Best Ice Cream In Michigan

Who Serves the Best Ice Cream in Michigan?

Michigan is known for its lakes and beautiful landscapes, but it’s also home to some of the best ice cream shops in the country. From classic flavors to unique creations, each shop offers something special. 

We asked over 600 Michiganders to finish the sentence: “The best ice cream in Michigan can be found at __________.”  The following is a list of the top 10 ice cream shops in Michigan according to the number of times each was mentioned…

Unique Local Traverse City Restaurant: Moomers Ice Cream
Moomers Ice Cream // photo credit

Moomers | Traverse City

Located just outside Traverse City, Moomers is a family-run business that has been serving up homemade ice cream since 1998. They offer over 150 flavors, ranging from traditional favorites like vanilla and chocolate to unique concoctions such as Cherries Moobilee, a cherry-flavored ice cream with cherries, fudge pieces, and a cherry swirl.

“We make over 150 different flavors of homemade, premium ice cream, with over 20 available daily. If we don’t have your favorite that day, just ask and we’ll call you when it’s ready!”

Visitors to Moomers can enjoy their ice cream in a variety of ways. Whether it’s in a freshly made waffle cone, as part of a sundae, or in a flight of mini scoops, there’s something to satisfy every ice cream lover.

The shop also offers tours of the dairy farm, giving customers a peek into the process behind their favorite treats. The picturesque setting with views of the dairy farm where the ice cream is made adds to the charm and allure of Moomers.

House Of Flavors
House of Flavors | photo via lilbritcrazy

House of Flavors | Ludington

House of Flavors in Ludington is not just an ice cream shop; it’s an institution. This shop has a long history, dating back to its origins as a dairy in the 1940s. Today, House of Flavors churns out more than 28 million gallons of ice cream each year, serving up a variety of classic and seasonal flavors.

One of their standout offerings is the Blue Moon, a bright blue, almond-flavored ice cream that has become a beloved choice among patrons.

The restaurant side of House of Flavors serves up a full menu, but the main draw is undoubtedly the ice cream. With its retro diner vibe and generous servings, the shop is a must-visit for anyone in the area. The bustling atmosphere is filled with nostalgia, making it a perfect spot for families and tourists alike.

Msu Dairy Store-East Lansing
MSU Dairy Store | photo via comida_ricaaaa

MSU Dairy Store | East Lansing

Located on the campus of Michigan State University, the MSU Dairy Store extends its educational mission into the realm of ice cream. This store is famed not only for its rich and creamy ice cream but also for the way it integrates student work into its operations.

MSU students help to craft the ice cream, which features flavors inspired by Spartan traditions. Spartan Swirl (formerly Sesquicentennial Swirl), a decadent blend of cake batter ice cream, green fudge swirls, and cake pieces, is a tribute to the university’s 150th anniversary and a favorite among visitors.

The MSU Dairy Store also offers more than just ice cream; it’s an educational experience. Visitors can learn about the science of dairy production and the history of dairy at MSU through their informative displays and store tours. The connection between the university and the community is palpable, making every scoop of ice cream feel like a taste of local pride.

Cooks Farm Dairy Ice Cream In Ortonville Michigan
Cook’s Farm Dairy | photo via realamericanfood

Cook’s Farm Dairy | Ortonville

Cook’s Farm Dairy in Ortonville is much more than an ice cream shop; it’s a full-fledged farm experience. Cook’s is appreciated not only for its wide range of ice cream flavors but also for the opportunity to interact with farm animals.

The farm produces over 50 flavors of ice cream, with options ranging from the classic to the exotic. The farm-fresh quality is evident in every scoop, with rich flavors like Cowpuccino, a coffee-infused delight, standing out.

Visitors to Cook’s can enjoy their ice cream while taking in the rural setting, which includes views of cows and other farm animals. The farm also offers educational tours that highlight their milking and ice cream making processes, making it a popular destination for school trips and family outings.

Jones Homemade Ice Cream In Baldwin Michigan
Jones Homemade Ice Cream | photo via jshynes31

Jones Homemade Ice Cream Shoppe | Baldwin

Jones Homemade Ice Cream Shoppe, located in Baldwin, has been a local favorite since its opening in 1942. Jones offers a nostalgic experience with its vintage ice cream parlor atmosphere and a variety of classic flavors.

The charm of Jones Homemade Ice Cream lies not just in its flavors but also in its community-oriented approach. The parlor serves as a gathering place in Baldwin, where people come together over a shared love for ice cream. Seasonal flavors and local ingredients keep the offerings fresh and exciting throughout the year.

