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7 Trails On Our Bicycling Bucket List - The Awesome Mitten

7 Trails On Our Bicycling Bucket List

May is National Bike Month and spring is in the air. What better time to dust off your two-wheeled companion for some sustainable and active fun?! As one of the most

Tea Shops in Michigan - The Awesome Mitten

5 Tea-rrific Tea Shops In The Mitten

There is something satisfying about wrapping your cold hands around a steaming cup of tea and warming from the inside out as you take a sip in the cold winter months.

DIY MIchigan Holiday Gifts - The Awesome Mitten

DIY Holiday Gifts for Every Michigander

Holiday shopping is in full swing and if you are still searching for the perfect gift for someone special, perhaps you should consider a homemade gift! Below are six DIY

Michigan Wildflowers - The Awesome Mitten

Stop and Smell Michigan Wildflowers

As saying goes, it’s important to “stop and smell the roses” or, in this case, to stop and smell Michigan’s wildflowers. It can be easy to overlook the colors and shapes that

From Vault to Vino: Reserve Food & Wine Bar

Grand Rapids has earned the reputation of Beer City USA with its breweries, brew tours and beer festivals overflowing at the city’s brim. However, despite its rising fame on the beer scene, Grand

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Fennville

Fennville is a small farming community off the beaten path in southwest Michigan. This quaint low-key town is often over looked because of it’s proximity the popular tourist city Saugatuck.

Farming Good Thyme with Visser Farms

Did you know Michigan is the second most agriculturally diverse state in the nation? Or that 98% of Michigan Farms are family owned? I spoke with Case Visser of Visser