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37 Best Things to Do in Ludington Michigan This Year

As the largest city and county seat of Mason County, Ludington Michigan is home to around 7,700 people most of the year. Yet, this harbor town on Lake Michigan is an exceptional place to visit.

It sits right on the Pere Marquette River, creating stunning views and lots of opportunities for outdoor adventures. Among the plenty of things to do in Ludington Michigan, there are chances to stay entertained and busy indoors too. With something for everyone, here are several reasons to visit Ludington.

Fun Fact: Ludington was named the “Best Historic Small Town in the USA” in 2024!

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Big Sable Lighthouse-Ludington
Big Sable Lighthouse | photo via jocelynwhitephotos

About Ludington Michigan

Ludington has a unique blend of modern amenities and historic buildings. These characteristics, along with fabulous dining and quality parks, make this a community that anyone can enjoy.

Plus, the area has several festivals throughout the year, such as the West Shore Art League’s Art Fair and various farmer’s markets, to provide entertainment and fun for couples, families, and groups of friends.

Ludington History

This harbor town has long been important to the region. It was first established in 1845 by Burr Caswell, who moved to the area to start trapping and fishing. Two years later, he welcomed his family, who became the first Europeans to settle in the area.

Today, you can still see the two-story, wood-framed home that the Caswells lived in. It was converted into the county’s first courthouse and is located within the White Pine Village area of the city. This area is also where you’ll find out even more about Ludington Michigan’s history.

Seasons & Weather to Expect

A true four-season city, there’s beauty no matter what time of the year you visit Ludington Michigan. It is nothing short of gorgeous from spring through fall when getting onto Lake Michigan is most desirable.

Ludington has a humid climate during the summer months, though breezes off Lake Michigan make that a bit easier to enjoy. Throughout the season, fishing on or exploring Lake Michigan is an enjoyable way to spend time. Hitting the links at one of the various golf courses is another great way to spend the day.

Also, the city has several smaller inland lakes, including Hamlin Lake, which provides even more exciting opportunities to spend time outdoors. However, there’s even more to explore in this community.

When it comes to the winter season, it tends to get cold and snow quite a bit. With lots of skiing and outdoor fun located nearby, even the winter months can be special.

Copeyon Park | photo via that_taylor_gang2012

FAQs About Luding Michigan

How can you get to Ludington Michigan?

Several highways run through Mason County and provide access to Ludington Michigan. These include US 10, US 31, Business US 31, and M-116. Additionally, USBR 20 and USBR 35 run through the city.

Is Ludington Michigan a good place to visit?

There are a lot of fantastic things to do in Ludington Michigan, and there’s no doubt it is worth visiting for those who want to enjoy the waterfront, explore the history, and take in the area’s culture. It is the fifth most popular tourist city in the state, too.

Municipal Marina | photo via mittencoastcruising

Ludington Michigan Outdoor Things to Do

Though winters in this area of Michigan can be difficult, Ludington has much to offer throughout the year. Here are quite a few exceptional outdoor things to do in Ludington.

Municipal Marina

Boating is a popular activity in Ludington, and the main marina is the Municipal Marina, operated by the city itself. It’s open from mid-April to mid-October each year, with other periods available depending on weather conditions.

The marina has well-lit docks to improve safety and is a protected deep-water harbor. On-shore amenities at the marina include a playground, an amphitheater, laundry services, a fish cleaning station, and free coffee. This is also a fantastic place to watch the sun rise and set.

Cartier Park

Named after a prominent founding family of the city, Cartier Park is a beautiful natural area with a campground. This 68-acre natural area has a mile-long walking path.

It sits right on the Lincoln River, providing direct access to those who want to fish from the bank. Much of this park is natural forests that are virtually untouched.

Copeyon Park

One of the best options for those who want to launch a boat into Lake Michigan is Copeyon Park. It is a rather busy park during warm months and is located right over the Washington Avenue Bridge.

