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25 Most Haunted Places in Michigan | Plan a Haunted Michigan Road Trip

A dirt path leads to a cemetery, covered with fallen branches and hung with cobwebs; a strange fog closes in while bats screech overhead; the howls of a black cat echo through the night as the sun sets on the spooky setting.

With Halloween approaching, Michiganders are searching for places to scare themselves silly, so here is our list of the most haunted places in Michigan – perfect for a haunted Michigan road trip.

Traverse City State Hospital

Haunted Places in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Old City Orphanage in Marquette

Formerly known as the Holy Cross Orphanage, the Old City Orphanage stands against the Marquette hills as a menacing reminder of the city’s past. Built in 1915 and abandoned in the mid-sixties, the Catholic orphanage remains a location of lengthy narrative and legend.

According to occupants of the orphanage, the nuns were known to physically and mentally abuse the children and were fierce in their punishments. One account recalls a little girl playing outside during a blizzard and subsequently catching pneumonia. She died several days later.

As a testament to her foolishness and a warning to the other children, the nuns put her body on display for all to view. The crying of children is said to be heard if passing the building on a quiet night.

The Paulding Light

Paulding, Michigan, is a small town in the Upper Peninsula known for a mysterious light display that occurs along a stretch of Highway 45. Although numerous paranormal investigators and even the Ripley’s Believe It or Not team have examined the area, no explanations for the phenomenon have ever been found.

Locals say the small spherical lights of white, red, and green are the ghosts of a railroad worker who died while trying to switch the tracks, or of a Native American man dancing along the power lines.

Paulding Light

Mackinac Island

Thought to be the most haunted place in Michigan, Mackinac Island has tours devoted to its most ghost-ridden locales.

From the Grand Hotel (built upon the first military post’s cemetery) to Fort Mackinac (explored by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters) to Mission Point (haunted by the ghost of a young man who shot himself after a heartbreak), Mackinac Island is a paranormal investigator’s dream destination.

The occasionally bloody history and relative isolation of the island lend to its spooky atmosphere each fall.

Calumet Theatre

This theatre originally opened as an Opera House in 1900 before making a gradual transition to plays and films. It has two balconies that are fairly large and the theatre as a whole holds about 700 people.

The original ghost story begins with an actress named Madame Helena Modjeska who performed at this venue during her life. Sometime in the 1950s, an actress was on stage and forgot her lines. As the rumor goes, she looked up into one of the balconies and discovered Modjeska up there, mouthing the lines to her.

Currently, theatre-goers have said they feel eery presences, sudden gusts of cold air, and hear music that does not seem to come from a source.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse

In 1895, the Seul Choix Lighthouse was dubbed by French fur traders as the “only choice” for a stopping point on the route through Lake Michigan. Joseph Townsend was the lighthouse keeper for years, and his brother James, a wealthy captain, would often make the journey to visit him.

During a particularly dire visit, Captain Townsend fell ill and died in the lighthouse. His body was embalmed and held in the basement for weeks as the family waited for people paying their respects to make the journey to Gulliver.

Reports of a lingering smell, footsteps up and down the lighthouse steps, and odd noises have kept visitors coming to the lighthouse for over a century now. 

Check out their museum from 10 AM to 6 PM seven days a week, or head that way near Halloween for the Haunted Lighthouse tour.

Seul Choix Point Lighthouse - Michigan's Haunted History
Photo courtesy of Archives of Michigan

Most Haunted Places in Northern Michigan

The Traverse City State Hospital

Constructed in 1885 and closed over 100 years later, the Traverse City State Hospital is perhaps the eeriest place in Grand Traverse County.

Originally an asylum for the mentally unstable, during its active years the hospital also housed those afflicted with tuberculosis, typhoid, diphtheria, and polio. Although the Gothic-style buildings have undergone renovations since 2000, a visit to the grounds conjures up the ominous and oppressive feelings of its past.

Underground tunnels and caged balconies add to the spooky visual stimuli and, located on the trails behind the buildings, there is said to be a portal to Hell under “The Hippy Tree”.

As well as documented paranormal investigations, the State Hospital has several books dedicated to its disturbing history.

Pere Cheney

Located near Grayling, Pere Cheney was once a bustling nineteenth-century sawmill village. Diseases like diphtheria and cholera ravaged the town and the population dwindled to double-digits before the town was eventually abandoned sometime after 1912 when the Post Office closed.

Legend has it that nothing but a strange moss grows in the village, and the cemetery, one of the very few remaining landmarks, may even hold the bones of a witch.

Many visitors hear voices and witness orbs and, perhaps most frighteningly of all, there are reports of sightseers finding hand-prints on cars from children who died in the area.

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse

This lighthouse is perched on Lake Huron and was active for 31 years before a turn of events left it seemingly haunted. There are tales of screams coming from the tower, which are rumored to belong to a keeper’s wife who had been locked up there.

The real hauntings come from a different lighthouse keeper, George Parris, and his wife. These two moved into the keeper’s cottage in the 199o’s to run the lighthouse, manage the museum, and give tours.

After Parris passed, the permanently disabled light from the lighthouse continues to come on at dusk and turn off at dawn every day. This lighthouse and its grounds are open to the public from mid-May through mid-October.

Old Presque Isle Lighthouse
Photo courtesy of

Bower’s Harbor Inn, Traverse City

Now known as the restaurant Mission Table, this building is famously haunted by a ghost named Genevive. Genevive’s husband was Inn owner JW Stickney, who had an elevator installed at the Inn for his overweight wife.

Stickney also hired a nurse to care for Genevive but ended up having an affair with this particular caretaker. When Stickney passed, he left all his financial wealth to the nurse, leaving only the Inn to Genevive. Genevive eventually hung herself in the elevator and continues to haunt the restaurant to this day.

Staff members and customers see her in one of the bathrooms and often on the stairs. She also causes disturbances by slamming doors, turning lights on or off, and making pans fall. It is also rumored that she doesn’t take kindly to visiting nurses in the restaurant, so beware.

Bower's Harbor Inn, Traverse City
Bower’s Harbor Inn, Photo Courtesy of Bower’s Harbor Inn

West Michigan’s Most Haunted Places

Michigan Bell Telephone Co. in Grand Rapids

Shrouded in legend, the Michigan Bell Telephone Company stands on the grounds of what was once a lavish mansion in downtown Grand Rapids. Current employees often experience ghostly encounters due to the grisly history of this particular plot of land.

It is said the Randall couple purchased the Judd-White House from its previous owners and hadn’t lived there for long before tragedy struck. Warren Randall, a railroad brakeman, lost his leg while on the job and had it replaced with a wooden prosthetic.

This led to feelings of insecurity on Warren’s part, and he soon accused his wife Virginia of having an affair. Their marriage was no longer happy and arguments were often overheard from the street.

After noticing a pungent odor emanating from the mansion, workers in the building next door contacted officials to investigate. The two were found dead in the house; Warren had allegedly beaten Virginia to death with his wooden leg before slitting his own throat.

The ghosts of the couple argue to this day as witnessed by employees of the company, with some saying that the Randalls are responsible for eerie prank phone calls traced back to the building after hours.

Michigan Bell Telephone Co in Grand Rapids

Ada Witch at Findlay Cemetery

In the early 1800s in Ada, Michigan, an adulterous woman was followed by her husband as she went to meet her lover. As the story goes, her husband watched for proof of the cheating before he busted onto the scene to kill his wayward wife. After she was dead, he turned on the lover and they fought until both had fallen.

Today, the woman’s ghost has been spotted in Seidman Park, where the murder supposedly occurred, Honey Creek Road, where her body was found, and Findlay Cemetery, where she was buried.

As haunt historians have researched the story of the unfortunate woman, however, they have been unable to prove that any such murder occurred or that she is even buried at Findlay. No police report exists to corroborate the triple homicide, nor is there evidence explaining why her ghost is referred to as a witch.

