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Awesome Mitten’s Guide to Plymouth Michigan Things to Do

Plymouth Michigan is a small town located between Ann Arbor and Detroit, and it’s considered a suburb of Detroit. With a population of just over 9,000 people, this is a small town, yet it has made a name for itself as a unique destination in Michigan.

Plymouth has become known for its excellent park, which forms the town center, as well as its dining and shopping offerings. It is also known for its many community events throughout the year, which range from holiday festivals to art shows, flea markets, live music in the park, and much more.

Also, Plymouth has become popular as a place to stay within a short drive of Detroit. Though it is close to the city, it offers a significantly quieter and more peaceful experience, making it an attractive spot. In this guide, we’ll cover all the things to do in Plymouth Michigan so that you can plan your visit.

“Over the past few years, my husband and I have enjoyed visiting Plymouth for various outdoor events, weekend outings, and spontaneous dinner plans. We love the area and there are countless things to do, and it’s never overcrowded! When I talk about Plymouth with friends and coworkers, however, they seem to be unaware of what this community really has to offer.”

Jennifer Bowman
Kellogg Park-Plymouth
Kellogg Park | photo via staceylynneforthewin

Outdoor Things to Do in Plymouth Michigan

Enjoy a Stroll Through Kellogg Park

Plymouth has no shortage of public parks. In fact, it is home to 16 parks and green spaces. The most famous of these is undoubtedly Kellogg Park, located in the downtown area.

This large park is located alongside the shopping district and many restaurants but still feels like stepping out into a beautiful piece of nature.

One of the best-known attractions here is the famous Kellogg Park fountain, recently renovated for $1.2 million. It is a great place to stroll, enjoy a picnic, or sit and enjoy the murmuring of the fountain.

Browse the Weekly Farmers Market

There is no telling what you’ll find when you visit the Plymouth Community Farmers Market, which is held every Saturday between May and October. In addition to a wide variety of local, in-season produce, you will also find countless homemade goods of all kinds.

Everything from fruit preserves to locally-produced honey, beef jerky, sauces, farm-fresh eggs, and baked goods are for sale. On top of that, there are tons of handmade crafts. Vendors may have anything from soaps and candles to art pieces, furniture, and much more.

Farmer's Market-Plymouth
Farmer’s Market | photo via haleyparksrealtor

Hunt for Local Art Installations

Downtown Plymouth has been the subject of extensive artistic renovation in recent years. Now, visitors and locals alike can enjoy the Plymouth Artwalk, a downtown outdoor gallery tour marked by various murals and public art installations.

Most of these were made by local artists and depict unique subjects and styles. The artwalk is a self-guided tour, and many people have begun treating it as a kind of scavenger hunt as they make their way through downtown. The best part of seeing these beautiful murals is that the activity is completely free.

Plymouth Orchards
Plymouth Orchards | photo via cvaughn920

Pick Your Own Fruit at Plymouth Orchards

Michigan is full of farmland bolstered by the unique climate of the Great Lakes. That means there are countless places to pick your own fruit and enjoy fresh, local produce of all kinds. One of the best places near Plymouth Michigan is Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill.

This orchard is open seasonally for apple picking, hayrides, holiday celebrations, and much more. Also, the orchard produces its own cider in the on-site cider mill and is widely known for its apple cider doughnuts and other baked goods. Apple picking kicks off in August and lasts into late October.

Play a Round of Golf

Fans of golf will be glad to learn that Plymouth is home to several popular golf courses. These include Brae Burn Golf Course, Hilltop Golf Course, and Saint John’s Resort. The most famous, however, is probably Fox Hills.

This high-end course has won many awards for its three greens, which feature a total of 63 holes. Set against the backdrop of the beautiful Michigan hill country, Fox Hills is one of the most popular golf courses in the region. It is a well-known event center too, particularly for weddings.

Take a Stroll Through The Old Village

Plymouth’s historic Old Village is a unique dichotomy — it features some of the town’s oldest architecture dating back to the 1840s but is now a bustling center of dining and shopping. People enjoy strolling this part of town to admire the buildings and take advantage of the unique offerings.

Additionally, many events take place here throughout the year — from holiday celebrations to open-air flea markets, community block parties, chili cookoffs, and more. It is a treat to stroll through this charming neighborhood at any time of year.

Plymouth Historical Museum-Plymouth
Plymouth Historical Museum | photo via ppk_arb

Indoor Things to Do in Plymouth Michigan

Visit The Plymouth Historical Museum

The Plymouth Historical Museum features a fascinating collection of artifacts from many periods of American history. These come from not just Michigan but also many places around the country.

Highlights of the exhibits include items belonging to President Abraham Lincoln, historical cars and weapons, and a recreated Victorian home. Also included are items from the town’s history with highlights from local businesses, many of which are still open.

