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The Upper Peninsula – One Area Code, Two Time Zones

Most of you are aware of this tiny bit of key information, but unfortunately some poor souls I met while traveling the Upper Peninsula this summer were not. (They were hoping to get from Iron Mountain to Munising for a Pictured Rocks sunset cruise and missed the boat because of the time zone issue.)

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Are you a newbie to Upper Peninsula travel? Then this is for you!

Remember these two things:

1. We have one area code. Every landline phone number in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan begins with 906.

2. We have two time zones. The counties that border Wisconsin observe Central time zone. Everywhere else in the Upper Peninsula goes by Eastern time.

The time zone thing was an ongoing issue while I was growing up in Menominee County because we lived pretty close to Delta County. About ten minutes away from the county line, to be exact. “My time or your time?” was something I heard almost daily. So if you’ve gotten mixed up, don’t feel bad. You’re in good company.

And the area code thing is just good to know. Not just here, but anywhere in the country, it’s common to see phone numbers listed without the area code. (Okay, yeah… it’s a pet peeve)

“Great lake view cabins! Call 457-5467!” (Sounds perfect, let’s call! Oh, wait a minute…)

So there you have it. Now if I run across someone else who’s going to miss a Pictured Rocks cruise, at least it won’t be one of you!

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