Traverse City & Leelanau Travel Guide

Traverse City & Leelanau Travel Guide

Traverse City Travel guideOur friends at The Fresh Exchange have put together a comprehensive list of their favorite things in Traverse City and in Leelanau County. Below is a preview – head on over to The Fresh Exchange to read the full list!

It is no longer a deep, dark secret that the shores of the northwest coast of Michigan are top-notch this time of year. With features all over the web and publications, every year up here between May and October feels a little crazier and busier than the last. I have no problem with this as it has left me wanting to keep a few places to myself so unless we are best friends I will be keeping those off this list. Sorry! 

As a native to the northern Michigan area I get a ton of emails about what to do in the area especially during the summer months. Though I am not well-versed in every section of the West Coast area spanning from Frankfort up to Harbor Springs, I do feel that my years of coming north for summers, living here, and being friends with many of the local business owners has left me with a pretty darn good list of things you have to do if you plan to visit.

So today I am sharing my extensive list of everything I could ever POSSIBLY recommend to you. From time to time, especially before the summer season, I will update this post with new places and eliminate any places that may sadly no longer exist. For now, this is our current list for all of you that have ever wondered what you should be doing when you venture north. Whether you plan to find a campsite or if you plan to go luxurious and visit every winery in the area, these are must do’s and favorite haunts in the area. Sorry locals I am giving away some secrets here…kill me later. 

Traverse City Restaurants

Cheese Shanty: A great lunch spot on the Leelanau Peninsula in fishtown. Get the pretzel bread and thank me later. Local tip: they sell out early so be smart. 

9 Bean Rows: Want the local flavor? This is your spot on the Leelanau Peninsula. Completely farm to table and the best croissants I have ever had…yes, better than any in Europe. 

Cooks House: Call way ahead for dinner because this place books months in advance for good reason. This is the best food in Traverse City proper with some killer cocktails and wine. Plan for an evening of greatness. 

The Food Truck lot at The Little Fleet: Want to keep it casual? Whether it is dinner, brunch on Sunday, or a quick lunch, every option is here with over 5 food trucks of different variety in the lot. Then hop over for a great beer or cocktail in the open-air bar. My favorites? Roaming Harvest, Friends with Food, and EZ Cheesy.

Read the rest of the list on The Fresh Exchange!

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