“Don’t miss the Lincoln Collection, a room filled with priceless artifacts from the life and time period of our 16th president. As our tour guide explained, this exhibit includes pieces that the Smithsonian and Henry Ford Museum would “love to get their hands on,” such as original signed documents and locks of Abraham Lincoln’s hair.”Jennifer Bowman

On top of that, the museum hosts events for kids where they can learn about both local and national history in a fun and interactive way.

Penn Theatre-Plymouth
Penn Theatre | photo via brandon2116

See a Show at Penn Theatre

Penn Theatre is located in downtown Plymouth Michigan. This historic venue opened in the 1940s as a single-screen movie theater, and it remains the same to this day.

It underwent renovations in the 1960s and was slated for closure in the early 2000s when the community rallied, raising money for necessary updates to the building. It remains a beloved fixture of the community and still features the design and decor of the 1960s.

You can still see movies there — both classic and new. Make sure to bring cash because Penn Theatre doesn’t accept cards.

Westborn Market-Plymouth
Westborn Market | photo via sydney.turley

Do Some Shopping at Westborn Market

As you approach the Westborn Market, you might feel a bit confused. From the outside, it looks like a regular post office, which it once was. Westborn Market is something of a curiosity in Plymouth. A historic post office first built in the 1930s, the market is now a working grocery store and bakery.

However, it has retained many of its original fixtures, making it a shopping trip and a history lesson in one. The merchandise is worth the visit as well — the market sources from local farmers, so you’ll find fresh, unique items that you know will taste great.

…Or at One of Plymouth’s Other Unique Stores

Plymouth is known far and wide for its interesting stores, many of which are locally owned and operated. As you stroll through the historic district and pass by Kellogg Park, you will find distinct shops of all kinds — from chocolatiers to home decor shops, art stores, artisan bakeries, and even one-of-a-kind toy stores.

You can even find fun vintage and antique stores where you may spend hours hunting for treasures. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself browsing for hours because Plymouth has more than 100 stores and they’re all worth visiting.

Visit an Art Gallery

Plymouth Michigan is known for its public outdoor art exhibits, but it has plenty of places to enjoy art indoors too. The town has multiple art galleries, the most famous of which is the Plymouth Community Arts Council.

The council always has something new going on. There are new exhibits every month, as well as art movies, classes, and other events.

Having been open since 1969, the council has celebrated more than 60 years of sharing local art and encouraging artistic expression in the community. Even if you have visited before, there is always something new to see here.

Sean O'callaghan's Pub-Plymouth
Sean O’Callaghan’s Pub | photo via craftbeerandhotsauce

Catch Some Music at Sean O’Callaghan’s Pub

Sean O’Callaghan’s Pub is a favorite haunt for fans of the classic Irish pub experience. This unique venue is in a Victorian-era historic building and offers Irish fare in both food and drink. Popular menu items are Reuben rolls, Irish stew, fish and chips, and corned beef and cabbage.

Of course, no Irish pub would be complete without a great drink menu — Sean O’Callaghan’s includes Irish beer and whiskey. But one of the biggest draws of this pub is the regular live shows, which feature Irish music and dancing, as well as holiday celebrations throughout the year.

Park Place Gastro Pub-Plymouth
Park Place Gastro Pub | photo via lori.620

Restaurants in Plymouth Michigan

Exploring all of the parks and shops in Plymouth will work up your appetite. Fortunately, the city is full of amazing dining experiences to keep you energized.

“Although I’ve been to Plymouth a handful of times, I’ve barely scratched the surface of all the tasty cuisine this wonderful place has to offer.”

Jennifer Bowman

Barrio Cocina y Tequileria

Barrio Cocina y Tequileria is Plymouth’s answer to Mexican street food. This trendy eatery, which is locally owned, is the perfect place to get authentic dishes in a comfortable setting. Barrio is all about delicious food and a lively, fun atmosphere with no frills — all of the focus is on a great meal.

Compari’s on The Park

Compari’s is undoubtedly one of the most famous and popular restaurants in Plymouth Michigan. This award-winning, family-owned Italian eatery is known for its wood-fired brick oven pizzas, but it offers countless other authentic dishes to choose from.

NOTE: Campari’s is located alongside Fiamma Grille and The Sardine Room, two other top-rated Plymouth restaurants.

Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill-Plymouth
Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill | photo via detroitfoodieventure

Park Place Gastro Pub

Park Place Gastro Pub is a cozy restaurant serving a reimagining of classic pub food. The menu here is both comforting and new with items such as poutine, fish tacos, shared plates, and more. Also, it has an extensive drink menu that includes beer, wine, and cocktails.

Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill

Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill offers authentic, homemade Mediterranean dishes with ingredients sourced from local producers.

