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Pick the Perfect Michigan Pumpkin | 19 Best Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches

Fall is perhaps the most spectacular season in Michigan, and fortunately, there are plenty of places where you can celebrate all things autumn in this state. One of the best fall things to do in Michigan is to visit a Michigan pumpkin patch.

These are the best pumpkin patches in Metro Detroit, many of which are farms and cider mills that offer much more than a quintessential Southeast Michigan pumpkin patch.

Best Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches

At these locations, you will find pumpkins, apple orchards, corn mazes, hayrides, cider, donuts, and more.

Blake’s Orchard in Armada

Open: August 26 through November 19 

An iconic fall destination in Metro Detroit, Blake’s Orchard offers all of your favorite fall things to do in Michigan including a U-Pick apple orchard and pumpkin patch. Kids can enjoy a cornfield maze, petting farm, straw mountain, and zombie paintball.

The farmer’s market, nursery, and winery are open all year long.

Blake's Orchard, Armada - Fall In Metro Detroit, Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Blake’s Farms | photo via @cataldolivia

Stony Creek Orchard & Cider in Romeo

Open: September 1 through December 24

Stony Creek Orchard & Cider is a hidden gem among the plethora of cider mills in the region. This family-owned farm has been operating in Romeo, Michigan since 1939.

Today, visitors are able to come on the weekend and sip cider, eat donuts and enjoy you-pick pumpkins, apples, and raspberries.

Stony Creek Orchard &Amp; Cider, Romeo - Metro Detroit Apple Orchards &Amp; Cider Mills, Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Stony Creek Orchard & Cider Mill | photo via @jess_labelle

Bonadeo Farms in Highland Township

Open: September 19 through October 31

For those searching for an idyllic setting to enjoy their favorite fall activities, Bonadeo Farms is a perfect choice. This farm in Highland Township offers a peaceful and luxurious atmosphere while still giving families the opportunity to have fun together.

Not only is there a pumpkin patch on the farm, but visitors also can enjoy the corn maze, hayrides, cider, donuts, and a playground for young children.

Spicer Orchards in Fenton

Open: Early September through October 31

Located in Fenton, this Metro Detroit pumpkin patch is one of the most popular ones in the region. Not only does Spicer Orchards have fabulous cider and donuts as well as a sprawling pumpkin patch, but it also has hayrides, train rides, pony rides, and a large play area for children.

Visitors also are able to watch the cider-making process and tour the donut production facilities.

Erwin Orchards in South Lyon

Open August 20 through late October

While Erwin Orchards opens in late August, those who are searching for a ripe, round pumpkin will need to wait until they are ready, which is typically in late September.

This South Lyon cider mill has a traditional, authentic pumpkin patch available for visitors to explore, as well as many other entertaining activities, such as you-pick apples, wagon rides, a corn maze, a goat walk, and a sunflower garden. 

Erwin Orchards, South Lyon - Metro Detroit Apple Orchards &Amp; Cider Mills, Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Erwin Orchards | photo via @sophfonte

Wiard’s Orchards in Ypsilanti

Open September 1 through October 31

Wiard’s Orchards is an Ypsilanti cider mill that aims to provide Michigan residents with the full fall experience. Its u-pick pumpkin patch is one of the most popular ones in the area, so don’t be surprised to be one of the crowd if you are searching for your prospective Jack-o-Lantern on an October weekend.

In addition to pumpkins, this orchard has a corn maze, hayrides, and even a country fair.

Wiard's Orchards, Ypsilanti - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Wiard’s Orchards | photo via @wiardsorchards

DeBuck’s Farm in Belleville

Open September 26 through November 30

Over the last several years, DeBuck’s Farm has become the go-to destination for agri-tainment in Metro Detroit. Its corn maze and pumpkin patch are unmatched, with families from across the entire state coming to experience its excitement and grandeur.

Its pumpkin patch consists of more than 20 acres, and you will find more than just orange pumpkins here. You can pick green, black, white, or blue pumpkins!

Debuck's Farm, Belleville - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
DeBuck’s Farm | photo via @nicholerodgers

Kapnick Orchards in Britton

Open September 19 through October 31

For more than 50 years, Britton-based Kapnick Orchards has been providing the people of Michigan with a premier Metro Detroit pumpkin patch. Its simple and down-to-earth process allows visitors to arrive at the farm any day of the week, pre-pay for the number of pumpkins that they want, and then travel to the pumpkin patch.

You can walk, drive, or catch a wagon over to the field.

Kapnick Orchards, Britton - Metro Detroit Apple Orchards &Amp; Cider Mills, Southcentral Michigan Apple Orchards &Amp; Cider Mills, Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Kapnick Orchards | photo via @kaylablackburn

Erie Orchards & Cider Mill in Erie

Open Daily

Erie Orchards & Cider Mill is a favorite fall spot among Erie residents, but news of this cider mill has extended beyond Monroe County. While this spot is mostly famous for its massive apple orchard and its numerous varieties of apples, it does have a 10-acre pumpkin patch that is open for you-pick at the end of September.