The launch site for the lake is fully serviced and commonly used. There’s also a playground here. For a view of the port, this is an excellent location to take a closer look.

Stearns Park Beach

For those who want to have some water fun, Stearns Park Beach is an excellent choice. Though it is available throughout the year, Stearns Park Beach is very popular during the summer months. It’s on the west side of the city and is packed with things to do in Ludington Michigan.

There’s a full beach with clean, white sand beaches, and it has several playgrounds and a shuffleboard area. This park features a relatively new skate park and mini golf course too.

Waterfront Park & Sculpture Park

Located near the marina, Waterfront Park is a beautiful walking area with stunning views of the waterfront. There is a playground here and a bandshell that welcomes a wide range of performers for summer concerts. Though not as busy as others, it is well worth exploring.

Within Waterfront Park is a sculpture garden. Spend an hour walking through it, and take a journey through the city’s history. It’s quite beautiful with nine bronze sculptures along the trail.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse

To step back in time, a tour of the Big Sable Point Lighthouse is in order. Climbing to the top allows you to see for miles in every direction. Built in 1867, it is also a beautiful building that is more than 100 feet tall.

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Ss Bager-Ludington
SS Bager | photo via burnsy381

SS Badger

Sitting in the water is the SS Badger, which has become one of the most prominent sites in the area. This 410-foot vessel is permanently positioned here. It’s more than 1.5 times the size of a football field and reaches seven stories high!

The massive ship has had some pretty fantastic experiences. It makes about 500 crossings each year from one port to the next. There’s a buffet-style dining area, lounges, and plenty of fabulous features and activities to explore.

Lake Fishing

Many people visit Ludington Michigan to do some fishing, and there are a few options for doing it. If you do not have your own boat, there are dozens of licensed charter boats available for hire. This is a popular activity, so booking in advance is recommended.

Ludington State Park

Ludington State Park is where much of the outdoor adventure takes place in the city. There’s a fishing pier, playground, and beach to explore. You’ll also find sand dunes and wetlands to explore. The natural habitats of the animals in the marshlands and forests are remarkable as well.

The park itself sits between Lake Michigan and Hamlin Lake, which also creates long beaches and a trail system that’s perfect for walking, running, or biking. Spanning over 5,300 acres, it is a very large area. There is also nature-led programming available throughout the year.

White Pine Village-Ludington
White Pine Village | photo via samantha.lipko

Historic White Pine Village

One of the best day experiences to have in Ludington Michigan is Historic White Pine Village. It is a living history museum, a pioneer village that features a wide range of replicas to explore. That includes the 1849 Mason County Courthouse, a steam locomotive that dates back to 1900, and a working sawmill.

Visitors can tour the entire area, learn about the history of the area, and engage with the workers to learn the arts and skills that helped build the community.

Amber Elk Ranch

For a fun experience, make a trip to Amber Elk Ranch. This 130-acre ranch has huge bull elk that you can get up close to and learn about. It is a working farm, but tours are available.

Downtown Ludington

Sometimes called the historic downtown Ludington area, this is the perfect place to explore. It is just a few blocks from the beach.

Once here, you can walk up and down the streets, stopping at various shops, bars, and restaurants. Many of the restaurants and shops have late evening hours during warm months.

The area is specifically notable for its shopping in various types of locations, including photo and art galleries, gift shops, jewelry stores, and many small antiquing spots.

It is an excellent choice for homestyle cooking and has some great breakfast locations and sports bars for the big game. James Street has many additional locations just off this main area too.

Rotary Park-Ludington
Rotary Park | photo via pureludington

Rotary Park

Though it was once called Ludington City Park, Rotary Park is a destination to visit when you are in town during the summer. With lots of open green space, it is a fun place to walk and relax.

Also, it is where the Arts and Crafts Fairs are held during the warm months. It’s perfectly located right between the beachfront and downtown area.

