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Bronner’s: The Most Magical Place in Michigan

The magic of the holidays always begins with a visit to Bronner’s! This place is magnificent no matter what the season, but during the holidays it’s the absolute perfect way to get anyone in the mood to celebrate the holidays. Since 1945, the store has been a staple in Frankenmuth with over 2 million annual visitors. They are also conveniently open 361 days a year in order for you to easily plan a visit.

Bronner's Santa
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Polasek

The most amazing part of Bronner’s is how immense it is, which you really can’t understand until you visit. The first time I visited, I got separated from the large party I came with and had to count my way back through each section until I found them in lighting. Altogether Bronner’s covers a total of 320,000 square feet, the sales floor only takes up 96,000 square feet. It’s easy to get lost in a place that covers over 2.2 acres when you are constantly stopping to admire every unique decoration. Over the years, I’ve become much better at navigating the store thanks to their handy maps they give out at every entrance which neatly categorizes each section to ensure you get to see your favorite gifts. This year, my mom and I even went all out and got matching Christmas sweaters to guarantee we wouldn’t get separated.  Through trial and error, my best advice to make it through Bronner’s is to take advantage of their maps and to possibly consider matching outfits.

When first arriving at Bronner’s it’s a very exciting and overwhelming experience. It feels like arriving at an amusement park, and to make it through the entire store you’ll likely need the same amount of stamina you’d need to make it through an amusement park! All 27 acres of their grounds is decorated with some of the most unique lighting and figures you just can’t find in any regular store. If you come during the day, it’s fun to walk around outside and take photos up close with each of the decorations. Visiting at night is also equally exciting because over 100,000 lights illuminate their outdoor displays making it a fun drive around their grounds.

Bronner's Interior
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Polasek

The overwhelming feeling continues inside Bronner’s because of the immense scale of the interior and just how much there is to look at. If it’s your first visit, you’ll likely want to plan out at least 5 hours to ensure you get to tour the entire store. After many trips to Bronner’s over the last five to eight years I’m now able to tour the entire place in about 2 hours. The reason it takes so long is because there’s over 50,000 unique trims and gifts from over 50 nations throughout the world to see. My favorite sections to shop include sport, world, and novelty ornaments you can get personalized for free. I also love circling all of their village displays which I’ve continuously purchased from their Christmas Vacation village set. It’s easy to fill up a cart with lots of gifts since half of all their stock is under $10 dollars, and two thirds of all of their items is under $20 dollars! Besides the gifts, there are also over 300 decorated Christmas trees, over 700 animated figures, and over 100,000 lights illuminated inside Bronner’s making it a tremendously amazing experience that’s unlike any other store I’ve ever been to.

Bronner's Villages
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Polasek

Following Thanksgiving, Santa is a regular figure visiting Bronner’s for children to meet. Besides visiting Santa, children can also mail their Christmas lists to Santa or talk to him on their exclusive phone throughout the entire year! This is a beautiful setting with amazing holiday photo opportunities for you and your family. Forget about getting photos professionally taken and head to Bronner’s where you can take hundreds of unique photos with your family for the perfect Christmas card!

Bronner's Decorated Christmas Tree
Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Polasek

One thing is for sure, Michigan knows how to celebrate Christmas and the holidays better than any other state and it begins with a visit to Bronner’s! Even if you can’t make it all the way to Frankenmuth to visit Bronner’s you can always subscribe to their catalog to shop their newest items!

What’s your favorite decoration or ornament you’ve bought from Bronner’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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