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Go Right Through For MSU Dairy Store: 7 Reasons To Visit This Summer Break

If you’re familiar with the Michigan State University Dairy Store, your memories probably include the long line — and lack of parking outside Anthony Hall — on the first warm and sunny days of Spring. However, you also know the feeling that it was all worth it as you took that first bite of delicious ice cream!

Summer break is the perfect time to visit MSU Dairy Store. As National Dairy Month in June is followed by National Ice Cream Month in July, we full time mid-Michiganders are enjoying the beautiful East Lansing campus without having to wade through swarms of college students. Both MSU Dairy Store locations (Anthony Hall and MSU Union) feature a wide selection of ice cream and other dairy delicacies, making them great spots to stop for a treat, a snack, or your lunch break.

Here are our 7 reasons to visit the MSU Dairy Store as often as possible before the students move back in the Fall:

1. Big Ten flavors

The beauty of visiting MSU Dairy Store is that you don’t even have to be a Spartan fan to enjoy it! A sad Ohio State fan? You might want to try Buckeye Blitz. Wolverine? Try the Maize-n-Berry! They also have delicious seasonal flavors with equally fun names. With 39 flavors that are constantly changing, the only difficult decision is picking a favorite.

2. Grilled Cheese Monday

Find yourself in the East Lansing area on a Monday? Stop in for a cheap and delicious lunch combo that includes a freshly made grilled cheese and a free cup of soup!

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Photo courtesy of MSU Dairy Store

3. Chocolate cheese

MSU Dairy Store is one of only a few places in the state to find chocolate cheese — and it’s something you have to try for yourself. All of the delicious cheese varieties are available as gift-sized samplers, pre-cubed packages, and giant blocks that somehow still manage to disappear quickly once you get them home!

4. Secret ingredient

Rumor has it, MSU Dairy Store ice cream is made so full of pure ingredients that its fat content is too high to be sold at other stores. That’s one risk we’re willing to take.

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Photo courtesy of MSU Dairy Store

5. Shakes and malts

One of our favorite things about the Dairy Store? You can have ANY ice cream flavor available in store made into a milk shake or a malt… Double the yum, and extra portable too!

6. Locally sourced ingredients

True to their name and origin, MSU Dairy Store gets milk right from MSU’s own dairy cows. Many other ingredients are also delivered directly from farms across MSU, Ingham County and the rest of Michigan. So not only does your delicious ice cream have the freshest ingredients, but it also helps support our state!

Eating An Msu Dairy Store Ice Cream Cone In The Summer - The Awesome Mitten
We made sure to stop at MSU Dairy Store during our #MittenTrip to East Lansing. Photo courtesy of Joel Heckaman

7. Peek behind the scenes

Campuses are all about learning, so you won’t have to travel far if you’re curious about how MSU’s ice cream is made. MSU Dairy Plant is right next to the Dairy Store in Anthony Hall, and you can either peek in or take a full tour to see the big machines that churn your ice cream.

What is your favorite reason to visit MSU Dairy Store? Let us know in the comments!

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