Hemlock Golf Club

For some time on the greens, there may not be a better place to do it. Hemlock Golf Club is an 18-hole golf course with 7,030 yards of sometimes-challenging gameplay. The area has been named one of the best, more affordable golf courses in Michigan and the country.

Lakeside Links Golf Club

Lakeside Links Golf Club is another golf course, one that is larger at 27 holes, located near the waterfront. This public golf course has rolling hills and a beautiful view from every hole. It is sometimes difficult to book tee times depending on the time of the year.

Ludington Area Center For The Arts-Ludington
Ludington Area Center for the Arts | photo via judybanker

Indoor Things to Do in Ludington Michigan

When the rain or cold is too much, there are plenty of indoor things to do in Ludington Michigan. Here are some of the best options to check out.

Sandcastles Children’s Museum

The Sandcastles Children’s Museum has some fantastic hands-on exhibits to blend play with learning. To encourage creative play, the location offers a wide range of areas to explore, including a grocery store, discovery bins, a water safety area, a take-flight exhibition, and even a pretend post office.

Ludington Area Center for the Arts

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts has a variety of exhibits to see and workshops to participate in all year. It is also home to performances of various types throughout the year. From theater to improv comedy, there is often a full schedule of events.

Maritime Museum-Ludington
Maritime Museum | photo via burnsie922

Port of Ludington Maritime Museum

The Port of Ludington Maritime Museum provides a fantastic way to explore the city’s long maritime history. Done through the use of storytelling, it paints the picture of what this port town was and what it became.

The museum is located within the U.S. Coast Guard Station, which is no longer used and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The three-story museum has several exhibits, lots of artifacts, and knowledgeable professionals to share the history. It’s run by the Mason County Historical Society.

House Of Flavors-Ludington
House of Flavors | photo via lilbritcrazy

Awesome Ludington Michigan Restaurants

When it comes to eating, Ludington Michigan has plenty of fantastic locations. The top restaurants in Ludington offer high-quality food and fantastic atmospheres. While there are some chains here, the best restaurants are the smaller, unique spots.

Casual & Family Eateries

For a laid-back meal, check out a few of the best casual and family-friendly Ludington restaurants. The Grand – Family Dining & Cocktails offers a fun vibe. This family-owned restaurant and bar is noted for its fresh cuisine, including sky-high nachos and freshly rolled burritos.

The House of Flavors Restaurant is an excellent choice for quality food and some ice cream. Everything from roasted turkey dinners to homemade flavors of ice cream, this location is a popular option. Even better, the atmosphere has a 1950s-style retro feel.

Old Hamlin Restaurant is a popular destination for Greek cuisine. It’s set in a 1942 iconic establishment with photos that cover the paneled walls. It is touted as having the best breakfast in town too.

Table 14-Ludington
Table 14 | photo via kseuss312

Upscale & Romantic Restaurants

For a more upscale experience, visit Table 14. It offers an elevated atmosphere with low-country cuisine. The wine selection (along with the dessert selection) is exceptional. It’s only open for dinner, and reservations are recommended during the busy season.

The Blu Moon is an elegant bistro with a varied menu, but the sushi is highly recommended. There’s also a rooftop dining area perfect for the summer months. The cocktails at this family-owned location are also some of the best.

Coffee & Ice Cream Shops

Aside from House of Flavors, another fantastic location for ice cream here is Laney’s Scoops. It’s a classic location with lots of fun flavors. It’s right on Lakeshore Drive, keeping it close to the area’s best outdoor amenities.

Kilwins Ludington is a third option and is known for not only its ice cream treats but also its wide range of other goodies, including chocolates and handmade sweets. It is a seasonal location, so check the hours before you go.

When you need a great cup of coffee, visit Red Rooster Coffee & Community. This location uses organic Fair Trade coffee. It’s a welcoming, warm place on a cold morning.

Brenda’s Harbor Café isn’t just a coffee shop, although it is known for its quality coffee. This locally owned restaurant offers breakfast and lunch in a nautical setting. It’s quite nostalgic.

