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Celebrate Michigan’s Birthday With an A to Z Scavenger Hunt

January is the state of Michigan’s birthday month! On January 26, 1837, Michigan officially became the 26th state in the union.

And what better way to celebrate Michigan than by exploring and learning about our great state? Since Michigan became the 26th state on the 26th of January, we’ve come up with 26 ways to celebrate using the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Throughout the month of January, see how many of these 26 Michigan-themed activities you can check off!

An A to Z Michigan Birthday Scavenger Hunt

A: Snap a selfie with local public Art.

Whether it’s a small statue in your hometown or full mural tour like the Bright Walls Murals in Downtown Jackson, posing with local public art is sure to brighten up a January day.

B: Visit one of Michigan’s many picturesque Bridges.  

From the Mighty Big Mac to small-town covered bridges like Fallasburg Bridge, Michigan is full of historic bridges. Visiting a bridge covered in freshly fallen snow is simply magical!

State Capitol Building, Lansing
State Capitol Building | photo via Jennifer Bowman

C: Tour Michigan’s historic Capitol building in Lansing. 

If elementary school was the last time you visited or if you’ve never been, Michigan’s birthday is the perfect occasion to plan a guided or self-guided tour of a National Historic Landmark – Michigan’s own Capitol building.

D: Dress in Michigan apparel. 

U of M or MSU? Maybe you have a different Michigan college favorite. Whether it’s college gear or Great Lakes apparel, your love for the state will shine through. 

E: Play a game of Euchre, Michigan’s unofficial pastime. 

These long winter evenings are ideal for a fun game night indoors. Brush up on your Euchre skills before your next game with The Ultimate Euchre Strategy & Tips Guide.

Bunnies Of Intrude At The World Of Winter Festival In Grand Rapids, Michigan
World of Winter Festival | photo via Leah Tennant

F: Enjoy the celebratory spirit at a Michigan winter Festival.

Put on your winter gear and party in the ice and snow at one of these Michigan Winter Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

G: Soak up a winter lake view at one of the Great Lakes

One of the Great Lakes is at most just a few hours away from any town in Michigan. A fun day trip might be just what you need this January.

H: Use the Hashtag #mittenlove to share all your Michigan Birthday Scavenger Hunt adventures on social media.

Did it even happen if you didn’t take a picture or video of it? We’d love to see where this scavenger hunt takes you! 

I: Learn about local Indigenous cultures.

Understand more about the past and present of Michigan’s first residents, the Anishinaabe people, through a visit to a local Indigenious culture center like the Ziibiwing Center in Mt. Pleasant.

Downtown Petoskey Storefronts, Sidewalk, And Wreath Encircled Streetlamps
Local businesses in downtown Petoskey | photo via Leah Tennant

J: Journey to your favorite Michigan small business. 

From specialty gift shops and art galleries to restaurants and breweries, Michigan small businesses are the backbone of our local economy. Here are our picks for the 25 Best Towns to Shop Local in Michigan.

K: Spend the day gaining Knowledge at a local museum.

Covering art, history, science, and industry, Michigan museums are a great resource to expand your brain power in a fun environment. Consult our Guide To The Best Museums In Michigan to find your next museum adventure.

Winter Lighthouse, Lake Michigan Road Trip
Photo courtesy of Aaron Cruz

L: Venture to the lakeshore for a wintery view of a Michigan Lighthouse.

Since Michigan boasts the title of the state with the most lighthouses, there are 129 amazing lighthouses to choose from!

If you need help narrowing down the list, check out these 35 Unique Michigan Lighthouses.

M: Listen to your favorite songs by Michigan Musicians

From Motown legends to rock stars and indie bands, Michigan musical artists represent a wide variety of musical genres. 

Whatever your musical favorites may be, add some Michigan musicians to your playlist. Crank up “Respect” by Aretha Franklin, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, or “Michigan and Again” by The Accidentals. 

N: Head to your local Nature Center.

With interactive indoor exhibits and outdoor trails, Michigan nature centers provide the perfect space for winter fun and education. 

The Outdoor Discovery Center in Holland makes an excellent destination any time of year.

O: Count how many times you use the word “Ope” in a day.

A common Michigan slang word, we often slip this Midwestern nugget into our awkward social interactions. “Ope, sorry about that!”  

Lehto’s Pasties, St. Ignace
Lehto’s Pasties | photo via @laurenplath4

P: Make or eat a Pasty, a traditional Upper Peninsula delicacy.

As a hearty meal of meat and potatoes wrapped in a flaky crust, pasties fit right into a Michigan birthday celebration. 

Treat yourself to a pasty at one of the 17 Best Pasty Shops in Michigan. Some shops even offer online shipping, so you can enjoy a pasty even if you live a couple hundred miles away from the nearest pasty shop!

Q: Quiz yourself on your Michigan trivia knowledge.

Just how much do you really know about Michigan trivia? Take this Quiz to Find Out.

Challenge your friends and family to see who will be crowned the Michigan trivia champ.

Fenton’s Open Door | photo via Leah & Matt Heffner

R: Pursue a local library or bookstore for some new Michigan Reading materials.

There’s nothing like spending a cold winter day cozied up with a new book. Visit your local library or one of Michigan’s Best Bookstores

While you’re there look for books set in Michigan or written by Michigan authors, like these Award-Winning Children’s Books.

S: Go Stargazing on a clear winter night.

One perk of early sunsets in winter – more time for stargazing at night. Gain some newfound perspectives on life by gazing up at the infinite night sky, either in your own neighborhood or at one of Michigan’s designated dark sky parks

T: Go on a hike and look for Michigan’s state Tree, the Eastern White Pine.

The evergreen Eastern White Pines are always a welcome splash of color during these mostly gray and white winter months.

U: Unwind with a movie filmed in Michigan.

Since Michigan isn’t a popular location for movie crews, it’s always a novelty to discover movies filmed in our home state.  

For some Michigan-themed movie night inspiration, check out 6 Michigan Movies That You Need To Add To Your Watchlist.

V: Enjoy a Michigan made beverage, like Vernors

A Michigan birthday celebration calls for drinks, like Vernor’s Ginger Ale, Michigan’s Oldest Pop.

If a ginger-flavored carbonated beverage isn’t your jam, indulge in a tasty, locally crafted wine or beer instead.

W: Snag a photo of some of Michigan’s Wildlife.

Deer, squirrels, and birds are just a couple of the animals we see regularly in Michigan. Maybe you’ll spot an elusive snowy owl on your next winter walk!

Snow-Covered Trees Along The Old Baldy Trail In Petoskey State Park
Petoskey State Park | photo via Leah Tennant

X: Head out and eXplore one of Michigan’s State Parks. 

With 101 different state parks to choose from, we think this one might be easy. Enjoy the peaceful beauty of a quiet winter park.

Y: Enjoy a Yummy Michigan-made dessert. 

What birthday celebration is complete without dessert? Treat yourself to a Michigan-made specialty like Hudsonville Ice Cream or Kilwins fudge.

Why The Detroit Zoo Over All Others - The Awesome Mitten
Detroit Zoo – Polk Penguin Conservation Center | photo via Aaron Cruz

Z: Plan a wintery visit to the Detroit Zoo.

Did you know the Detroit Zoo is open year-round? While most smaller zoos throughout the state close during the colder months, you can party with the penguins and polar bears during a winter visit to the Detroit Zoo.

Happy Birthday, Michigan 

We hope this Michigan Birthday Scavenger Hunt brings you some much-needed fun and joy this January!

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