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Explore Lake Superior Shipwrecks – Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tour with East Channel Lighthouse in the background.

You’ve probably heard the stories, you’ve possibly heard the songs, but have you seen the shipwrecks? The great Lake Superior does not give up her dead, but she does preserve their boats well! And Munising’s Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours proves that on every tour.

Glass Bottom Boat Explore Lake Superior Shipwrecks - Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Three shipwrecks, one lighthouse, and close up views of Munising Bay.

I departed Munising on a foggy morning around 10 am, excited for what I was going to see. I have to say that the fog added a little flair to the trip, as it brings this ominous illusion to the boat. I did hear that the shipwrecks are easier to see when it is bright and sunny out, but I had no problem seeing them in the fog.

The first site on the trip is the wreck of the Bermuda, a ship that sunk in 1870 from excess weight and a leak in the hull. This shipwreck is less than twelve feet under the surface of the water, letting all the passengers on the glass bottom boat see the ship clearly.

After this sight, the tour continues around Grand Island in Munising Bay and pulls up close to the East Channel Lighthouse for some photo opportunities and to tell a little history about the lighthouse. The lightkeeper raised his family on Grand Island making a great living of $400 dollars a year plus benefits (wood for his fire!).

The second shipwreck comes shortly after a great view of the Grand Island shoreline. The Herman H. Hettler crashed into a rock reef during a storm in late 1926 and was slowly broken apart from multiple winter storms. While all 16 of the crew members escaped, nothing was salvageable and the steamer was left to be broken apart by nature. Today the wreck is scattered around the bay in varying depths. Still, plenty to see, including the captain’s bathtub and commode!

Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours

On the way back to the Munising docks, the shipwreck tour shows one more shipwreck that is an unknown wreck. So far no one has been able to identify the story of this ship and there are no records of any ships of this style disappearing. Maybe you can help solve the mystery?

This two-hour tour was interesting as well as being educational! The things that you can see from the glass bottom are amazing. History buffs and children will both enjoy this ride – even the youngest children enjoy keeping an eye out for the fish under the surface.

Glass Bottom Boat 2 Explore Lake Superior Shipwrecks - Glass Bottom Boat Tour

Bottom Line: Munising’s Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours are interesting, educational, and fun!

How to get there? 1204 Commercial St., Munising, MI

Phone: (906) 387-4477


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