Trabbic Pumpkin Farm in Erie

Open September 19 through October 31

For more than 100 years, Trabbic Pumpkin Farm has been giving families the opportunity to pick a pumpkin at their Erie, Michigan farm. This small and simple farm is perfect for those who are searching for a stress-free yet fun-filled pumpkin picking experience.

Trabbic Pumpkin Farm, Erie - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Trabbic Pumpkin Farm | photo via @mashjaja

Bennett Orchard in Ottawa Lake

Open August through December

Bennett Orchard is a fruit and vegetable farm that has become a mainstay in the Ottawa Lake community. Not only does it offer apple picking and fresh apple cider in the fall, but this orchard also has a you-pick pumpkin patch that is ready by the end of September. 

Bennett Orchard, Ottawa Lake - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Bennett Orchard | photo via @landon_days

Obstbaum Orchards in Salem Township

Open on Weekends from September 1 through October 31

Those who are looking for a simple yet sweet orchard experience will love Obstbaum Orchards, which is located in Salem Township. Visitors are able to buy a bag of donuts and some fresh apple cider to enjoy amongst the apple orchards. There also are pumpkins available for purchase in October.

Obstbaum Orchards, Salem Township - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Obstbaum Orchards | photo via @gigs2602

Plymouth Orchards in Plymouth

Open September 4 through November 7

Located just outside the sprawling suburbs of Plymouth and Canton, Plymouth Orchards is a breath of fresh air for local residents seeking a rural refuge. This cider mill not only boasts award-winning cider and crisp, warm cinnamon donuts, but it also has a you-pick pumpkin patch among other family-friendly activities.

Visitors can enjoy a hayride, a trip through the corn maze, or a visit with the farm animals. There’s also live music on the weekends in the fall.

Plymouth Orchards, Plymouth - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Plymouth Orchards | photo via @gdeanphoto

Three Cedars Farm in Northville

Open September 3 through October 31

Three Cedars Farm is a Northville cider mill that specializes in old-fashioned fun. Not only does it have a large playground area and train rides for the kids, but it also has a cider and donut hut as well as a you-pick pumpkin patch.

Visitors can take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and spend as much time as they want searching for the perfect pumpkin to bring home and carve.

Three Cedars Farm, Northville - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Three Cedars Farm | photo via @sarahd1027

The Pumpkin Factory in Belleville

Open Weekends in September and Sunday through Thursday in October

With more than 1,000 pumpkins to choose from each year, there’s no better place than The Pumpkin Factory in Belleville to find your Jack-o-Lantern. Self-described as a Halloween Farm, this destination is more about enjoying the spooky side of things in the fall. It has a haunted house, corn maze, a pumpkin patch, and a witches’ house for children to enjoy.

The Pumpkin Factory, Belleville - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
The Pumpkin Factory | photo via @lemonleigh1323

Charles L. Bowers School Farm in Bloomfield Hills

Open Barn Dates Vary Throughout the Year

Charles L. Bowers School Farm stands apart from other farms and orchards in Michigan, because this Bloomfield Hills farm is owned and operated by the local public school district. It invites people of all ages to educate themselves about the role that farms play in the community.

In the fall, there are various Open Barn dates available. When you come to an Open Barn, you can visit with the animals as well as enjoy cider, donuts, and more.

Charles L. Bowers School Farm, Bloomfield Hills - Charles L. Bowers School Farm In Winter, Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Charles L. Bowers School Farm | photo via @bowersschoolfarm

Kackleberry Farm in Monroe

Open September 10 through October 31

Kackleberry Farm is a real working farm in Monroe, and it’s one of the best places to enjoy all that fall has to offer in Michigan. In addition to its pumpkin patch that includes pumpkins sized for pies and decorations, this farm also has a variety of activities for people of all ages to enjoy.

Some favorites among visitors include the barnyard friends section, corn hole games, hayrides, bonfires, and the pig races.

Kackleberry Farm, Monroe - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Kackleberry Farm | photo via @alexisjordanxo

Franklin Cider Mill in Bloomfield Hills

Open September 4 through November 28

Cider mills have become synonymous with fall in Michigan, but none are quite as famous as the Franklin Cider Mill. This Bloomfield Hills cider mill has been part of the community since the 19th century, making it a historical landmark as well as a family-friendly attraction.

A visit to this cider mill has become an annual tradition for many, and while they are there, they can purchase apples, farm-fresh products, and of course, pumpkins.

Franklin Cider Mill, Bloomfield Hills - Metro Detroit Pumpkin Patches
Franklin Cider Mill | photo via @tschreiber123

Goodison Cider Mill in Rochester Hills

Open Labor Day through the end of November

Goodison Cider Mill is a Rochester Hills cider mill that doesn’t always attract as much attention but manages to wow its visitors with its authentic experience. There is no fresher cider in the area, as all of the cider sold at this location is created with a press that is more than a century old.

While its cider, donuts, and pumpkins are always available, you won’t want to miss a chance to try this cider mill’s famous pistachio nut bread. It is made on-location and has become famous across Michigan for its distinct and delicious flavor.

More Michigan Pumpkin Patches to Explore This Fall

Is there another Metro Detroit pumpkin patch that your family likes to frequent? Tell us about it in the comments! And be sure to see our list of the best Michigan pumpkin patches and corn mazes for more fall fun in Southeast Michigan.

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