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From Vault to Vino: Reserve Food & Wine Bar

Grand Rapids has earned the reputation of Beer City USA with its breweries, brew tours and beer festivals overflowing at the city’s brim. However, despite its rising fame on the beer scene, Grand Rapids can still cater to those looking to sip and dine on the finer things in life. Those looking for an exceptional dining experience can travel to a little place that resides in the historic Windquest building located in downtown Grand Rapids called Reserve Wine & Food.

Originally a Commercial Savings Bank, business partners Kameel Chamelly and Dick and Betsy DeVos restored and preserved aspects of the bank’s features that compliment the facility’s modern and sleek look. The bar replaces the old bank teller stations, a beautiful wine cellar is tucked away and secured by the original bank vault door, and the 2009 Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize winner “Open Water No. 24” is proudly displayed over the bar.

Open Water No. 24, Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Syswerda
Open Water No. 24. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Syswerda.

This large oil painting by Ran Ortner was purchased by Dick and Betsy DeVos, whose eldest son Rick DeVos is the creator of the growing art competition ArtPrize. The depiction of flowing water captures your eye and looks as though it was custom made for the space.

Below the cherished art piece, is the second largest cruvinet system in the country with 102 bottles of wines that can be enjoyed by the glass.

This special system uses nitrogen gas to preserve wine for up to six weeks once a bottle is opened. The nitrogen gas forms a seal that protects the wine from oxygen exposure. This not only extends the life of wine but it also allows rare and high end bottles to be enjoyed by the glass.

Reserve Wine Cellar, Photo Courtesy of Lindsay Syswerda
Reserve Wine Cellar. Photo courtesy of Lindsay Syswerda.

Not quite a wine somalia? That’s okay! The staff at Reserve can help you navigate their expansive wine list and expertly pair with their charcuterie and cheese menu.

With the newest addition of Executive Chef Josh Adams, Reserve is becoming just as known for its wine as it is for high quality and intriguing meals.

Recently transplanted from Peoria, Illinois, Josh has a long list of accomplishments including recognition from the Wall Street Journal and the James Beard Foundation.

Chef Adams combines fresh local ingredients in unique and unfamiliar ways. He experiments with and presents each dish in an artful design. His food science approach is sure to surprise and intrigue you as he perfectly marries food and wine.

“I take into consideration the aroma, taste, texture, temperature, color, shape and arrangement to bring about the best possible result for the customer,” stated Adams.

Customers can tailor their own experience at Reserve. Communal seating is available and creates a welcoming atmosphere. It invites diners to share their love and experience of the restaurant. Looking for a more intimate setting? Reserve can also be a great place for a romantic date or hosting a private party.

So whether you a looking to unwind with a glass of wine or indulge in an exquisite meal, Reserve Wine & Food is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Where is your favorite place to wine and dine in the Mitten? Do you have a favorite Michigan wine?

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