Mooville Creamery Nashville Michigan
MOO-ville | photo courtesy of @moo_ville

MOO-ville Creamery | Nashville

MOO-ville in Nashville is celebrated for its quality and innovation. This family-owned farm is known for its award-winning, hormone-free dairy products, including its rich and creamy ice cream.

Mooville prides itself on producing all-natural ingredients, which shine through in its diverse flavor selections. Standout flavors like the Moo-n Over Miami, a vibrant mix of orange and vanilla, make each visit unforgettable.

The interactive experience at Mooville is part of its charm. Visitors can engage in fun activities like petting zoos, dairy tours, and seasonal events, making it a popular destination for families. The direct farm-to-table approach not only ensures the freshness of their ice cream but also connects consumers with the source of their food in meaningful ways.

The Awesome Mitten - Ice Cream Places In And Around Kalamazoo
Plainwell Ice Cream | photo via Sally Thelen

Plainwell Ice Cream | Plainwell

Plainwell Ice Cream, located in the small town of Plainwell, has carved out a niche for itself with its traditional methods and exceptional flavors. The shop has been producing artisan ice cream for over three decades, using local ingredients to craft both classic and innovative flavors. Noteworthy offerings include the Black Cherry and the Almond Joy, both of which are local favorites.

The quaint setting of Plainwell Ice Cream, with its friendly service and community-oriented atmosphere, invites visitors to step back in time. The shop’s commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in every batch makes it a destination for ice cream purists and those in search of a genuine small-town charm.

Cartons Of Guernsey Farms Dairy Ice Cream
Guernsey Farms Dairy | photo via guernseyfarms

Guernsey Farms Dairy | Northville

Guernsey Farms Dairy in Northville, mentioned nine times, has been a staple in Michigan since 1940. Known for its high-quality dairy products, Guernsey extends this excellence to its ice cream, which is rich in flavor and history.

The shop’s standout flavors include the award-winning Chocolate Almond and the uniquely Michigan Black Cherry. Guernsey’s commitment to using only the best ingredients is evident with each creamy spoonful.

Apart from its delicious ice cream, Guernsey Farms Dairy offers a full dining experience in its recently renovated restaurant. The family-friendly environment and commitment to quality make it a beloved institution where generations of Michiganders continue to create sweet memories.

Sherman's Dairy Bar, South Haven - Kal-Haven Trail
Sherman’s Dairy Bar | photo via @rach_bogo

Sherman’s Dairy Bar | South Haven

Sherman’s Dairy Bar in South Haven is another long-standing Michigan favorite, tallying nine mentions. It has been a part of the community since 1916, offering a wide array of flavors that cater to every palate.

Favorites among locals include the decadent Pecan Ball and the vibrant Blue Moon. Sherman’s traditional approach to ice cream making ensures a consistently smooth and flavorful experience.

The lakeside location of Sherman’s adds to its appeal, making it a perfect stop during summer beach trips. The shop’s commitment to maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere and providing quality service has made it a landmark in South Haven and a must-visit for those seeking a taste of Michigan’s lakeshore life.

Norm's Ice Cream - Grand Haven Michigan
Norm’s Ice Cream, Grand Haven | photo via kate3obrien

Norm’s Ice Cream | Various West Michigan Locations

Norm’s Ice Cream, with locations in Fruitport, Grand Haven, and North Muskegon, was mentioned seven times. Norm’s is celebrated for its generous servings and variety of flavors, ranging from the traditional to the adventurous.

The atmosphere is quintessentially laid-back and perfectly suited for leisurely summer days. Specialties like the Toasted Coconut and the Norm’s Special Sundae are local legends.

Norm’s also offers a no-frills, family-oriented environment that emphasizes community and simplicity. The welcoming vibe and the quality of their ice cream make it a beloved spot for both residents and visitors to Michigan’s western shore.

Honorable Mentions

With so many awesome places to get a scoop of ice cream in the Great Lakes State, we’d be remiss if we quit the list at 10. Here are a few more of your favorite places to enjoy a cone or sundae:

Michigan’s Best Ice Cream

Whether you’re looking for a farm-to-cone experience, a taste of university life, or a step back in time at a traditional ice cream parlor, Michigan’s favorite ice cream shops have something special to offer. Each location offers unique flavors and experiences, making them must-visit destinations for anyone exploring the Great Lakes State.

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