Top 5 Places for Breakfast in Traverse City (According to a Local)

Top 5 Places for Breakfast in Traverse City (According to a Local)

Originally Published February 1st, 2012


  1. The Omelette Shoppe This is the place to go whether you are a tourist or local for delicious breakfasts, and great cinnamon rolls. (They even have flavored creamers for your morning coffee!)  The staff is friendly, the prices are affordable, and they have to be doing something right because they have two locations in Traverse City and two locations in Grand Rapids.  They offer some great specials as well.

    Omelette Shoppe in Traverse City
    Photo courtesy of the Omelette Shoppe
  1. J & S Hamburg Both locations are small, quaint and full of sass.  It is your traditional coffee, eggs, American fries, and breakfast meat kind of place with killer biscuits and gravy.  When you think of a diner, this is what you get.  Everyone is reading the newspaper early in the morning, while the cook grills up some tasty treats on the flat top, and your waitress greets you with a smile and a little sarcasm.  Everyone is a regular at J & S.
  1. Patisserie Amie Here is a place where you can find French-style coffee drinks, and some really interesting breakfast choices.  The staff is all very knowledgeable and friendly, and the menu is definitely different than most choices in Traverse City.  Also, they have some delicious French pastries to satisfy any sweet tooth.
  2. The Flap Jack Shack The same owners that own The Omelette Shoppe, but a restaurant with a little different flair.  The food is great, the service is quick, and the establishment is an iconic fixture in Traverse City.
  3. Round’s Another place where everyone can feel like a local; Round’s has awesome service, scrumptious food, and an intimate setting. You can tell a lot of love goes into every meal, and their pancakes are fantastic.

  • Brent

    You haven’t had breakfast in Northern Michigan until you’ve had it at the Harbor Cafe in Elk Rapids. The Blueberry and Cream stuffed french toast is out of this world and the mouth watering cinnamon swirl pancakes are worth the drive from downstate alone!!!

  • Gerald Wilgus

    Flap Jack Shack – a definite NO. They’ll make big, heavy, spongy, pancakes with lots of added flavors but you can’t even get potato pancakes. Creations as luscious as a swedish pancake or a breakfast crepe are unknown here.

    If Walker Brothers in Chicago provides 5-star pancakes, the Flap Jack Shack doesn’t even rate as a bottom feeder.

  • Gino Schafer

    The Flap Jack Shack is our favorite in TC. The place is CLEAN, service is fast, and the coffee is great. We stop in every time we are in town.

  • SkyGuide

    The Omelette Shoppe. I’ve heard rumors of other breakfast spots, but after perfection at OM, why bother? 😉