Maybe you should decide whose ghost is responsible for the bluish mists, shrieks, weeping, shoulder tapping and footsteps heard around that area. I dare you.

The Ada Witch at Findlay Cemetery - Michigan's Haunted History
Photo courtesy of

The Ghost of Elias Friske at Hell’s Bridge

When Rockford was first inhabited years ago, the surrounding woods and Rogue River were a source of resources and adventure for the people settling there.  When children began going missing in the early 1800s though, the townspeople banded together in the church to split parents up into search parties. 

Old Elias Friske warned parents of the terrifying demons surrounding the town, and volunteered to stay behind with the remaining children while parents searched for their loved ones.  As soon as the parents were out of town, Friske led his charges to the woods along the bank of the Rogue and brutally murdered them in the same place he had killed the others. 

As he was pitching their bodies off the newly built bridge, horrified parents came to the scene of the crime.  Although Elias Friske pled for mercy and insisted it was demons who forced his hand, the townspeople hung him from the bridge that came to be known as Hell’s Bridge, and left his body there until the water wore away the rope holding him. 

Swimmers today have felt hands grab their ankles, and the devil’s laughter is said to echo on the bridge after dark!

Mid-Michigan’s Most Haunted Places

Bath School Massacre

Although rarely discussed, the mass murder at Bath School in 1927 is in fact the most deadly school massacre to date. Andrew Kehoe, a fifty-five-year-old farmer and school board member, vehemently opposed the upcoming millage that would raise taxes. 

When the millage passed, Kehoe’s farm was foreclosed upon.  May 18th, 1927, Kehoe killed every animal on his farm, murdered his wife, burned his house down, and headed to the school, where he set off 500 pounds of dynamite. 

The initial blast killed dozens of students and teachers, and as the superintendent waved Kehoe over to help get the children out safely, Kehoe ignited another round when his rifle misfired, killing himself, the superintendent and eight more students. 

The final death toll was 44 with an additional 58 injured!

It was Richard Fritz’s 8th birthday that day, and he died almost exactly a year later from complications after the bombing.  He was buried next to his sister Marjorie, age 10, at the Mt. Hope Cemetery without a headstone. 

Eighty-seven years later, the community rallied to ensure that all the children had headstones. And every year there are new matchbox cars that appear on every grave.  No one has ever seen the cars delivered, but without fail, a friendly ghost has continued to leave tokens of childhood for these souls that passed too soon. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the arrival of Richard’s toy since he finally has a headstone to rest under.

Bath School Massacre - Michigan's Haunted History
Photo courtesy of Michelle J. Breners

East Michigan’s Haunted Places

The Bruce Mansion

The Bruce Mansion in Brown City, Michigan, has a long history of owners who have tragically died either in the home or on the property. In one particular case, a man driving accidentally hit someone walking on the property and decided to bury him near the home. The driver of this car later hung himself inside the bell tower.

In 1996, Barbara Millsap and her brother Bill Masiak become owners of the mansion. Masiak reported occurrences of doors forcefully opening and closing on their own.

In 2009, the Waite family became owners of the home due to foreclosure. This family reports that many previous tenants have not left and often hear children’s voices that do not seem to have a physical source.

Tours and ghost hunts used to be allowed at the mansion, however, the current property owners have decided not to continue with such activities.

Haunted Places in Southwest Michigan

Felt Mansion in Saugatuck

Felt Mansion, located on the Mitten’s west coast between Holland and Saugatuck, has worn several masks since its construction in 1928. The mansion was originally a gift to inventor Dorr Felt’s beloved wife Agnes, who died shortly after the Felt family moved in.

After they left the home, it was transformed into a seminary, and then a police and drug enforcement agency office. It is presently being restored to its former glory. Homes with such rich history rarely remain quiet: many believe that the spirit of Agnes Felt wanders the house she was never able to enjoy in life.

A shadowy figure waltzes around the ballroom frightening the mansion’s tourists, while heavy doors open and close of their own accord. There are even accounts of Agnes reprimanding guests whom she has deemed to be too offensive or crude in her presence.

Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo

Over a century old and supposedly host to a legion of ghosts, Kalamazoo’s Henderson Castle is now a bed and breakfast that caters to the living… and the dead.

The ghosts of the home’s original owners Frank and Mary Henderson, as well as those of a Spanish-American War veteran, a little girl, and a dog interact regularly with paranormal teams and guests alike.

The apparently amiable spirits have favorite forms of communication, speaking through unplugged radios, tapping unsuspecting visitors on the shoulder, and sometimes appearing in full form, wearing period clothing.

Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo

Southwest Michigan Tuberculosis Sanitarium

The once-thriving Tuberculosis Sanitarium now sits abandoned on a hill overlooking Kalamazoo. It was shut down in 1969 and given to the Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital until it closed for good in 1990.

Locals in the surrounding neighborhoods report hearing screams and tortured cries coming from the abandoned buildings. There are even rumors of distant neighbors seeing figures walking by the broken windows in the daylight.

This abandoned building is closed to the public, but walking alongside the fence might be worthwhile to catch a glimpse of an unknown entity.

Southcentral Michigan Haunted Places

The Jewett House, Mason

This home was purchased by the Jewett family in the 1920s where it was converted into a funeral home. When the funeral home closed in 1990, it turned into a rental home for local residents.

It is not uncommon for someone to move in, only to move out again very quickly due to the extreme amount of paranormal activity that occurs. Such reports include nightly whistling, footsteps on the second floor, hearing voices that do not belong to anyone, balls moving around without aid, and the smell of cigar smoke can be detected without rationale.

So, if you are looking for a home to rent in the Mason area, might I suggest the Jewett House?

Most Haunted Places in Southeast Michigan

The Masonic Temple in Detroit

Built in 1912 by a wealthy gentleman named George D. Mason, the Detroit Masonic Temple has over 1,000 rooms, and several secret staircases, concealed passages, and hidden compartments in the floors.

Mr. Mason went slightly overboard when financing the construction of the building, and eventually went bankrupt, whereupon his wife left him. Overwhelmingly depressed about his financial and personal circumstances, Mason jumped to his death from the roof of the temple.

Security guards claim to see his ghost to this day, ascending the steps to the roof. The temple, abundant with cold spots, inexplicable shadows, and slamming doors, is known to intimidate visitors with the eerie feeling of being watched…

Masonic Temple in Detroit

River Raisin National Battlefield Park in Monroe

The largest and bloodiest encounters fought on Michigan soil, the Battles of River Raisin (also known as the Battles of Frenchtown) were devastating upsets for the United States during the War of 1812.

After several days of combat and eventual surrender to the British, American soldiers were lead away by their captors. The maimed soldiers were abandoned, and would later be massacred by Native Americans in a surprise attack.

In this deadliest battle of the War of 1812, over half of the total of 1,000 American soldiers lost in the War were killed.

Paranormal teams have held investigations at what is now known as the River Raisin National Battlefield Park and have utilized the Singapore Theory which employs the use of time-oriented objects, music, and other triggers to encourage the appearance of ghosts.

Figures in doorways, windows, and on the field have been photographed, and supposed sounds of war and cries of agony recorded.

Northville Psychiatric Hospital

Psychiatric hospitals have always been known for their paranormal activity. Nothing is more frightening than knowing thousands of people died unconventional deaths while locked up against their will.

The Northville Psychiatric Hospital was built in 1952 and shut down for good in 2003. Being such a large psychiatric hospital with many buildings, this hospital was constructed with many tunnels leading to the various buildings. These tunnels were used for transporting patients during times of unfavorable weather (this is Michigan, you know).

These tunnels are unable to be visited, something that is strictly enforced by the local law enforcement. However, those who have managed to get inside report feelings of being touched and breathed on by unknown sources. Mysterious noises such as footsteps and chains clanking have been reported as well.

The Whitney Restaurant

This house was originally constructed in the 1890s as a private residence by David Whitney, Jr.  It was restored in 1986 and is now used as a formal dining restaurant. Both Whitney and his wife died in this mansion and are believed to remain behind to haunt it.

