Fumee Falls
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Explore Fumee Falls & Historic Iron Mountain

Waterfalls are on almost anyone’s MI bucket list, but there are few falls that are as magnificent as Fumee Falls in Dickinson County, Michigan. It may not be the largest waterfall in Michigan, but its claim to fame is being one of the few in Michigan that flows straight into the heart of Lake Michigan.

About Fumee Falls

Fumee Falls is located near Iron Mountain in the Upper Peninsula, and it’s a worthy addition to your summer bucket list. Many people plan waterfalls tours throughout the U.P., and some of these waterfalls require lengthy hikes along rugged terrains in order to be rewarded by the cascading water. Fortunately, Fumee Falls is one of the easiest waterfalls to access in the state.

Best described as a roadside waterfall, you can see it for yourself by visiting the park on the north side of U.S. 2. The park is located about 6 miles away from Iron Mountain. After you get out of the car, you will find that the waterfall is just a short walk away — in fact, you can sometimes hear the flow from the road itself.

When you see Fumee Falls for yourself, you may feel as if you have stepped into the pages of a fairy tale. There is a small stream that runs the length of the park, and a quaint footbridge that you can use to cross over to get to the falls. The size and strength of the flow will vary based on the season and the most recent weather conditions. During the dry summer months, the waterfall may be weaker than during the wet spring and fall seasons. Regardless, you are sure to be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of this waterfall in Northern Michigan.

Fortunately, there’s more to do here than stand in awe at the waterfall. If you are on a waterfall road trip or you are exploring Iron Mountain, then this is a great place to sit, rest and have a picnic. The small park is perfect for stretching those tired legs or letting the children burn off some of their excess energy.

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More to Do in Iron Mountain & Dickinson County Michigan

Traveling through Iron Mountain and the Dickinson area affords you the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, but there are also several nearby attractions to visit.

Cornish Pumping Engine and Mining Museum

For example, the Cornish Pumping Engine and Mining Museum is a historic attraction that allows visitors of all ages to learn more about the history of mining in the state and the innovations that were made during the Industrial Revolution. Weighing a whopping 725 tons, this structure is the largest steam-driven pumping engine ever constructed in the country. In addition to seeing the pump for yourself, you also can explore the exhibits that showcase a large collection of underground mining equipment that would have been used during the heyday of the industry in the 20th century.

Iron Mountain Iron Mine

With an abundance of natural resources in the area, mining has always played an important role in this region of Michigan. To experience the mining life for yourself, you can take an underground mine train tour to the Iron Mountain Iron Mine. Your adventure will be led by a qualified tour guide, who will tell you more about the history of mining in the community as you travel more than 2,600 feet into the mine.

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Where to Eat Near Fumee Falls

Visitors who head to Fumee Falls often find themselves back in Iron Mountain for dinner and dessert. While there are many restaurants to choose from in town, one of the best is Spiro’s Restaurant. This quaint downtown restaurant features a Mediterranean menu that includes American classics. Its outdoor dining is the perfect place to watch life go by in Iron Mountain as you sip a drink or have a burger.

After dinner, head over to The Ice Cream Station, which is known for having a wide variety of flavors ready to be scooped up and enjoyed.

Lodging Near Fumee Falls

Most people who want to camp nearby the majestic Fumee Falls will find that Iron Mountain is an ideal location, as the falls are just a few short miles away from the city. There are several highly-rated campgrounds located in Iron Mountain, including:

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Photos of Fumee Falls & Historic Iron Mountain

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