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Sip & Savor Michigan’s Best at Holland Michigan Breweries & Wineries

Like many other communities along Michigan’s west coast, Holland is home to a variety of breweries and wineries. Each of these small, locally-owned establishments offers a unique atmosphere as well as flavorful beverages that are sure to lift your spirits. 

Whether you are searching for waterfront views or you prefer to sip your wine inside a cozy tasting room, you will easily find breweries in Holland Michigan, and wineries near Holland Michigan that will exceed your expectations.

From craft breweries in Holland Michigan to fruit-based wineries in Holland Michigan, you are sure to find a place that serves up the libations that you prefer. 

These establishments not only specialize in crafting flavorful drinks that will ease the mind and refuel the soul, but they also provide a personal level of customer service that allows you to discover the warm and welcoming nature of the people of western Michigan.

Stop by the Best Breweries in Holland Michigan

When most people think of Holland, they imagine a large Dutch windmill in the heart of the community. They conjure up images of pastel tulips swaying in the breeze during the spring months. But they don’t realize that this burgeoning town near the lakeshore is actually becoming a hot spot for microbreweries and craft beer in Michigan. 

If you are a craft beer lover, then you are in luck. There are many breweries in Holland Michigan, but we feel that these are some of the best ones in the city:

Big Lake Brewing

Big Lake Brewing is often described as one of the most vibrant breweries in the community, largely because of its spacious indoor dining area, its extensive food menu and the dozens of beers that it always has on tap.

This brewery is located in the heart of downtown Holland, and it is open for both lunch and dinner seven days per week. While the taps are always rotating, many people love to come to this brewery in order to showcase their state spirit by ordering either the Sparti Parti or Haze and Blew beers.

Big Lake Brewing, Holland - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Big Lake Brewing | photo via @biglakebrewing

Tulip City Brewstillery

Tulip City Brewstillery is a microbrewery in downtown Holland that is most famous for its beers, but it is preferred by visitors who also like to sip on wine or try a craft cocktail. Its tap list includes more than a dozen beers at any given time, many of which are named after the city’s iconic Dutch heritage. For example, you may be able to order a Wooden Shoe or a Windmill Wheat. If you are in the mood for food, visit this brewery during the dinner hour and stop by the Spice Boys Food Truck that parks outside as part of its partnership with the brewery.

Brewery 4Two4

Brewery 4Two4 is the Holland Michigan brewery that locals love the most. It is a smaller neighborhood brewery that aspires to be a community gathering place where both residents and travelers can mix, mingle and get to know one another. This brewery is famous for experimenting with different beers, and craft beer aficionados will love the fact that there is always a diverse range of brews available. All of the beers are made in small batches, so if you find something that you love, be sure to buy a few cans before you go. It may not be there the next time!

Our Brewing Co.

Our Brewing Co. is a nano brewery in downtown Holland that is proud to be small on purpose. This locally-owned brewery was established in 2012 by two couples who were looking for a change of pace in the middle of their careers, and together, they create small-batch beers that are sourced from local ingredients. This is the kind of Holland Michigan brewery where you can discover unique and creative beers while enjoying a game of trivia or music from a local band who is just starting to gain traction in the community.

Our Brewing Company, Holland - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Our Brewing Company | photo via @hops_brine_pickled

Hopland Brewstillery

Hopland Brewstillery is an innovative establishment in Holland that is not only a craft brewery but also a winery and a distillery. It’s a one-stop-shop for people who love spirits, wine, and beer, making it one of the most popular places to grab a drink in the community. Currently, the brewstillery is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but it hopes to add more hours soon.

Hopland Brewstillery, Holland - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Hopland Brewstillery | photo via @bautistayadi

New Holland Brewing Company

New Holland Brewing Company is a large brewery in Holland that produces some of the best beers in the region. The company makes several styles of lagers, ales, stouts, porters, IPAs, wheat beers, saisons, sours, barrel-aged beers, fruit beers, kolschs, and other specialty beers. In addition to being known for its quality products, this brewery is also well regarded for its commitment to sustainability. 

New Holland Brewing Company, Holland - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
New Holland Brewing Company | photo via @explorewithbeer

Sip Delicious Vintages at Wineries in Holland Michigan

While there is not an abundance of wineries in Holland Michigan, the two that are located within the city’s limits are worth a visit. These are the wineries in Holland Michigan that you need to add to your itinerary:

Tanglewood Winery

The roots of the Tanglewood Winery go back more than 50 years, when the land that the winery is now operated on was a blueberry farm. The family passed the blueberry farm down from generation to generation, with one generation deciding that the farm could be more than just a place to grow the richest, ripest berries in Michigan. It could be a place where sweet fruit wine was handcrafted. Today, those who visit the Tanglewood Winery tasting room have an opportunity to sip Blue Silk, which is the wine that this winery is most famous for. Blue Silk is a fruit wine crafted from the blueberries that are grown on-location, and it is often described as “What Michigan Tastes Like.” There also are several other fruit wines available to try, and there are usually a few seasonal bottles available depending on the time of year that you visit.