Tales of table settings being rearranged on their own and of a mysterious, elderly gentleman gazing out windows on the second floor can be attributed to paranormal activity. The elevator is especially active and will often move between floors without anyone in it.

The Whitney restaurant is open to the public, so make your reservation to dine in today.

The Whitney Restaurant in Detroit
The Whitney House, Detroit. Photo Courtesy of

Bone Head’s BBQ

This building in Willis is believed to have been built in the mid-1860s and served many purposes before becoming the Bone Head’s BBQ restaurant that we all know and love: a post office, general store, coach shop, butcher shop, and ice house.

The reason why this building in Michigan is haunted is not widely known, but supernatural activity occurs so very often. It is not uncommon for lights to turn on by themselves, long after the restaurant has closed for the day.

Many customers see a woman in a white dress on the staircase, and one little girl even saw an extra reflection in the mirror in the bathroom. Phantom footsteps and whispering have been overheard by employees and neighbors have even stated accounts of seeing someone cleaning windows on the third floor.

Seeing how this is a public establishment, I highly recommend swinging in for a spooky dinner.

Eloise Asylum

The Eloise Asylum in Westland, Michigan, originally opened in the late 1830s and was then known as the Wayne County Poorhouse, which was home to the mentally ill. There are many reports of inadequate and unsafe treatment of the patients during the time the hospital was open and functioning.

Currently, a fair amount of the buildings have been torn down, but a few remain. Workers and trespassers report hearing voices, and rumors of former patients walking the halls have been reported.

The playground built for worker’s children and the cemetery that holds over 7,000 patients are considered to be the most haunted areas of all, with many incidents of growls and moans being reported.

Eloise Asylum in Westland Michigan
Eloise Asylum. Photo Courtesy of

Cole-Adam’s House

Unfortunately, this haunt is now a private residence on Market St. in Detroit, but this doesn’t take away from its ghoulish history. 

In the early 1960s, Bill Cole-Adams and family moved into their home, excited to have upgraded into a better home.  Bill worked the graveyard shift at the Cadillac plant, and set up a bed in a small room adjacent to the kitchen in order to sleep without interruption during the day. 

For the first few weeks, the bad smells and noises were shrugged off as parts of the house settling.  But, after seeing an apparition of a decomposing woman in a blue dress and fur jacket multiple nights in a row, however, Bill decided to tough it out and sleep in the bedroom he shared with his wife.  He blamed his unrest on stress and exhaustion. 

When his mother-in-law came for the birth of their newest child, they set up a small guest area in the same back room.  She reported a rotten stench, consistent bad dreams and wailing noises.  Their pets and their children wouldn’t go into the room and a second visitor left terrified after seeing the apparition of the decomposing woman staring at him. 

During the ghoul’s appearance to the second visitor, the rotting smell was so bad that it permeated the household for a few days.  It was then that the Cole-Adams family began a new house search!

Interactive Map of Haunted Places in Michigan

map of haunted places in michigan 25 Most Haunted Places in Michigan | Plan a Haunted Michigan Road Trip
click here to interact with the map of haunted places in Michigan

Some of these haunted areas are open to the public or tours are available, however, some do state that trespassing is strictly forbidden. Have you been to any of these haunted Michigan areas? What have you seen? Are there any haunted areas near you that we need to know about?

article contributed by Claire Moore, Jennifer Hamilton, and Lyndsey Israel

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  1. Sorry, Claire. RE: the Traverse City State Hospital, the Victorian-Italianate buildings are not haunted, and most people would say the history of the place is not disturbing. The books are certainly not about that. However, some of the patients were “disturbed,” as are many of the ghost-hunting visitors to the site.

    1. To each their own…I’ve always gotten an eerie feeling of being watched and so have SEVERAL others that frequently visit there!!!

      1. People have various responses to being around old abandoned buildings. Buildings made for people take on a different look when the are dark and lifeless. It’s not about the buildings but about our respective psychologies.

        1. People that don’t actually see ghosts or feel their presence often criticize those of us who do. You shouldn’t be so judgmental Norm, but do consider yourself very lucky- because there are bad spirits around us, and when they see a person as susceptible they will use that to their own advantage. Perhaps though, you should stay away from places that are suspected to be haunted, those who don’t know how to handle spirits and other things often times fall victim to what they can’t even see.

    2. I disagree as well. I’ve done plenty of investigating at the Traverse City State Hospital and left with a lot of evidence to prove otherwise including pictures, videos, and the experience itself.

      1. Being someone that works in mental health I have been there and many other locations around Michigan, and I found Traverse City State Hospital grounds are no where near as disturbing as Caro Center grounds, or Mount Pleasant Hospital.

        1. deffinately caro whagamega, im sure i spelled that wrong. but the place they kept the mental ill is suppose to be haunted. still have the chains on the walls from where they chained patients.

        2. My daughter and her friend were at the Traverse City State Hospital – a lot of paranormal activity. Everyone may expect a lot, some, or no paranormal activity. Being open-minded and objective can be an appropriate foundation. No one should be critical of any particular situation, just because you did not experience anything “strange.”

          1. Well said, Claudia. I think any place that has had people in a sorry state of mind body or spirit has the potential to leave an imprint. Also, you can go somewhere and feel ‘good vibes’ too! That is also energy. 🙂

    3. I have an Uncle who worked there for a very long time and could tell you many stories of hauntings that took place there, especially in the tunnels.

    4. I lived near the state hospital, toured the tunnels with my psychology and sang Christmas carols with my Girl Scout troop. There is nothing creepy about this place at all. The buildings are beautiful and Stella Tratoria is an excellent restaurant in I think,l bldg 50. The barns are wonders of arcitecture as seen from the inside. Go see for yourself!

  2. My husband and son had two very eerie paranormal experiences at the Chippewa Hotel on the Island a few years ago – both involving the elevator from ground to our third floor room. But I researched and found nothing else reported at that hotel, so we didn’t mention it. Probably should have, because I also read that the ones taken seriously are original experiences, not those based on rumors…

  3. We just got married on the island this fall and stayed at Mission Point and actually the same floor of the resort where they claim most of the hauntings occur and I slept like a baby!

  4. Fort Wayne in Detroit is more haunted than any of these places. There is also a +900yr old indian burial mound there.

    also, the photo for Grand Rapids’ Ma’Bell CO is wrong; that is the Detroit office.

    1. Years ago when I was growing up in Birmingham, off Saxon Dr across the tennis courts of the Birmingham Country Club, I heard an entire group of Indians on the warpath one night when I was reading in bed before I went to sleep. It first sounded like a train or airplane but as the noise grew nearer, I realized I was hearing their whoops and war cries and their horses hoofs galloping full speed. It scared the f out of me. I knew if I looked out the bedroom window I would see them and I said no way to that, it was bad enough hearing them. It seemed like there must have been at least 75 to 100 of them. This happened before the advent of home computers and I couldn’t find anything at the library when I researched it.

      Then recently I research it again a couple weeks ago and found this online from CHAPTER II – INDIAN OCCUPATION OF WESTERN MICHIGAN Prepared by Dwight Goss
      THE ALGONQUIN TRIBES AND THEIR PREDECESSORS: ” One of the tribal traditions is to the effect that a terrible battle was once fought near where now is Birmingham, Oakland county, between the Chippewas and Foxes. The former were defeated, and their large village utterly destroyed, with a loss to them of more than a thousand of their braves. The date is as uncertain as the rest of the tradition – it may have been long before the Chippewas rallied in the north and came through the Michigan Lake shore region on their ravaging raid”.

      Well I knew there must have been a war because I heard the warriors and their horses. Then again, the house I grew up in had paranormal events just about every single day the entire time I lived there for over 30 years. Most of it was demonic in nature unfortunately. And every family member had to deal with it too.When I moved, “it” followed me along with all my other family members no matter where we moved to. And unfortunately, it is still here, where I live in Rochester Hills. We’ve had to learn to merely ignore it. Nothing else works as much. It’s really beyond stupid.

