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Mini-Golf and Ice Cream: Uncle Ray’s is a Fenton Must-Do

If you’ve ever visited Fenton, you’ve heard of Uncle Ray. No, he’s not someone’s uncle who wanders the town – Uncle Ray’s Dairyland is the town’s resident ice creamery and mini-golf hang out. 

Ice Cream Shop Sign
Uncle Ray’s sign always lets customers know what the flavor of the month is.

Our family lives about a mile down the road, so heading to Uncle Ray’s for a quick round of mini-golf and a cone of their famous fruit-flavored frozen yogurt is a weekend staple. There is rarely a time when the parking lot is empty. We visited on a Sunday, right at 12 pm when they opened, and we were not alone! Other families must have had the same idea – welcome Spring in with a cone and a competitive round of mini-golf. 

When we head over on the weekend, we are sure to catch a line a mile long for their ice cream treats and a packed golf course – but it’s all worth it! We are usually lucky to receive a jolly hello from Dave (many kids lovingly call him “Uncle Ray”) who is the mastermind behind a lot of the unique ice cream treats (ice cream spaghetti and meatballs!). We are always thrilled to see his smiling face and his apron as he strolls around greeting customers and cheers on mini golf competitors from the sidelines. 

Parking right up by the doors and outside the patio area of Uncle Ray’s can be tricky, but it’s not impossible! If it’s a busy day or evening, there is ample parking in the back of the building and the business next door also has room for vehicles. The property is incredibly accessible, so no uphill climbs or stairs are required.  

Ice Cream Shop Patio
Pick up your clubs at the window and enjoy an ice cream treat on the patio.

Select Your Club of Choice

We visited early in the day and headed right inside, and were greeted by a staff member at the counter. We’ve also visited in the evening, where golf clubs and balls can be rented at the outdoor window or right at the entrance to the course. 

Mini-golf is only $6 per player, or if you have little ones with you, the cost is “pay your age.” We paid, picked out our clubs, and our favorite color balls, and snagged a scorecard. My kids were sure to take a few moments (ok, more than a few) to look over the menu and get an idea of the treat they were going to be rewarded with after our round of mini-golf.

Children Choosing Mini Golf Clubs And Balls
My kids love choosing their favorite color ball and club for our mini-golf game.

Even though Uncle Ray’s mini-golf is a smaller venue, they are sure to provide every size of club – especially important for the kids, as they have the tiniest clubs, perfect for little hands. Our kids love picking their own ball, digging through the bucket to find the very best, luckiest ball.

A Course Made for Winners

The mini-golf course is right across the main driveway, a very short walk away. Since we arrived so early in the day, we didn’t get to say hello to an attendant at the hub, but there is always a smiling face to cheer you on in the evenings. Keep an eye on the flags above the course – you can win prizes from other local companies by scoring a hole-in-one on certain holes! I haven’t been so lucky to do so, but I sure would love to win a free pizza or a donut from Crust!

Mini Golf Hub And Entrance Booth
Be sure to say “Hi!” to the mini-golf attendant if you encounter one! They love cheering guests on.

The mini-golf course at Uncle Ray’s is 18 holes – most of which are par 2 or 3. This makes it a great course for small children or beginning mini golfers. My 9-year-old daughter kept up with me in score, as did my husband, but I am proud to report that mom won the game! Our 5-year-old son had the run of the course as we stayed well behind any other players. Uncle Ray’s is the perfect location to teach a little one how to hold the club and which direction to putt in.

Children Playing Mini Golf
Starting off nice and easy!

Although the course as a whole is on the easier side, there are a few twists and turns thrown in the way to make the game a little more competitive and less predictable. One of my favorites is the loop-de-loop on the last hole.

Child Playing Mini Golf
Don’t get trapped in the loop on the last hole!

Grab an Ice Cream Treat Reward

There is nothing better than ending a round of mini-golf with a fresh ice cream treat! All ice cream and frozen yogurt are made in-house and nothing on the menu disappoints. My kids almost always order dirt sundaes or at least request eyes on their treats.

Children Enjoying Ice Cream Sundaes
MMMMMMMMM, ice cream!

It’s near impossible for me to choose a favorite – the cherry bomb handmade ice cream is one of my go-to’s. If you are in the mood for something decadent and fruity, definitely try out their frozen yogurt. Uncle Ray’s “Flavor Creator” machine can make over 100 different combinations! During this visit, I tried out the pumpkin walnut mix but one of my favorite combos is the pineapple coconut – yum!

Tips for the perfect Uncle Ray’s Mini Golf and Treat Trip:

  • Beat the crowd: If you really want to miss a crowd, try visiting during the day or on a weeknight.  
  • Pay Your Age: Don’t forget that if you have children under 6 years old with you that want to play a round of mini golf you only need to “pay their age.”
  • Try to win a prize: Show off your mini golf skills by snagging a hole-in-one and win a prize.
  • Beware the Monster Loop: The 18th hole features a fantastic loop (my favorite hole!) but be careful – it can be a tough one!
  • Bring your pup: If you aren’t planning on golfing, bring your furry friend with you for a pup cup! Dogs are always welcome in the patio area. 

Check out the menu online: There are so many options to choose from, don’t miss out on any details!

Child Playing Mini Golf
Oof, missed that one!

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