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7 BEST Indoor Things to Do in Holland Michigan on a Rainy Day

Defined by its rolling sand dunes and sparkling lakeshore, there are so many great things to do in Holland Michigan!

The people who live in this city appreciate the fact that they can step outside their homes and access a vast network of hiking trails that will lead them to stunning vistas that showcase the beauty of Michigan. The people who visit Holland enjoy the fact that they can spend a leisurely afternoon walking through Windmill Island Gardens. 

However, if there’s one thing that you can count on in Holland it is the unpredictable nature of the weather, and sometimes, you wake up to raindrops falling on the window or snow on the sidewalks. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying your time in Tulip City.

These are some of the best indoor things to do in Holland Michigan as you wait for beach days to arrive again:

Holland Museum-Holland
Holland Museum | photo via mickiedev

Explore Holland Michigan History at the Holland Museum

If you are looking to spend the day indoors in Holland, Michigan, the first place you should visit is the Holland Museum.

This museum — which is dedicated to telling the story of how the community was founded by Dutch settlers — is larger than one would expect from a community museum. Located in a stately building in the city proper, the Holland Museum is a sprawling facility that includes dozens of permanent and rotating exhibits. 

Most visitors are fascinated by the historic artifacts that can be uncovered in this museum. There are more than 90,000 pieces in the collection, many of which are Dutch artifacts or pieces of Dutch art that are on display for visitors to enjoy. Some of these items include handmade quilts, Dutch dolls, coins, books and more. 

Spark!Lab Hands-On Activities

While adult visitors could spend hours absorbing the facts and stories that can be found throughout the museum’s exhibits, young children are most likely to be found in the Spark!Lab.

This portion of the museum is a hands-on facility dedicated to STEAM learning for young children. It is open select days during the week and usually one day on the weekend.

More Holland History to Explore

You can easily spend an entire day at the Holland Museum, but you also may want to consider visiting some of its other locations throughout the community. These include:

  • The Holland Armory
  • Settlers House
  • Cappon House
Holland Armory, Holland - Indoor Things To Do In Holland
Holland Armory | photo via @bernsiekay

Watch Artists Craft Pottery & Wooden Shoes at De Klomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory

Holland, Michigan is a community that was founded by Dutch settlers, and its residents have long been committed to preserving the heritage of those who came before them.

If you happen to be in Holland on a day that is less than ideal to be outdoors, you can still learn more about the Dutch way of life by visiting the De Klomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory.

This store and factory is one of the best places in town to get the most authentic Dutch souvenirs, such as Delftware and wooden shoes. Delftware is a specialized form of Dutch pottery, and this shop is the only place in North America where you can get authentic Delftware.

At any given time, there are more than 400 pieces of original Delft in the shop, allowing you to select a genuine piece that speaks to you. There also are authentic wooden shoes for sale in the shop that were handcrafted on-site.

Even if you do not want to bring home any of these Dutch goods, you can witness them being created on-site. Delftware artists are often in the factor working on their new pieces, and they will tell you all about the designs, the glaze that they use, and the process for finishing their pieces.

In addition, there are sometimes wooden shoe crafters on location making the shoes that are sold in the store. It’s a learning experience for people of all ages and gives you an opportunity to participate in a timeless, cultural tradition.

De Klomp Wooden Shoe &Amp; Delft Factory, Holland - Best Things To Do In Holland, Indoor Things To Do In Holland
De Klomp Wooden Shoe & Delft Factory | photo via @michaelneelsen

Sip Craft Beers at Microbreweries in Holland, Michigan

Western Michigan has become known as the epicenter of the craft beer industry in Michigan, and as a result, more and more breweries continue to pop up in Holland, Michigan every year.

Instead of feeling like your rainy day in Holland is a bust, you can turn it into a celebration by going brewery hopping throughout the downtown area.

Some of the best Holland Michigan breweries to stop by on a rainy day include:

  • Big Lake Brewing — Big Lake Brewing is a bustling brewery in downtown Holland, and it’s the perfect place to start your brewery tour because it offers both a full menu as well as an extensive draft list. Begin with a hearty meal and a pint, and then you can continue on your way. 
  • New Holland Brewing Company — Next up, head on over to New Holland Brewing Company, which has been brewing beer in the community since 1997. This is another downtown brewery where you can grab both beers and bites.
  • Our Brewing Company — Finally, finish off your Holland beer experience at Our Brewing Company, which is an intimate brewery in downtown Holland run by two local couples. It’s the perfect spot to end your dreary day because you can often listen to live music as you sip your final beer.
New Holland Brew Co.-Holland
New Holland Brew Co. | photo via tquasebarth

Spend the Day at an Indoor Entertainment Venue in Holland, Michigan

For classic family fun, consider heading to one of the indoor entertainment venues in Holland, Michigan that are beloved by both local residents and travelers alike. 