  5. No mention of the Old Presque Isle Lighthouse? Despite no longer having electricity, the light still shines every evening and is said to be the ghost of a previous caretaker (the light that shines doesn’t match any other light in the area, making the possibility of reflection pretty slim). I believe it was also investigated by Ghost Hunters a couple years back and after darkening the entire town, the light still shone and no explanation was found.


    2. I wondered why the Presque Isle Light was not mentioned too, Brandon. I used to live on the east side of the state and drove up there one weekend and saw the “ghost light” for myself. It’s eerie, but hauntingly beautiful at the same time.

    3. I also wondered why old Presque Isle wasn’t mentioned. Several yrs ago (I wana say January of ’99) a friend & I visited for photography opportunities…. We had a tough time trudging thru all the snow but we walked out & around the the keepers house & light tower to the shore. Looking back toward the landscape, we took several photos of both buildings. We both swear to this day that we saw a figure in the middle window of the tower. Well that was enuff to wrap it up for these 2 scared chicks. There were no other foot prints around but ours, and of course we followed our own prints back out to our vehicle. Later when we developed our photos…. some smoke can be seen spiraling from the keepers house in most of our pix. Talk about things that make ya wonder!!!!

  6. I dont know any other haunted place but i know that me and my friend r gunna live in one of the most haunted place they have so wach out ghosts,demons,or spirits were coming to c u

  7. I worked on the 6th floor at St. John Hospital (Detroit) several years ago. It was well-known that the floor was “haunted”. Patients would see a little girl running around their room at night and often laughing. This was reported to us by patients more than once, and by patients who were completely clear-minded, not “drugged up”. It turns out the floor was once a Pediatric surgical unit years ago. Also I personally saw lights in patient rooms turn on and off by themselves, with no one around. Never would have believed that stuff before, but now I know better.

    1. I work at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing and there are reports of a little boy in blue with a bouncy ball that still occupies the hospital as well. The hospital is still active and running but patients complain of a little boy bouncing a ball and will tell the staff to tell him to stop. The nurses even know of him. Come to find out he has passed away in the pediatric unit of the hospital and I guess just have never left the hospital.

  8. I wouldn’t put much stock in what this site says. On sure number 4 it days mr mason payed for the construction, and lept to his death from the building. The records indicate the free masons paid for it and george was 92 when he died. Kind of hard to imagine a 92 yr old jumping of a building to kill him self!

  9. The Bruce Mansion in Brown City, MI is one of the most haunted places I have been to. I have had multiple paranormal experiences and have captured several Class A EVPs. This place is amazing and is just what you picture when you think “haunted house.” They just started offering public ghost hunts there –

    1. I’ve investigated the location rather extensively. Just 2 of us (not a group of people). Not one piece of valid evidence was collected during our time there. What we did discover is that sound travels like crazy from floor to floor and some floors are uneven, which can affect the senses. I’m not saying it’s not active but, from my experience, its activity is exaggerated. I will admit it does *look* haunted. In fact, The Victorian styling is a perfect stereotype of what a haunted house should look like. Certainly a good look for marketing the place as haunted!

  10. What about the Bruce Mansion? Almost everyone who goes there (including me!) gets some evidence of the paranormal!

  11. I have visited the orphanage in Marquette before knowing it was haunted. Went with friends on a winter night around 12 am, it was very spooky and gave us chills

    1. Ive been in the orphanage as well. We brought a camera and it kept going out on me. Fully charged. We heard lots of strange noises too. Very scarey in there.
      I left that place running out of it ….

  12. The Lady in Red at the Marshall House Inn in Marshall,MI. I have only heard of this, no personal experience…but would love to know if it’s true.

    1. Seven Gables is a joke and that legend has been around from longer than anyone in my family can remember. I’ve been out there several times and have never experienced, witnessed, or heard anything. Several friends have went multiple times and came back with the same conclusion.

  13. Ok, the Detroit Masonic Temple information is wrong, George D. Mason didn’t kill himself. I am a tour guide at the temple and a member of the Temple historians, and a brother Mason. This story has been circulating around for sometime now and it is untrue. I welcome anyone who would like a tour of the temple to contact the Mosonic Temple Office and set up a time, tours are free, you can hear the real story of the temple. as for the ghosts I have spent many late nights at the temple while it is eree, I myself have not seen anything.

    1. I was a security guard there in he 80’s and stood on the stage that the set for “King on I” was on it. I was the only person in the area, but when I looked out into the house I saw what looked like people in the house looking back at me, I have seen the hidden stair cases and the compartments in the floor. I have heard that intruders died in an empty pool on the higher floors. I am haunted by the time a friend of mine and I shouted repeatedly in one of the elevators that it stopped on the 2nd floor. It did.

  14. Health Source Saginaw, Saginaw,MI. I worked there for over 20yrs. The land has history that goes back over 100 yrs; County Poor Farm, Potters Field Cemetery. Indian Burials,TB Hospital, Psychiatric Wards, Nursing Home. At least 11 bodies were moved to St.Andrews Cemetery, about 1910. Several more bodies were discovered when the new solarium was built about 1990. The original hospital was built at the turn of the last century and has recently been replaced with new buildings. Unexplained activity plagued the old building, with numerous reports of noises. apparitions and objects moving by themselves. Similar activity has been reported by patients ans staff in the new buildings. Management discourages any talk of paranormal activity, and chastises anyone who speaks out. I am sure numerous people would speak out if anonymity could be assured.

  15. The Old Saint John’s home at Lafayette and Leonard in Grand Rapids Michigan (now owned by Hope Network). The building standing now once was an orphanage built upon the remains of an even older orphanage. Having worked in the building more than 10 years I have heard and seem several strange events including Basketballs mysteriously getting played with by unseen children late at night in the Gym, Billiard balls rolling around in the game room when doing late night security checks and you find no one in that half of the building.
    Rumor has it several suicides and other mysterious deaths happened while it was an orphanage.

    1. Funny you mention this.. One night after I left the movies near by, I received a call at 11ish at night. I called the number back and it was that place. I felt extremely spooked because I before this have never knew of this place and just left from watching a movie about a haunted ophanage. I don’t know anyone that would have ever called me from there. Left me spooked. Until know didn’t know it was even haunted

  16. Ya I’m not surprised in the slightest that the number one spot goes to a old and abandoned hospital, and I’m a little surprised that there was no haunted hotel. But have no fear, for everyone that is looking for an adrenaline rush should check out and see if you could spend a night in one of these haunted hotels. Because I tried and I sadly was not able to even make it to midnight.

  17. i from detroit and i drove pass that ophanage like 20 times and i saw a little girl in the window watching me while at the stop light she smiled and left

    1. I’m from southern CA but I have family in Michigan and I will be going to visit I want to go to a haunted Place while I;m there the Orphange sounds good. And the place in Grand Rapids . Will they let you just roam around in any of these places or do they take you.Thanks

  18. I’m surprised Eloise isn’t up there I live down the road from there and I get a bad feeling just driving by it. Also I’ve always been intregued by the unknown. I want to see a ghost but only 1

    1. I stayed at the Wayne County Family shelter, which is/was in the building to the right of the old power plant. I heard it was the place that housed the criminally insane and in the basement, was where the slaughterhouse was. Some of the people that were there during the time I was there said they have seen things move. One of my friends said they saw their keys, that were hanging on a hook, swinging and noone was near them; another of my friends’ told me that she felt “someone” lying next to her on her bed, and there was noone there. While some have experienced “paranormal” stuff, I NEVER experienced anything.

  19. Can people visit the asylum in Traverse? If so, I had no idea. I’ve always wanted to. How do I go about visiting there?