Tanglewood Winery, Holland - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Tanglewood Winery | photo via @tanglewoodwinery

Warner Vineyards

Before Michigan became a wine destination and before Holland became a tourist hot spot, there was Warner Vineyards. This winery was established in 1938, making it one of the oldest wineries in the state. Today, visitors can stop by the Holland tasting room, where they can sip and savor many of the award-winning wines that have made this winery famous. Not only are the Warner wines renowned in the local area, but these wines also have been served at the White House as well as at two Super Bowl games. For a sip of something that is distinguished and delicious, be sure to visit the Holland tasting room during your next visit to the city.

Enjoy More Breweries and Wineries Near Holland Michigan

While there are so many wineries and breweries in Holland Michigan that you don’t technically ever need to leave the city proper, it’s worth noting that there are several other worthy wineries and breweries in the surrounding area. These are a few of the breweries and wineries near Holland that you may want to consider checking out:

Fenn Valley Vineyards

One of the most iconic wineries in West Michigan is located just outside of Holland in the city of Fennville. Fenn Valley Vineyards is a family-owned vineyard that has been producing superior Michigan fruit wines since 1973. The family that owns the vineyard actually chose this land specifically for its proximity to the lake, its soil conditions, and its climate, knowing that it would make an ideal vineyard. Their expertise has ensured that each season has brought forth flavorful grapes that can be crafted into some of the finest wines in the region. In order to try their wines, consider stopping by their family-friendly tasting room or taking one of their adults-only wine tasting tours. 

Fenn Valley Vineyards, Fennville - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Fenn Valley Vineyards | photo via @jstamuggle


Modales is a relative newcomer to the West Michigan wine scene, but this Fennville winery has quickly become known as a sophisticated winery where people can sip distinct and flavorful wines. One of the reasons that this winery stands apart from the rest is that its owners believe in the importance of traditional wine-making techniques. For example, all of their grapes are hand-harvested, and the winemakers rarely resort to interventions. When you sip one of their wines, you are tasting the purity of the grapes as well as the integrity of the soil that is used to grow them.

Modales Wines, Fennville - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Modales Wines | photo via @modaleswines

Farmhaus Cider

Not far away in Hudsonville is a locally-owned cider company where people can gather to have good conversation over delicious ciders. Farmhouse Cider is located inside a barn that is more than 150 years old and was lovingly restored by the owners of the cider company. Within this barn, people have the opportunity to indulge in handcrafted cider that is so rich and full of flavor that they likely won’t want to drink any other kind of cider again. Farmhaus Cider aims to be a gathering place where people of all walks of life can hang out, play games, and simply enjoy one another’s company.

Farmhaus Cider, Hudsonville - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Farmhaus Cider | photo via @lifeoftheheyboers

Guardian Brewing Company

Guardian Brewing Company is a craft beer brewery in Saugatuck that was founded in 2018. It is proud to be an inclusive destination where everyone can feel comfortable grabbing a beer. This woman-owned and LGBTQ-owned brewery is known for both its classic and contemporary beers. At any given time, there are eight standard beers on tap as well as more than a dozen rotating taps, ensuring that faithful patrons can always get their favorites while simultaneously trying something new.

Guardian Brewing Company, Saugatuck - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Guardian Brewing Company | photo via @sirryankineriii


Not far from Holland in the quaint community of Zeeland is Tripelroot, a downtown brewery that is also a deli and market. After you have shopped the market and grabbed a sandwich in the deli, you can head on over to the taproom, where you will be greeted by a friendly bartender who can tell you more about the different beers that they have on tap. Some examples of beers that are available at this brewery include the Pure Mackinac or the Backroads IPA.

Tripelroot, Zeeland - Best Holland Breweries &Amp; Wineries
Tripelroot | photo via @dmk0816

More to Do in Holland Michigan

Whether you plan a day trip or a romantic weekend getaway, sipping your favorite Michigan-brewed libations at a Holland Michigan brewery or wineries is just one of the best things to do in Holland Michigan. Be sure to plan a meal at one of the best local restaurants in Holland and perhaps reserve a night or two at one of these boutique hotels in Holland Michigan to extend your getaway.

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