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Kayak Pictured Rocks!

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a unique and beautiful place. There are many ways to access the shoreline, but the best way is through Paddling Michigan’s kayak tours.

The only tour that lets you get up close and personal with the Pictured Rocks!

Awesome Mitten - Kayak Pictured Rocks
Photo Courtesy Amanda Shreiber

There are multiple kayak trips a day through the Pictured Rocks area through Paddling Michigan. Choose anywhere from a 2.5-hour trip or a full-day trip, or even a multi-day expedition! All the guides are certified by the American Canoe Association and have an expansive knowledge of the area and the things that you will see along the journey.

My Kayak Pictured Rocks Adventure

I was a little nervous that my trip was going to be canceled due to weather, but I ended up having a blast in the wind and fog.

We met at the Paddling Michigan office at the entrance to Munising and then caravanned down to Miner’s Beach (which is the starting point of the Pictured Rocks cliffs). At the beach, we were suited up in life vests and spray skirts and given dry bags and extra waterproof jackets if needed. The staff was really good at making sure everyone was comfortable in the cooler weather.

Once ready and fully outfitted like professional sea kayakers, we picked out our kayaks. All the kayaks are tandem, meaning meant for two people. As the only single person on this particular trip, I got to ride tandem with our guide – lucky me!

As we got pushed off the shoreline into the choppy waves I was a little concerned about what I had gotten myself into. I kayak here and there at home, but I am by no means the fittest kayaker around. It turned out to be no problem! With two paddlers and the specialized kayak with a rudder to help steer, I barely felt like I was working out for three hours.

The particular trip I was on traveled about two miles down the cliffs in an area they call the ‘painted coves.’ The color on the walls is simply amazing, and unlike on the tour boats, you can get right next to it! There are even a couple of coves you can go in and a small arch you can go under.

Awesome Mitten - Kayak Pictured Rocks
Photo Courtesy Amanda Shreiber

Oh, and did I mention you get to kayak over a shipwreck as well?

I am not going to lie and say these trips are cheap. They range from $70 to a few hundred dollars for the day trips. But if you ask me, they are worth the money. If I could recommend one tour to do in Munising, this would be it!

Children under 12 receive a 25% discount and are welcome to come along. I brought my two children and they had the best trip – all ride, no workout! The adult in the back of the kayak can completely steer and paddle the kayak with no issues.

Bottom Line: The best way to view Pictured Rocks, hands down.

How to get there?
1331 W M28
Munising, MI 49862

Phone: 906-228-5447

Website: http://www.paddlingmichigan.com/

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