    1. The old State Hospital is now Grand Traverse Commons, a complex of businesses, restaurants, offices and living units in the repurposed hospital buildings — very hipster. The Mercado, the main retail area, is in Building 50, which I guess is supposed to be one of the more haunted areas on the campus…I’m pretty skeptical of such stuff, but when my partner and I visited there she (who had far less knowledge of the property’s history) felt such a sense of negativity that she had to physically remove herself from the building, and I myself felt a sense of…I don’t know, but it creeped me out, albeit to a lesser extent. (In all fairness, part of this may have had to do with the ground-floor atmosphere, and the exhibits throughout the building describing the hospital’s history — kind of incongruous with the chi-chi retail stores, but I think the developers are trying to honor the history of the place.) This isn’t to discourage anyone from visiting there; quite the contrary. I love the repurposed buildings (and we didn’t have the same heebie-jeebies at other on-campus businesses), and the Commons also has regular weekend events like farmers’ markets that are fun for tourists as well as people in the neighborhood.

    1. Really? What kind of stories have you heard? I have stayed there for my birthday and had no out of ordinary experiences.

    2. I stayed there with a paranormal group about a year or 2 ago. Heard the children on the first small landing, shared a room with my friend & heard someone getting sick & throwing up in our bathroom (it was NOT my friend, she was in bed). My friend in the room connected to ours heard the man throwing up & getting sick too. Also heard a dog barking and growling. I want to go back!! I had sensed that a girl maybe in early 20’s that had been murdered by being pushed off the roof. I later found out someone committed suicide by jumping off the roof and was about the age of the girl.

  20. Hell’s bridge in Rockford Mi weird shit there has happened during the day and at night,, got some pictures with figures on it! WOW

  21. The tucker cemetery in rose township Michigan is haunted I caught orbs in my pictures in the day time so I can only imagine how creepy it is at night

    1. Holly Hotel is very haunted! Day & night. Stuff disappears, apparitions seen & felt. It has been written about many, many times in different newspapers throughout Michigan. It is on the southeast corner of the historic Battle Alley, downtown Holly. The downtown area burned down around 1875. All buildings were stick built. That is why you now see buildings built of bricks there because of the fires. Many people lost everything, my Great Grandfather had large investments in Holly downtown. Just don’t ask the historical librarian, she swears there was no fire then. I found info in a large book on the history of Oakland Co., Michigan.

  22. Pere cheney 1st pic was taken lookin at the entrance of the cemetery 2nd pic took after the 1st then the 3rd u see a light with a beam going into a grave, one of the few left of hundredd. Creepy place at 1am let me tell u

    1. There may be some actual orbs in these pictures but it is hard to tell because of all of the dust particles. I have been to a few cemeteries and taken pictures with tons of these orbs too until I turned the flash light on my camera on and saw all of the dust particles that were floating in front of my camera. I’m not an expert so I’m not sure about the 2nd and 3rd but the first pic that is definitely dust!

    2. Ive been here and seen a perfectly bright white orbit.. Ive also seen a man leaning against a tree. If u doubt it check the place out for your self.. Graves from back in the 1800’s… Located in Roscommon County, MI

    3. I have been to pere cheney several times. The place is sadly destroyed now. I have seen several other pictures with orbs and you can hear things and at night it’s very scary. I have seen orbs myself in the back of the cemetery. When you drive up to it you gets chills like the place is just haunted. I feel like I’m being watched out there. It’s way deep in the woods two track driving surely worth a visit day or night

      1. I think that it’s just sad how people just vandalized the place. It’s a cemetery have respect. While we were there we picked up a bunch of beer bottles and trash to at least try to keep it clean. Wish everyone did that.

    4. Your third picture appears to have a ghostly figure resembling that of a face appearing just above the ground. Real interesting and a bit spooky as well.

    5. How cool , we were just at Pere Cheney and stayed over night. There were so many people coming in and out up until 2 am . We stayed up until about 4 am went to sleep. The only thing we heard were coyotes and I didn’t get any creepy pictures or hand prints on my car. Kind of bummed actually. ]

  23. The Northville tunnels…are a network of tunnels that run under an old insane asylum in the city..I personally haven’t been there yet but I have a ton of friends that have and I heard it is extremely haunted. There is still access to the tunnels but be careful because I believe it is a no trespassing area!

  24. Mercy Pavillion Hostpital in Battle Creek was said to be haunted by an old man and a little girl with a ball. Some friends and I went in at night a few times. Other than signs of vandalism (i.e. chairs stuck in walls, light fixtures broken), we only experienced some mild EVPs and sounds. The building has since been demolished and only an empty lot remains.

  25. the abandoned asylum in Kalamazoo, Michigan. it is very creepy, and is published in a few books. many sightings have been reported about a mid aged women who sits and swings on the one swing that isn’t taken over with trees as well as an overwhelming presence that surrounds the place. there are asbestos signs all over, but some people will still break into it, and i’ve heard of other sightings that have happened inside. a couple friends and I are going on a trail walk, and visiting the old building today actually.

  26. Several years ago a friend and I stopped off in Marshall Michigan to see all the antique stores. One place we went into was a building that had a mezzanine at the back of it on the south side of the Main Street. The antiques were great and the prices were too. We split up for a bit and I went down to the basement of the building which had a lot of architectural antiques in it. Everything was fine until I went into a small back room adjacent to the main basement. There was such an overwhelming sense of evil in that space that I backed out of the room and went up the stairs and out onto the sidewalk. It was here I encountered my friend who was smoking a cigarette and when she saw me, she said, you went down to that room in the basement didn’t you. She could tell by my face that I was horrified and i said, let’s get the the hell out of here. This area in Michigan was part of the Underground Railroad and also the building had been somehow associated with Blackstone the Magician.

  27. Marquette isn’t in “the mitten”. It is in The Superior part of the state, The Upper Peninsula. Yeah, Michigan isn’t just “the mitten”.

    1. Fact or Faked Paranormal files tried to recreate the light using emergency vehicles (cop car, fire truck) and saw either the school was wrong or the tv show lied…I believe both are possibilities. And how much traffic is on that road on a given night..enough to keep the light going same intensity for a long period of time?

  28. Calumet Theater, Calumet Michigan, Daniel Manor, Laurium, MI, various mine shafts around Houghton County. All have a few spooky legends about them.

  29. The Jewett house in Mason Michigan, is extremely haunted. every thing from Alton Jewett who whistles at night, Art Jewett you can follow him thru the house by following the cherry pipe tobacco he smoked. Phantom foot steps up and down the Grand stair case. A 6 year old little girl named Rachael that will roll a ball, or push the buttons on a play toy that makes animal sounds. Another little boy named Kenny that cries as he tells you they sent him here to stay! Besides serving as a family home in the 1800’s, this huge 10,000sq ft house was turned into a funeral home in the 1950’s and served as one until the owners passing in the 1980’s. Many of the towns people were laid to rest thru this house. Many of them have stayed and love to interact with the living, You can hear most of these claims and many others at look at the evidence for the Jewett house

  30. I call BS on the orphanage. I live close to it, and there’s no noises. There’s no proof that the nuns were cruel, it just plays into a stereotype. These same accounts keep getting perpetuated on website after website without any citation. I’m not even religious, so I don’t have a horse in that race. I’ve personally met several people who lived there as children and they said the nuns were good to them. What a disservice to the people who dedicated their lives to helping orphans to slander them for entertainment. Shame on you.

    I saw this story on a friend’s Facebook page. I figure rather than make him look stupid, I’d go directly to the source. The rest of this is probably BS too, but makes for good campfire stories in the authoritative-information-lacking demon-haunted world.

    1. I used to live at 616 Fisher St only a block from the orphanage and do beleive it is haunted as I one day looked up into a window at the top of a metal staircase outside in the front left corner of the building and saw a very dark figure with a tall black hat look out the window and back up and move away

    2. LOL… Though I wish you weren’t…. You ARE wrong my friend. My family stems from a deep history of The Holy Cross Orphanage, as my Grandma and Great Uncle’s and Great Aunt all attended there in the late 1930’s and 40’s…. I can assure you… The stories my Grandma told me about that place WERE TERRIBLE!!!! So get off your little “Catholic/Nun Defensive High” and realize that while there may be many who just talk due to their own opinions, stereotypes and beliefs… THIS WAS NOT ONE OF THEM! My Dad’s Uncle (My Great Uncle) committed Suicide because nothing they gave him to treat his PTSD would work! So Thanks!