The Lost City

Located in the heart of town is The Lost City, an indoor entertainment facility that you simply cannot miss because it is situated inside the only towering pyramid in Holland, Michigan. This facility originally opened in the 1990s as a laser tag arena, but it has expanded in the last several decades and now offers gaming opportunities for players of all ages. Some of the activities that you can enjoy at The Lost City include:

  • Laser Tag
  • Indoor Mini Golf
  • Arcade Games
The Lost City, Holland - Best Things To Do In Holland, Indoor Things To Do In Holland
The Lost City | photo via @thelostcity.holland


Another place for indoor fun in Holland, Michigan is Bam! On the surface, this seems like the best place to go bowling in Holland — and it is — but it is so much more than a bowling alley.

One of BAM! Entertainment Center’s taglines is “play, party, and dine”. You can do all three here and the fun is family-friendly, too! This place provides many activities, which include bowling, laser tag, pool tables, and axe throwing. There is also an arcade, climbing walls, and a high-rope course.

Bam! is a full-scale entertainment venue, offering a variety of interactive activities and attractions for people of all ages, including traditional bowling and glow bowling, axe throwing, laser tag, pool, a high ropes course, and an extensive arcade with games for players of all skill levels.

Visitors that want to privatize their fun can reserve the Bitty BAM! Bowling suite (can fit up to 24 people) and choose their own music video playlists. The restaurant has a diverse choice of yummy eats, including different types of pizza, smoked meats, and a large selection of various burgers and sandwiches. Appetizers include items like mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and breadsticks. The kids’ menu pretty much ensures that there’s something delicious for everyone in the family.

This is a popular place for parties and there’s even a VIP suite just for that purpose. If you’re thinking about holding a special event here, call ahead to reserve a spot.

Stay Fit and Active at the Holland Community Aquatic Center

The Holland Community Aquatic Center is an indoor community swimming pool that serves the residents of Holland and the surrounding area. While it is primarily geared toward full-time residents of Holland, Michigan, visitors are able to pay the daily rate in order to come inside and enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities. 

This place is especially appealing to families with young children because of the large children’s pool playground. Not only is there a play structure in the middle of the zero-entry kiddie pool, but there also is a 150-foot water slide for the older swimmers as well as a zipline and an alpine challenge. 

In addition to the play zone, the aquatic center also boasts a lap pool for exercise as well as a fitness center for those who are in need of a good workout. If you can’t stay active outside because of the weather, this is the best place to burn some calories indoors in Holland, Michigan.

Visit a Local Art Studio and Create Something New

If you happen to be inspired by the authentic Dutch ceramic pieces that can be found in and around Holland, then you may want to head to a local do-it-yourself art studio in order to create your own masterpiece.

If you are looking for a place to spend the day indoors in Holland and let your creative juices flow, you can head on over to Paint a Pot. Paint a Pot is a locally-owned pottery studio that invites people to come inside, pick a piece of pottery that they love, and enjoy some time painting it on-location.

This studio has plenty of pieces to choose from, including simple statues of animals and figurines that children can decorate as well as cups, plates, and bowls for adults who want to design their own dishes.

It is open to people of all ages, and there are group reservations available. In addition, they offer to-go kits in case you want to take your pottery back to your Holland, Michigan vacation rental and paint with a view.

Paint A Pot, Holland - Indoor Things To Do In Holland
Paint a Pot | photo via @palomahavlik

Stroll Downtown Holland and Discover Locally-Owned Shops

Of course, one of the best things to do in Holland Michigan when the weather is not ideal is to head downtown and check out the many locally-owned shops and boutiques. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for and maybe even a few gifts for others along the way.

There are more than 200 businesses in the downtown area, including book stores, jewelry sellers, gift shops, sporting goods stores, and more.

Given the fact that downtown Holland has heated streets that instantly melt snow or ice, it is one of the best places to be when the weather conditions are less than favorable.

Downtown Holland - Indoor Things To Do In Holland
Downtown Holland | photo via @wanderingwithcourt

More to Explore in Holland Michigan

Rainy or cold weather conditions do not have to sour your day when you are in Holland, Michigan. This city is beautiful no matter what the weather is, and fortunately, there are plenty of indoor attractions to keep you entertained!

And if you’re looking for more of the best things to do in Holland Michigan, don’t miss our list of the best local restaurants in Holland Michigan, our favorite Holland Michigan brewery and winery list, and of course, the best outdoor things to do in Holland Michigan!

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