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Exploring Lesser-Known Things to Do in Frankenmuth Mitten | #MittenTrip

Exploring Michigan – our home state – with my family is one of my favorite things to do, and recently we were able to enjoy a family getaway exploring unique things to do in Frankenmuth Michigan.

About Frankenmuth Michigan

Known for its Bavarian-style architecture and attractions, Frankenmuth Michigan is a small town in East Michigan that celebrates its German heritage. Many people view Frankenmuth as a destination for day trips or overnight getaways, and it’s easy to see why it’s on most people’s Michigan bucket list!

But what I’ve discovered through the years is that different people have different views and memories about Frankenmuth – and there’s always something new to explore and enjoy when visiting Michigan’s Little Bavaria!

Views Of Frankenmuth Michigan
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel

Different Views of Frankenmuth

My Childhood Memories of Visiting Frankenmuth

Growing up, Frankenmuth was a day trip adventure during a weekend exploring the Saginaw Bay area. We popped into town around lunchtime for a family-style chicken dinner at Zehnder’s, then walked through the shops along main street, stopping at Bronner’s to pick out an ornament, and then heading back to our hotel near the highway.

In my childhood memories, Frankenmuth was about the German heritage of the town – from the food to the souvenirs.

My Adult Memories of Visiting Frankenmuth

When I met my husband, I experienced another side of Frankenmuth. His family had a tradition of staying several nights at the Bavarian Inn Lodge whenever they came into town – treating it like a resort destination.

While we sometimes ventured up to the Bavarian Inn Restaurant for a family-style chicken dinner, we rarely left the property. There was plenty to do right at the hotel – pools with water slides, an arcade, mini-golf, multiple restaurants, and even special events during the holidays. 

More to Do and See in Frankenmuth

I knew my childhood memories hadn’t covered all of the things to do in Frankenmuth, and my experiences as an adult also had holes. So on our most recent family trip to Frankenmuth, I decided to fill in some of the gaps, looking for hidden treasures and new-to-me things to do in Frankenmuth Michigan.

Frankenmuth Riverwalk And Heritage Park
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel

Unique Things to Do in Frankenmuth

Explore the Riverwalk & Heritage Park

The first “hidden treasure” I found in Frankenmuth was the Riverwalk. Tucked in behind the Bavarian Inn Lodge, the Riverwalk enclosed Heritage Park – a baseball diamond facility with multiple play structures, pavilions, and more. 

My husband and I enjoyed a nice scenic walk along the Cass River on this new-to-us path as we explored this lesser-known side of Frankenmuth. While I can imagine Heritage Park can get busy during baseball season, we visited on a beautiful spring day and saw very few others along the path. 

Heritage Park has a place where the public can launch their kayaks or canoes into the Cass River, and it’s a great area for a picnic lunch along the river.

Cass River Waterways In Frankenmuth Michigan
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel

Enjoy Local Frankenmuth Restaurants for Breakfast

Aside from the meals we ate while staying with family at the Bavarian Inn Lodge (Ratskeller Cafe, Oma’s Kitchen, and Bavarian Inn Restaurant), we wanted to explore more dining options in Frankenmuth during this visit.

My husband and I both did some research prior to arriving in town, and when we discovered we would only have one meal unaccounted for during our stay, we narrowed down our choices of restaurants in Frankenmuth that served breakfast or brunch:

On this particular day, we chose to try Honey B’s Eatery along the river’s edge in Frankenmuth Michigan.

Honey B's Eatery - Frankenmuth
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel

Honey B’s Eatery in Frankenmuth

Situated in an old converted home on Frankenmuth’s main street, Honey B’s Eatery is a cute and cozy cafe that features farm-fresh ingredients in homemade meals. They specialize in breakfast and lunch dishes, open only a handful of mornings and early afternoons each week.

This vegan-friendly cafe with gluten-free options has a simple but complete breakfast and lunch menu. With plenty of choices that tasted as delicious as they looked, our kids didn’t have any trouble finding food that sounded good to their taste buds, while our more sophisticated taste buds were satisfied as well. 

Kid-Friendly Breakfast In Frankenmuth At Honey B's Eatery
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel

“Honey B’s menu is diverse and aims to provide delicious and creative options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike. Great food does not have to be complicated or confusing. Everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, vibrant, inventive, high-quality food that is grown and raised with care and understanding.”

The kids mostly opted for the fluffy buttermilk pancakes (though one got a farmer’s breakfast plate), while we were a bit more adventurous with our selections for breakfast in Frankenmuth: a meat, egg, and cheese everything bagel sandwich and Honey’s Hash.

Honeys Hash
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel
Breakfast, Brunch, Or Lunch - Honey B's Eatery In Frankenmuth
photo courtesy of Pichea Place Family Travel

We all agreed that Honey B’s cafe restaurant in Frankenmuth was a great choice for breakfast, and we’ll be sure to stop in again the next time we’re in town!

More to Explore in Frankenmuth

While we enjoyed finding some new-to-us hidden treasures and things to do in Frankenmuth, we have barely scratched the surface of this unique little town near Michigan’s Thumb.

While our visit this time did not allow us to do so, we hope to someday explore more of the great things to do in Frankenmuth, like the Michigan Military & Space Heroes Museum and the Frankenmuth Aerial Park!

What are some of your favorite things to do in Frankenmuth? Have you found any hidden gems in this unique small town in Michigan?