      1. I’m pretty sure PTSD (referred to by that name) did not exist as a diagnosis yet when your great Uncle committed suicide . . .

        1. Are you a nurse yet? Exactly. How insensitive to tell someone how THEIR great uncle died. Hope you fail miserably.. you already suck as a person. .

  31. My son lived at Mary Mayo Hall at MSU. Students there claim to hear the ghost of Mary Mayo on the top floor.

  32. We used to ride our bikes past the River Raisin Battlefield going to the path that leads to Sterling State Park… if you listen carefully, you can hear screams in the distance, and you would swear you are being watched — even in broad daylight….

  33. The former woman’s library on Huron St. in Ypsilanti, Denton Rd. in Canton, MI… the bridge that used to be there… scariest place I have ever been in my life was there, on the bridge, 2am. I was told a busload of children went off the bridge and many children were killed. You could hear what sounded like crying; and a nearby tree in the middle of a field rumored to be a gathering place of demon worshipers and animal sacrifices. Parking there and I witnessed many shadow-like figures emerge from the semi-distant tree line.

  34. The Christian camp in Eaton Rapids has that hotel and all the houses in it. The lights turn on and off people would disappear from the hotel. It’s so creepy

  35. there is an insane asylum in Detroit that is haunted my aunt went in there and got footage of 5 different ghousts

  36. The Fenton Hotel in Fenton, Michigan. GREAT restaurant/bar. Very rich in unexplainable events…people often report seeing ghosts, being touched in the restrooms, and even the staff are not allowed on the 3rd floor due to the history of reports from that floor.

  37. i use to volunteer at the Broadway Theatre in Mount Pleasant, MI. People did not like to go upstairs in the balcony alone because they felt they were being followed. I would run the lights upstairs but i never felt anything. A cast member was on the stage took a picture looking up toward the stage, there was a big heavyset man sitting there, something in the costume shop and a hat with floating skeleton head. I will never forget the skeleton head! I would investigate it if I was into ghost stories.

  38. A friend when she was younger use to live in the house across from me (I did not know her till we were teens, her mom and her moved out by then). She said they would be visited by a little girl, a boy and scary older woman. The woman would scare them and she almost fell down the stairway, her brother and his friend were playing and the glass for no reason exploded. They had family move into the one room and things would move etc. I didn’t believe her but I ask my mother about and she said the family who lived there lived there for a year and moved out because they saw things. So it is true! There was secret passages, etc. Twenty years ago the house was bought by a couple who rebuilt it, after the renovation, the paranormal stopped! People should check out Mount Pleasant MI. There are elementary plots in Evart, MI that glow but that has to do with the minerals in the stones.

  39. Also, in Mount Pleasant, MI there is State Hospital of some form, there are old abandon buildings around the area. I have never been in the buildings but people have felt things touching them and felt bad presence. They ask people not to visit the buildings because escape mental patients have been found in the buidlings hiding out. The criminally insane in the State Hospital have bit a guys finger off and ate it, it their own poop. My friend is RN there.

  40. At Central MIchigan University in Mount Pleasant, MI
    Legend has it that a young woman was killed in Warriner Hall many years ago after her head was crushed by an elevator.

    The legends claim the girl’s ghost haunts Warriner Hall and in one of the windows, lights can be seen flickering and her silhouette can be seen.

    Is this just an urban legend?

    According to a June 2, 1937, edition of Central State Life (the predecessor of Central Michigan Life), Theresa Elizabeth Schumacher, a 19-year-old cafeteria worker from Nottawa Township, was killed May 29 after her head was trapped within a small window in a door leading to an elevator shaft. She died from strangulation.

    Mill Pond Park
    Riverside Cemetery
    Cobb Hall fourth floor
    The Mount Pleasant Center
    Carlin Alumni House

    It remains unclear as to why her head was in the door. There were no witnesses to the incident.

    Cindy Smith worked as a custodian in Warriner Hall throughout the ’90s and said she has encountered the ghost many times.

    She said the elevator would open and close by itself.

    “There was one time, I was in the elevator and the door flew open,” she said. “The ghost came on and went down to the basement with me.”

    Smith said she saw the ghost flash across the stage in Plachta Auditorium and her vacuum would occasionally turn on and off by itself.

    Smith eventually got used to the ghost and would even be friendly with her.

    “I would ask if she wanted to help me clean and would give it a rag to help,” she said.

    Is it real?

    Keith Voeks, assistant director of University Events, had a similar experience while with director Bob Ebner.

    One night in 1982, they were taking down a show set on the stage of Warriner Hall’s Plachta Auditorium.

    It was late at night and they were by themselves. The doors had already been locked. Then, out of nowhere, a shadow-like apparition ran across the stage.

    “We saw a shadow move across the stage and we were out of there in no less than 30 seconds,” Voeks said.

    He said in the 1980s, the stage had a fire curtain, which worked as a wall that would come down over the stage and protect the audience from a fire if one broke out.

    Voeks said the fire curtain would malfunction by falling and crushing things.

    “We would constantly find broken chairs and music stands,” he said.

    One night, Voeks said he saw the fire curtain right on top of the piano.

    But the piano remained unharmed with only a layer of dust on the surface from the speed of the fire curtain.

    “Theresa was playing with us,” Voeks said. “At the very least the piano lid would have been broken.”

    Keeping an eye out

    Voeks said he has received many reports of seeing lights from the sixth set of windows on Warriner Hall.

    But that cannot be possible, he said. The sixth set of lights is an empty space of only about five feet between the fifth floor and the roof.

    No lights were ever installed.

    He said it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Theresa’s spirit could revisit the place of her death.

    “I do believe Theresa is a spirit that keeps an eye on Warriner,” Voeks said.

  41. The report above on the Masonic Temple is absurd. 1st, the date of the building is off by over 10 years. Second George D. Mason DESIGNED the building. He did not fund it. It was funded by Masons in a Masonic Fundraiser to REPLACE the previous Detroit Temple. George Mason died of NATURAL CAUSES in 1948 at the age of 92. He suffered NO FINANCIAL LOSS from the building of the Temple. The above is either ill researched or an out and out lie to draw attention.

    1. I can also tell you that no “security guard” has ever witnessed his ghost ascending the “stairs” that lead to the roof, as there are not stairs going up to the roof in the Masonic Temple.

  42. Eloise Alsylum in Wayne, it’s supposedly really haunted. Though most of it is gone, they still use part of it for things.

  43. Mackinaw island is very haunted I went on a school trip there and I’m a psychic me and my ex Rhonda went to a room in the fort and it has a hole they put prisoners in and we both saw a ghost but the worst was the fort hospital I ran out screening and shaking and Rhonda was silent for hours and wouldn’t look anyone in the eyes I also had gotten separate from my friends and when I was looking for them in one of the buildings I had an actual conversation with a man dressed in a war uniform and when my friends found me and they asked who I was talking to and me and Rhonda were the only ones who could see him

  44. There is a place in Hancock, MI. Across the bridge from Houghton and now home to art and nursing majors part of Finlandia University portage hospital is by far the most active area that i’ve encountered in Michigan alone. The original site was built in 1896 and later moved to the larger more known hospital in the 60’s or 70’s. There have been dozens of reports along with personal encounters that I have experienced. More specifically Portage was originally known as St. Mary’s Hospital set up by Bishop John Vertin. The hospital was home to a series of mentally impaired and insane among much more.

