hidden throughout the corn and that the goal was to find all six. I smiled and nodded. My goal was to get through the maze without losing any kids.

Eventually, We Found Our Way Out

After about ten or fifteen minutes and only a few wrong turns, we did eventually find our way out of the maze! We were chilly, though, and the kids needed a snack so we huddled in their nice new building/concession stand and got some hot chocolate to warm up.

A cold rain was sprinkling down outside and the building made a great shelter! It’s outfitted with the “corn sandbox,” which our two year old loved.

– Jesse Land
Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Take a Relaxing Hayride

Once you’ve navigated the maze successfully, take a load off and sit back on a relaxing hayride.

Hay rides are included with your visit and they are a great way to catch a magnificent fall sunset or marvel at the beautiful fall colors.

You can also take a ride out to Getzloff’s pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin to take home and carve.

Next Up Was the Hay Ride

Remember how I said I thought we were dressed well for the weather? Well, not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, many fall days in the Upper Peninsula are absolutely beautiful. It’s often sixty to seventy degrees and sunny in late September and early October. Not this particular day, however. It was windy and rainy, and we should have brought rain jackets and another layer of fleece to wear under them. Windbreakers and a single layer weren’t enough to fight the bitter wind. Note to self.

That said a good time was definitely had by all. Before we knew it a couple hours had past and it was time to get home for supper. The hay ride was still pleasant in spite of being a little chilly, and the kids had a blast jumping from the hay bales and generally just paying all around the farm yard.

Next year we’ll be back for sure! And next year, no matter what the weather forecast is, we’ll be geared up for anything!

– Jesse Land
Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via @lexymccann

Cuddle With Cute Animals

When you visit Getzloff’s, you’ll probably hear the delightful sounds of farm animals filling the air.

At Getzloff’s, you can come and say hi to farm animals up close. Come and greet cows, pigs, cute kittens, and other animals. Getzloff’s doesn’t allow pets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with their animals.

Take Time For Some Family Fun

Aside from a corn maze and cute animals, there are lots of fun activities for kids of all ages at Getzloff’s.

There’s a playground, where youngsters can have fun and burn off some energy; there’s a tractor made of high that’s perfect for climbing; there’s a corn sandbox, filled with corn kernels instead of sand; and there’s even a mini maze made up of hay bales.

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Other Fun Fall Activities Around Escanaba

After you’ve explored Getzloff Corn Maze and done all the fun activities there, head east on US-41 to Escanaba. There’s plenty to see and do there to make the most of your Upper Peninsula trip.

Take a Self-Guided Color Tour

The Upper Peninsula in the fall is, in a word, beautiful. One of the best ways to see the stunning fall colors around Escanaba is to take a self-guided color tour.

One of the best spots to take a color tour is just a few minutes northeast of Escanaba at Hiawatha National Forest. It’s home to colorful hardwoods, beautiful lakes and so much more.

It’s considered one of the best spots to see fall foliage in the Upper Peninsula, so make sure to stop if you’re in the area.

Grab a Craft Beer at a Local Brewery

Going through corn mazes and seeing fall colors makes for a fun-filled day, but it’s bound to make you thirsty too.

  • Hereford Hops offers up award-winning craft beer, including its golden Whitetail Ale, Schwarzbier lager, and a Blackbird Oatmeal Stout.
  • Upper Hand Brewery was founded by the owner of the famed Bell’s Brewery, and features offerings like Laughing Fish golden ale, the Upper Peninsula Ale, and U.P.-exclusive Yooper ale.
  • Leigh’s Garden Winery is located right in downtown Escanaba and offers an impressive list of red and white wines as well as seasonal wines. Several tasting options are available and you can get something to munch on as you sip.

If you love craft beer and wine, there are several spots in Escanaba where you can fill your glass and relax.

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Explore Another Awesome Corn Maze

Just down the road from Getzloff’s in Bark River is the Bower Family Corn Maze. If you haven’t scratched your corn maze itch, this is one worth visiting.

It’s open seasonally and offers hayrides, both a 3-acre youth maze and a 7-acre advanced maze, grain bin basketball, farm animals like goats and cows, and much more.

If you visit around Halloween, you’re in for a real treat because Bower’s offers haunted mazes and haunted hayrides. There’s nothing like celebrating Halloween at a corn maze!

Admission is very affordable and youngsters 2 and under are free, so bring the whole family. After all, two corn mazes is better than one and there’s definitely a lot of space to explore.

Getzloff Corn Maze - Wilson, Michigan
Getzloff Corn Maze | photo via Getzloff Corn Maze

Prepare to Have Fun This Fall at Getzloff Corn Maze

No matter how old you are, there’s something fun for everyone at Getzloff Corn Maze. If you love traveling in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Getzoff’s is just one of the great little sites that make the U.P. so great to visit.

So if you’re planning a fall trip to the U.P., add a stop at Getzloff’s to your list. You can soak up all the fun of a Michigan fall — from corn mazes to hayrides to pumpkin patches — and you can spend time enjoying all that Escanaba and the surrounding area has to offer.