Jamesport Brewing Compnay-Ludington
Jamesport Brewing Company | photo via crafty.monk

Ludington Wineries & Breweries

Michigan has more than 100 wineries and more than 350 breweries, and some haunts that stand out are located in Ludington Michigan.

The Fox Barn Marketplace & Winery is a fabulous place to tour. With fruit orchards in every direction, it is a working winery. The location is in a restored barn, and guests are welcome to sit at the bar to enjoy a full wine list and “Barn Bites,” a collection of small plates.

Love Wines is another winery not to miss. This authentic Michigan winemaker offers a unique collection of wines in a beautiful setting. This locally owned winery is beautiful and welcoming.

Jamesport Brewing Company is one of the best breweries for some great beer. It’s a gastropub with a wide range of hearty meals, and it’s set in a fantastic Victorian storefront with lots of rustic charm.

Also, check out Ludington Bay Brewing Co. It’s more of a laid-back brewpub with a huge selection of brews. It offers pizza, burgers, and salads as well.

Ludington House Bed &Amp; Breakfast-Ludington
Ludington House Bed & Breakfast | photo via felicekurzer

Comfortable Ludington Michigan Hotels & More

When deciding to explore Ludington Michigan, there are numerous fantastic places to stay. It may be hard to choose one, so here are some options to consider.

Stearns Hotel

The Stearns Hotel is one of the best options for classic charm. It was built in 1903 and has all of the historic feels that you would expect. The hotel is near downtown Ludington, which puts it within walking distance of various shops and bars. It’s also close to the Ludington Car Ferry.

The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast

For even more charm, consider staying at The Lamplighter Bed & Breakfast. Cozy and beautiful, the location is just a few minutes from the sandy beaches of the lake.

It sits right on Ludington Avenue, which makes it close to area amenities, including shopping and antiquing opportunities. The bed and breakfast is in a Victorian-style home that dates back to the 1890s.

Cartier Mansion Bed & Breakfast

If you want something a bit more luxurious, consider a stay at the Cartier Mansion Bed & Breakfast. The mansion was built in 1905 and is nothing short of stately and beautiful.

The woodwork and antiques throughout this bed and breakfast create a refined luxury that is hard to find anywhere else. It also offers the modern conveniences many need.

The Inn at Ludington

The Inn at Ludington is another beautiful option located on Ludington Avenue in the historic Old Town area of the city. The inn was built in 1889, creating the classic charm that many are looking for when visiting this area.

Hobby Crest Resort

Hobby Crest Resort is where people come to explore the water and outdoors. This location sits right on the beach. It dates back to 1938 but offers all of the modern amenities many travelers need. There are nine original cottages on the property for people to relax in with ample privacy.

Ludington House Bed and Breakfast

Consider staying at the Ludington House Bed and Breakfast, a stunning Queen Ann Victorian home that dates back to 1878 and offers eight guest rooms. Also, it has a fabulous parlor and luxurious amenities.

Homemade cookies and a two-course breakfast are served daily. In addition, it’s just four blocks from the beach and the center of town.

Nordhouse Dunes
Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness | photo via michigantravelist

Explore All That Ludington Michigan Has to Offer

When the need to get away into a relaxing, waterfront location strikes you, consider a trip to Ludington Michigan. Whether you want to spend your time walking through the historic downtown area antiquing or the watersports draw you in, there is much to see and do that’s well worth the trip.

While there are plenty of things to do in Ludington Michigan, it is a relatively small city. If you find yourself in need of more to do, take a drive along the Lake Michigan coastline.

You can explore many nearby locations, including Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area, Magoon Creek Natural Area, and Manistee Michigan beaches. You could also go skiing on the Crystal Valley Ski Trail, or spend some time exploring Back Forty Western Town — both of which are just a short drive away.

Get to know the people who make this area so wonderful. Noted for its hospitality, Ludington is certainly a must-see destination for many people.

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