  45. The Syfy Ghosthunters did *not* find evidence of the young man who allegedly killed himself. They indicated there was “activity” at Mission Point but specifically tried contacting the soul of the boy and came up with nothing. Jason Hawes makes it clear at the end of the show, when he presents their findings to the property manager.

  46. The Kalamazoo Regional Psychiatric Hospital, as well as the old sanitorium, which is now a retirement and assisted living village, are both noted as haunted places.

  47. The Kalamazoo Civic Theater also has a resident ghost who has been seen by dozens of thespians. I’ve also heard talk of a glowing tombstone in Lawton.

  48. the state hospital in traverse city was bought for a dollar and the man who owns it now has made it into apartments. they cleansed it and it no longer is haunted.

  49. Clive & Dots Anchor Inn in Houghton Lake is surely more haunted then half these places listed. Lots of evidence. Overwhelming EVPs. Full body apparitions, shadow figures, poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, laughter, whispering, footsteps. Doors opening/closing. Faucets on/off. The list goes on & on. Century old hotel, restaurant & lounge. Former logging land. Former indian area. Former gangster hangout. Former brothel. Lots of history & stories!!

  50. One of the most haunted places in Michigan isn’t on this list, it’s Clive and Dot’s Anchor Inn in Houghton Lake Mi. The Anchor Inn was featured in “Spirits Rising”, the most recent Haunted Travels of Michigan books. I have personally had many, many experiences here and so does anyone who visits. The Anchor Inn sits right on a vortex and is a crossing point for two lay lines..

  51. Anchor Inn in Houghton Lake Michigan is a hundred years old, operating as a family restaurant & lounge currently. It also has an old hotel upstairs, currently used as a haunted house in October. (voted the top 3 haunts in n. mich by 9 & 10 news in 2013. There is everything from full figured apparitions, shadow figures, shapeshifters, poltergeist activity, disembodied voices, laughter, whispers, People get touched, electronic disturbances. There is also said to be a gateway or vortex to the other side in the street in front of the building. Featured in Haunted Travels of Michigan book (#3) whom investigated & collected a lot of evidence. As well us UPPRS team (members of TAPS from syfy), It was formerly a hangout of the mob & the purple gang, frequesnted by loggers, and a brothel.

  52. The Anchor Inn in Houghton Lake, Michigan has a lot of activity there. The team I am part of was there and our equipment got a lot of readings. It is worth checking out if you are up north.

  53. O.C.C Cooley lake road, Commerce. Once a TB hospital. There’s still a morgue down stairs. A lot of students have heard their name called throughout the halls and esp near the stairway going down stairs. Beds were buried out in the property , years ago. Some say that bones were also found during renovation of the old building.

  54. Stop by an visit Paris, MI once an check out the last house on the left of water street aka the Haunted House on the Hill…

    1. i use to live there an ill tell you what i never belived in the after life tell i lived in this house…i know of atleast three sprites living there an thats not including the basement …

  55. I was very surprised to not find Nunica cemetery on this list. They have some serious paranormal activity going on in that cemetery. If you search Nunica cemetery haunted on google mlive has a great article all about it. I pass Nunica every time on my way home from college, and I always get the most eerie feeling not even stopping my car.

  56. This lady needs to get her facts straight. The building pictured as the GR Bell Telephone building is the At&t building in Detroit. And as for the Masonic Temple, that place was built in 1922 and George D Mason was the building’s architect, the Detroit Freemasons were the builder. And Mason died Decades later because he is also credited with being the architect of the Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church in Bloomfield Hills and that wasn’t started until 1951.

  57. The old elks lodge of ludington michigan (now known as the sandcastles children’s museum) is possibly haunted by the former club leaders. While my parents were club members and frequent visitors, many paranormal things have happened to them, the members, and even me and my siblings such as; prank phone calls to a non-working line, ominous shadows without objects to cast them, rearranged tables and liquor bottles, and in my own experience, the basement door handles rattling with no one on the other side.

  58. A couple places on CMU’s campus:
    1. In Warriner Hall, there’s a ghost of someone who was killed in an elevator shaft many decades ago.
    2. A student apparently died in one of the residence halls – and her ghost stuck around that hall for many years. The day the hall was demolished, her window was open. Her ghost is still sometimes felt around campus.
    3. Near Powers Hall there’s a garden in the shape of a piano. That’s believed by some to be the burial site of a student who enjoyed playing the piano. Sometimes, if you listen closely in that area, you can still hear her playing.

  59. I live by Pere Cheney and have been there several times, it is not haunted, just people hearing it is then spooking themselves while they’re there.

  60. A few years back a friend and I were at the Masonic Temple in Detroit. At the time we would set up linens, tables and seating for weddings for extra cash. The wedding we were to set up was located in a room that was relatively easy to get to from a back entrance, but being blessed with less-than-stellar senses of direction my friend and I wound up locked in a dark and deserted ballroom. While searching for a way out we went through a door we thought we heard voices behind, because surely there were people in there that could direct us out! Nope. I figured it was just a trick of the acoustics in the ballroom and we’d gone through the wrong door. Unfortunately, the door locked behind us (again!) and we spent the next hour going through rooms and hallways we had no business being in, all the while hearing what sounded like whispers and feeling like we were being watched. We finally made it to the area we were supposed to be in, set up for the wedding and hauled buns out of there! Suicide at the Masonic Temple or not, it’s a very beautiful and spooky place!

  61. Hands down, the most haunted area of Michigan is just north of Battle Creek in Bedford. A little boy in a red coat has been seen for generations. He’s not really scary, it’s as if he is lost and wanders the area looking for something or someone. He’s been seen for years and years and as recently as this spring. Always the same, the stories never change which seem to add validity to the sightings. I won’t describe my experience…..let’s just say I too believe.

  62. Check out my YouTube channel ahsulak I have some videos of haunted places in Michigan that I have visited.Check out ahsulak on YouTube

  63. What are you taking about the Northern Michigan Asylum being disturbing get your facts straight do actual research!

  64. I have lived here in Michigan all my life! I was born in traverse city and moved away when I was 6 but every year I go there cause I have family there. I will tell you, you do get feelings at the old asylum I have been around that place so many times every year I go and see it. I’ve loved it since I was little. My great grandparents (grandma’s parents) worked their and so did her younger sister. My great grandfather (grandpa’s side) was at the asylum due to his depression. I was born at the medical hospital next to the northern Michigan insane asylum and my day care was next to it so I know the grounds very well. I’ve been in that building quite a few times I know it is haunted no doubt about that. Well some time this summer I shall return their for senior pictures it is a beautiful place. Every time I got there I always got to take like a bunch of pictures just to see if I can get any unusual things on my camera. Also at times I feel very uncomfortable and I just want to walk away from the spot I don’t feel comfortable at so yeah it is haunted for sure. Gotta love haunted Michigan!

  65. I’ve been to Northville Paychiatric Hospital in Northville, MI many times and it is totally spooky! Especially the system of tunnels that run beneath the property. Everything from the abandoned patient rooms to the morgue, it’s definitely one of the most haunted places in Michagan. I was very surprised to not see it on this list!

  66. Wow that’s so awesome to know I was raised in Monroe and I have personally experienced alot of activity there not only by the old battlefields but in apartment complexes and homes and the old steel castings building that has been torn down and duplexes built there, and the old Paper mill that has now been torn down but was only about a half a block away from the museum for the battle of 1812. I never thought it would have been documented as one of the 10 most haunted places in Michigan although from my experiences I do understand why. It’s nice to know I’m not just crazy lol.

