Best Local Restaurants In Munising Michigan
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Get Ready to Feast at These BEST Local Restaurants in Munising Michigan

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is a unique place with its own special charm and offerings. Munising is one of its sparkling gems, and while there are many wonderful things about this lovely city near the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, the culinary scene is one of its standout contributions.

Upper Peninsula cuisine has a style that combines country cooking with innovative techniques. Munising is a great example of that delicious duality and the restaurants reflect it. Here are some of the best restaurants in Munising Michigan that you should consider visiting on your next trip.

Falling Rock Cafe &Amp; Bookstore - Munising, Michigan
Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore | photo via @michigander479

Beachcomber Cafe

28 M-28, Munising, MI 49862

One of the reasons that the Beachcomber Cafe is so well-liked is that diners get generous portions of excellent food for a reasonable price. Diners rave about the burgers, steak and cheese sandwiches, and cheese curds.

What is one thing that diners have in common? They often go back to this food truck/restaurant whenever they can.

Driftwood Deli

231 E Superior St, Munising, MI 49862

Driftwood Deli is a restaurant where the starring entrees are scrumptious sandwiches. Menu items include the U.P. Muffaletta, Italian Grinder, and Pastrami Club. Make no mistake — these sandwiches are the real deal, deliciously complex, and large.

However, many other kinds of tasty choices are on the menu, offering diners vegan options. And, for anyone wanting a craft brew with their meal, the ByGeorge Brewing Co. is connected to the deli.

Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore

104 E Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862

If the concept of a great cup of coffee and a book along with a nice meal is appealing, Falling Rock Cafe should be on your list of places to eat in Munising Michigan. The cafe is part of the Great Lakes Coffee Company, so you know that the coffee is amazing.

However, the cafe may be most famous for its smoked whitefish, which is locally caught and always fresh. BLTs, veggie burgers, and grilled chicken avocado salad are also menu favorites.

Falling Rock Cafe &Amp; Bookstore-Munising
Falling Rock Cafe & Bookstore | photo via the_michigan_traveler

Miners Pasties and IceCream

100 W Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862

Pasties are a popular food throughout the Upper Peninsula, and Miners is the perfect place to pick up a few during your visit. The menu includes meat and vegan pasty options.

On top of those flaky morsels of goodness, the restaurant serves unique and yummy ice cream flavors. Don’t pass through the region often? Pick up enough pasties to take home and enjoy.

Barge Inn

206 W Superior St, Munising, MI 49862

The Barge Inn is one of Munising’s most-loved pubs and is a popular gathering spot for diners who want a tasty hot meal with a cold beverage. Whether it’s beer, wine, or liquor, Barge serves it all.

Patrons can nosh on goodies like quesadillas, tacos, sloppy joes, and pulled pork. If those menu items are not to your liking, you can bring a meal from the neighboring food truck into the establishment.

Toby’s Dog House

106 Lynn St, Munising, MI 49862

Toby’s Dog House is all about hot dogs. The menu items are dog-themed, so if you have a taste for Coney dogs, order the New Yorkie. If you like grilled onions and sauerkraut on your hot dog, order the German Shepard.

Also, you can order gyros, chicken fingers, tacos, sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings. Grab a seat at the neighboring restaurant — the two places have a mutual deal — to enjoy your tasty dog.

Dog Patch
Dog Patch | photo via Creator Team Member

Dogpatch Restaurant

325 E Superior St, Munising, MI 49862

You can already sense the friendly atmosphere of the Dogpatch Restaurant when you pull up and see the colorful decor. The restaurant serves Upper Peninsula country cooking at its best and is proud of its self-described “vittles.”

Fried fish, steaks, and homestyle breakfasts are some menu highlights. This is a great place to have a meal with your favorite group when you’re in the area.

Earl E. Byrds

202 E Superior St, Munising, MI 49862

Earl E. Byrds is a veteran-owned and operated diner that is full of friendly people and great food. Although the space is small, you wouldn’t know it from the hefty portions and numerous menu options.

Cheesesteaks, Reubens, and club sandwiches are popular items. The diner’s omelet breakfast plates are famous too. You can add hash browns, bacon, and sausage for a hearty meal to start the day.

Tracey’s at Roam Inn

815 W Munising Ave #1, Munising, MI 49862

Located at the boutique Roam Inn, Tracey’s is a cozy bistro that specializes in elevated American and Asian cuisine. You can start small with whipped risotto or dockside shrimp.

Korean chicken wings and homemade kimchi are part of the Izakayas menu section. Rib-eye steak, salmon, and chicken Marsala are other options. It’s a diverse menu that is sure to have something for every palate.

Pictured Rocks Pizza-Munising
Pictured Rocks Pizza | photo via sugarbutton8181

Eh! Burger

101 E Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862

Although it’s a hamburger restaurant, Eh! Burger is more than a local burger joint. These are gourmet burgers cooked by an actual chef.

The hallmark burger is called the Eh! Burger, and it’s made with a special sauce created by the restaurant. The Smoked U.P. burger is a proud example of the type of fare that only this part of Michigan can offer.

Main Street Pizza

113 Maple St, Munising, MI 49862

Main Street Pizza keeps it simple by serving traditional favorites that are tried, tested, and true. Yet, that simplicity is also what makes the pizza so great.

Another nice attribute about Main Street is that the portions are bigger than many diners expect from other pizza joints. You can also order subs and calzones.

American Legion Post 131

610 W Munising Ave, Munising, MI 49862

There are American Legion posts all over the United States, but Post 131 in Munising is famous for its food, especially on fish-fry nights.

There is actually a dedicated faction of diners who flock to Post 131 just for a plate when the kitchen is open. Since Munising Michigan sits on a lakeshore, freshly caught fish is a staple ingredient for its famous fried fish dishes.

Pictured Rocks Pizza-Munising
Pictured Rocks Pizza | photo via veggiesanddonuts

Pictured Rocks Pizza

106 Birch St, Munising, MI 49862

Pizza lovers who want to build their own pies will find a kindred soul in Pictured Rocks Pizza. Traditional and gluten-free crusts are available, and a large variety of toppings and sauces let you customize your pizza.

On top of that, there are several specialty pizzas that you can order. Cold and hot pasta dishes are on the menu as well.

The Buckhorn Resort

N3919 Buck Horn Dr, Munising, MI 49862

A rustic setting and a hearty menu are part of The Buckhorn Resort restaurant’s charm. Sandwiches, wraps, and burgers are standard fare. However, the top sirloin and rib-eye steaks elevate this place to the fine dining category.

It’s a family-friendly restaurant, so there is a kid’s menu too. Also, you can get made-to-order pizzas, while fish meals include popular whitefish, cod, and lake perch — all of which are often freshly caught.

Roam Inn-Munising
Roam Inn | photo via ferraijill

Prepare Your Taste Buds for the Restaurants in Munising Michigan

Whether you’re traveling directly to Munising or exploring things to do in the Upper Peninsula, you’ll be amazed by a number of things. The scenery is stunning, the wildlife is captivating, and the people are down-to-earth.

However, you can’t beat the grub scene here. The food is amazing, and the restaurants in Munising Michigan are some of the best places to grab a bite to eat.

Hold on to your taste buds, and prepare to fill your belly. You can start planning your trip by booking one of the many Munising lodging options.

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