Beat the Winter Blues with a Day-trip to Fenton

One great way to beat the winter blues is to take small day trips and find hidden Michigan gems. Fenton, a wonderful small town 20 minutes south of Flint, is a perfect example of one of those gems to consider exploring.

If you happen to get an early start and need a bite to eat, you can pick up a quick breakfast at Crust, a bakery dedicated to artisanal principles and winner of the 2014 Detroit A-List Best Bakery.

You could stop into Fenton’s Open Book, a charming little bookshop offering an array of publications, works by local authors and Michigan products like jams, sauces, pretzels and more.

You could take a short walk through Fenton Park, home to a gazebo, a decorated Christmas tree and a waterfall. You can even walk through the park instead of taking the sidewalk on the way to your lunch destination.

The old Fenton Firehouse has been an integral part of the community since 1938, and in 2013 it became repurposed as a novelty restaurant appropriately and lovingly named Fenton Fire Hall.

This winery and microbrewery offers a casual and inviting place to relax and play the stack of games located in their lounge. You could order a sample of the wines ranging from sweet to dry, oaked and unoaked, reds, whites and varietals in a casual setting.

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