  67. I lived in one of thee most haunted homes in Fenton Michigan .. I lived there for more then 20yrs .. tore my family apart and few un explained deaths and few preachers that was in and out of our family home counting one who would never return to that house again my family lived there so long is beyond me .. its was a struggle to keep sane didn’t get worse till the death of 2 family members who died in same spotin the house around 5 years apart

  68. A few years ago I went to a wedding at the Felt Mansion. The Reception was downstairs but we were free to wander most of the home. I fell in love with that home! There were definitely strong feelings for me there, mostly good. My husband and I went up to the ballroom which is on the 3rd floor and we were the only ones in there. There are floor to ceiling windows in there with benches that you can stand on and just look out the windows at the grounds. I felt very at peace in that room and didn’t want to leave it. There was also a narrow stairway going from the ballroom up to a widows peak, but we couldn’t access it. I really wanted to go up there. I guess Agnes felt we were ok because we didn’t get reprimanded by her ghost, only good vibes were felt there. However, down the hallway were the children’s rooms and I got goosebumps down there. 🙂 Very neat place and would recommend visiting there!

  69. Sweet Dreams Inn Victorian B&B in Michigan’s Thumb is very haunted- active day & night. 1890 Inn is in Bay Port, Just S. of Caseville. Currently in 6 haunted books & 1 documentary! Tons of paranormal groups have been out & have a ton of evidence. Go on SE Michigan Paranormal Society Facebook page to see evidence. Or go to Michigan uncovered on UTUBE! We are on also Lots of video, evps, pics, etc….. We also do ghost hunts with the guests with a paranormal group, must spend the night do have a ghost hunt. In the fall we do Ghost tours of the Inn & other events! Sleep with one eye open… Some guests have a paranormal experience some don’t!! Some are upset that they didn’t & don’t believe that it is haunted, don’t let the upset people deter you from possibly having a great ghostly experience. We have journals in the rooms so that you can let us know what happened during your stay, or if nothing happened.

  70. Ghost Hunters did not investigate Fort Mackinac, the state won’t let investigations take place there. However, they did investigate Mission Point.

  71. Decatur, MI has this bulding called the Edgar Burgan building it is the most haunted place in decatur, MI. Zip code is 49045.

  72. I had walked into a business in the town of Pitsford mi several years ago to make a delivery. The owner asked if she could help me. I told her the building was haunted by an older gentleman ( mind u I had never been here before) she asked how I knew all these things he would employee stopped in her tracks as she heard me talking with her jaw dropped. Yeah I hit the nail on the head !

  73. I have heard so many people in our small community talk about the Nunica Cemetary in Nunica, Michigan. I live in Coopersville which is a small town next to Nunica, but I have lived in Nunica from 2008 to 2009. Unfortunetly I have not yet went to see for myself, but after hearing so many people tell stories then finding that it was also mentioned in a book of haunted places in Michigan, I am compelled to put it on my must do list.

  74. My dad took me to the traverse city hospital (#1) a long time ago. As an 11 year old, I wanted to ask him why there were people staring out the windows if it’s abandoned. I didn’t though! Looking forward to checking out some of the other ones on this list.

  75. Adrian College. I went to school there my freshman year and heard that one of the dorms in the freshman quad was haunted by a little boy. At night he could be heard bouncing a ball in the hallways. Another haunted part of the college is Downs Hall. One night, between 1am and 2am, I was walking to a friends apartment across campus and i felt someone looking at me. When I looked up, I saw a woman in white looking out from the top floor of downs hall and when I looked back up I saw that she was gone. When I saw my friend outside I asked him about it and he told me that a woman died there and she could be seen in the window, he also told me that sometimes you could hear the stairs on the side of the building shaking because somebody else was killed there. I only saw her once since I avoided walking by there at night.

  76. “Built in 1912 by a wealthy gentleman named George D. Mason”

    Please correct this hilarious false story. George D. Mason was the head of the architectural firm that was paid to design the building. He never went bankrupt, and didn’t commit suicide. He died of old age in his 90s.

  77. does anyone know if there are any haunted house attractions in Michigan that are known to be ACTUALLY haunted? just curious. thx 🙂

  78. Vienna Corners near Gaylord Michigan has a bad ass haunted house looks small but is actually pretty big on the inside and they did an awesome job scaring us! Not many have had me screaming wanting me to leave but this one sure did gotta check it out next year definitely worth the 8 dollars!!

  79. A scary place on this list that they missed is the house where the creators of Spark plugs for cars lived, In Flint Michigan. The house has been haunted since a (WW1?)when their son went to war. One day the woman of the house was standing on the lawn when she got the news and she died shortly after out of grief. I have been in the house, and upstairs where the servants quarters are it is very cramped but even during the hot Michigan Summer’s it is chilly up there, near the main floor stairs my mother has been there a couple times and it is widely believed that is where the mistress stays because it’s scary back there. In the last 10 years there have been probably 7 owners. If it’s a couple then they break up and eventually move out after a couple months or a year, if it’s a family with a pet the pet usually dies and they become crazy and angry ect. Either ways it’s the creepiest place I’ve ever been in and I wish I didn’t live so close to it

    1. And I know it doesn’t sound that scary but the lady of the house is seriously one of the creepiest unhappy people/ghosts I have ever felt. She drives women who live in the house into madness as if she wasn’t bad enough herself, and in the house you can know 100% that she is watching you and I don’t think she means to do this to people she is just so sad and it comes out in evil ways

  80. Wherever my family members and I move to in Michigan – and other states too, is the most “haunted”. No lie.

  81. The picture they are using for Bell Telephone Grand Rapids (Now AT&T) is the wrong building. It looks quite a bit different than that. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe the pictured building is any building in Grand Rapids.

  82. I am the lead investigator for a new group called Southeast Michigan Paranormal Investigation. With a little experience under our belts. We look forward to investigating these types of sites. At the moment we are gearing up our newly purchased equipment looking for our first adventure. If anyone feels they may have paranormal activity and willing to sign a few waivers let me know.

  83. I am the lead investigator for a new group called Southeast Michigan Paranormal Investigation. With a little experience under our belts. We look forward to investigating these types of sites. At the moment we are gearing up our newly purchased equipment looking for our first adventure. If anyone feels they may have paranormal activity and willing to sign a few waivers let me know.

  84. I am the lead investigator for a new group called Southeast Michigan Paranormal Investigation. With a little experience under our belts. We look forward to investigating these types of sites. At the moment we are gearing up our newly purchased equipment looking for our first adventure. If anyone feels they may have paranormal activity and willing to sign a few waivers let me know.

  85. I do t know the address but there’s a house in Mason, MI that you can supposedly play ball with a ghost girl. We Mason people call it the Mason Mansion. Just ask anyone who lives here and they’ll tell you about it. Another suggestion is 7 Gables Road, near Dansville, that is said to be haunted. Supposedly a witch once lived there, placed a curse on the house, then moved out. Then a family moved in, and one day the dad snapped and murdered his wife and two kids, then beheaded the family dog, set the house on fire, and hung himself. You should definitely google 7 Gables Road and check out the videos. It’s open to anyone who wants to explore!!!

  86. I’ve heard that the Red Apple motel (in Wayne, MI) is haunted, and at first did not believe it until I stayed there myself. Embarrassingly, I stayed there one time with a friend to test this out (in Room 117, formerly #17 before they added a second floor), and nothing happened. But then I tried it one more time, alone this time, and I kid you not, some weird, although non-threatening, things happened. The first thing was that the bathroom light turned on while I was watching TV. I got up to turn it off, and then I felt an immediate coldish breeze pass around me and thru me. It didn’t turn on again. But in the middle of the night I woke up because I heard a loud clap, like the toilet seat fell down. When I checked, the toilet seat was down. And I know I kept it up, cuz I knew I’d have to pee again later on. I know these seem like dumb incidents, but they freaked me out. I wanna stay there again and maybe bring a Ouija.

  87. Bowers Harbor on the Peninsula in Traverse City has a ghost named Mrs. Stickney. Story goes her husband pushed her into the elevator shaft and she has been scene numerous times in the second floor womans bathroom in an 1880′ s style dress!

  88. The Marquette Orphanage is being renovated and turned into apartments for veterans. I guess we’ll see if anything happens when people move in.

  89. My 2nd great grandfathers 6th son died as a child & is buried at Pere Cheney. When I move back to Mich. I want to visit the cemetery & its already on my to do list.

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