The restaurant has been an institution in Plymouth Michigan for more than 20 years, serving chicken shawarma, falafel, grape leaves, and more. It remains a local favorite thanks to its healthy but satisfying menu and friendly atmosphere.

Beyond Borders Latin Street Food-Plymouth
Beyond Borders Latin Street Food | photo via detroitexploits

Beyond Borders Latin Street Food

Like traditional street food, the menu options at Beyond Borders are strictly to-go. You can either get your order packed up to take home or devour it right there in the street (we won’t be surprised if you do). The menu includes many Latin favorites, as well as vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options.

St. John's Resort-Plymouth
St. John’s Resort | photo via neumannkelly

Plymouth Michigan Hotels & Lodging Options

There’s no better way to experience all that Plymouth has to offer than to stay in the city. And, there are several fantastic lodging options to choose from as your home away from home.

St. John’s Resort

St. John’s Resort is one of the most luxurious places to stay in Plymouth. Home to one of the town’s most famous golf courses, this resort offers 4-star rooms and suites for guests. Amenities include access to the golf course, spa, pool, gardens and terrace, and on-site steakhouse.

Robyn’s Inn

Robyn’s Inn is a historic home turned into a charming boutique inn. Built in 1903, the house features many of the original fixtures and furnishings with updates for modern comfort and convenience. Three rooms are available, alongside common spaces and a daily breakfast.

Williams Lake Getaway

This beautiful vacation rental sits on Williams Lake, offering a unique opportunity to enjoy a lakeside holiday. There are two bedrooms with enough room for four people. With access to both Williams Lake and Pontiac Lake, there are endless opportunities to enjoy activities on the water during your stay.

Wooded Lakefront Vacation Rental

This stunning lakefront vacation rental is made for large groups — the six bedrooms have space for the whole family. The yard includes a private beach and kayak launch, as well as a fire pit and plenty of space for yard games. If you’re looking for a private lake retreat for your vacation, this is the place to be.

Carriage House

Imagine enjoying a vacation in your own fairy-tale cottage far away from the rest of the world. That’s what you’ll experience staying at this carriage house vacation rental in Plymouth Michigan. Nestled in the woods on a small pond, this house offers a beautiful escape into nature for your time here.

More to Know About Plymouth Michigan

Plymouth is considered a part of Metro Detroit, but it is about 26 miles outside the city and roughly 15 miles from Ann Arbor. It was settled in 1825, though it didn’t become an official village until more than 40 years later. Then, it received city status in the 1930s.

Many businesses began and grew in Plymouth Michigan, most notably the Daisy Manufacturing Company and a section of the Detroit and Howell Railroad.

Modern Day

More recently, Plymouth has become a town that is focused on community events, public art displays, restaurants, and small businesses. Many music and art festivals are held throughout the year.

Unlike many towns in Michigan, it is not on a lake or river. Nevertheless, there are many local green spaces for outdoor activities.

Seasonal Weather

Also, Plymouth is known for its varied, distinct seasons, which are usually mild. Summers are warm and humid, while winters receive heavy snowfall. Spring and autumn are mild, with many changes in local flora.

Plymouth Ice Festival
Plymouth Ice Festival | photo via

FAQs About Plymouth Michigan

What is the Plymouth Ice Festival?

Plymouth’s Ice Festival is one of its best-known events, drawing thousands of visitors every year.

Taking place in February, this annual ice-sculpting extravaganza gives people the chance to see world-class sculptors in action. It takes place in Plymouth’s downtown Kellogg Park.

Is Plymouth Michigan a good place to live?

Plymouth is widely considered one of the best places to live in Michigan. With an active community and countless things to do, it offers a quieter, more peaceful environment than a more urban area.

Nevertheless, Plymouth is within easy driving distance of Detroit and Ann Arbor.

How did Plymouth get its name?

Plymouth Michigan was named after Plymouth Massachusetts. Many of the Michigan settlers had come from Massachusetts and named the town in honor of their previous home.

Explore All That Plymouth Michigan Has to Offer

While Plymouth isn’t as well known as its neighboring cities Detroit and Ann Arbor, this cozy city has made a significant name for itself. It is widely known as a vibrant place to live and visit and is one of the best Metro Detroit towns to experience.

The historic downtown is one of its biggest attractions since it provides a central spot for many of the town’s events. Though there are many big events throughout the year — particularly the Music in The Park festival and the Plymouth Ice Festival — locals and visitors alike enjoy simply exploring this unique town.

If you’re planning to visit Plymouth itself or you’re simply looking for a day trip destination outside Detroit, this charming town is a place where you can find countless things to do.

Whether you are looking for a top-rated restaurant, local art installations, or a simple neighborhood atmosphere, Plymouth Michigan is the perfect place to find it all.

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