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Only in November: Horseback Rides on Lake Michigan’s Shoreline at Silver Lake State Park

We could debate all day about how Lake Michigan is the best of Michigan’s Great Lakes, and Michigan residents and out-of-town visitors alike will have one more reason to fall in love with Lake Michigan when shoreline horseback riding returns in November.

Horseback riding enthusiasts and those who want a new way to experience the wonders of Lake Michigan can climb aboard a horse and explore the shoreline for just $10 at Silver Lake State Park.

The park will host horseback riding for $10 per horse per day from November 1-30, and riders must bring their own horse.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes
Silver Lake Sand Dunes | photo via andrew_balcom

Silver Lake State Park in West Michigan is one of the biggest attractions in Oceana County and has a lot to offer anyone who visits. But horseback riding along Lake Michigan before the true chill of winter can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience; a peaceful, relaxing way to see the staggering beauty of Lake Michigan.

The beautiful dunes are arguably the biggest attraction at Silver Lake State Park, offering a plethora of opportunities for enjoyment, to say nothing of the park itself, which offers untold opportunities for outdoor recreation to visitors of all ages. 

The park is bringing back shoreline dune riding for the second year along a designated riding route as part of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources’ efforts to offer even more opportunities for outdoor recreation at the park.

In its first year, this exciting new opportunity drew riders from all across Michigan and the Midwest. With a limited window of time, eager riders are sure to flock to the park to take advantage of such a unique adventure!

Michigan DNR Offers Tips for Shoreline Riding

There’s no doubt shoreline dune horseback riding along Lake Michigan can be a fun, relaxing, unforgettable experience.

But the Michigan Department of Natural Resources also wants to make sure everyone who does stays safe and reminds riders-to-be of tips and rules to stay safe, including:

  • Anyone parking in the equestrian parking area can do so between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and must have a recreation passport.
  • The gates are open every day, but riders are asked to use caution depending on the weather.
  • Riders must provide their own horses.
  • Any/all reservations must match a vehicle’s license plate number.
  • Riders are also advised that the dunes are prone to frequent shifting and to take their time traversing them on horseback.
  • Riders are asked to bring their own forks and muck buckets and clean up after their horses.
Silver Lake State Park-Mears-Lake Michigan-Horseback
Silver Lake State Park | photo via jenny.cook._

Explore More of Silver Lake State Park

Silver Lake State Park could be considered one of Michigan’s hidden gems and for good reason. Spread out across 3,000 acres along the shoreline of Lake Michigan, Silver Lake is the perfect spot for a solo trip, a family getaway, or even a day trip.

The park offers everything travelers need for an unforgettable trip: Beautiful, picturesque sand dunes, boat launches, an inland lake, camping facilities, a lighthouse and so much more!

Silver Lake’s sand dunes in particular offer so much for visitors of any age to do. Travelers can experience the majesty of the dunes on foot, climbing up them to experience indescribable views of Lake Michigan. Travelers can also take a boat ride across Silver Lake to the dunes or try their hand at sandboarding.

Thrill seekers who really want an unforgettable experience on the Silver Lake dunes can take a buggy ride for a trip that simply has to be experienced to be truly appreciated.

Tours last about 45 minutes and visitors usually have trouble expressing their smiles when they’re bouncing through the dunes, taking in the beauty around them.

Some onsite tour companies even offer opportunities for photo ops, so you can snap some of the most scenic selfies and family photos you’re likely to take anywhere in Michigan.

Believe it or not, travelers can also drive on the dunes on a 450-acre ORV area for roughly eight months out of the year. Riders can bring their own vehicles for exploring or pick from one of four different rental options.

Fall Horseback Ride

Explore More Places in Michigan on Horseback

Exploring the wonderful dunes at Silver Lake State Park in the fall/winter can be a thrill like no other. But the Mitten State has many other spots where eager travelers can climb aboard a horse and see Michigan’s beauty from a whole new point of view.

Horsing Around Ranch | Milford

Milford is one of many perfect spots for a Michigan day trip and it’s also the home of Horsing Around Ranch, which offers visitors a chance to take trail rides through scenic Kensington Metropark.

The horses are friendly, the experience is unforgettable, and donations to the ranch are kindly accepted.

The Highlands at Harbor Springs

If you’re exploring Northern Michigan and looking for a new adventure, you can visit The Highlands at Harbor Springs. The resort developers spend a lot of time creating and offering exciting experiences for guests to enjoy and that includes horseback riding.

Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the resort from a new perspective and take guided rides on an extensive, peaceful trail network. Rides are offered throughout the winter, but reservations are required.

Waterloo State Recreation Area | Chelsea

If you’re looking for an unforgettable horseback riding adventure, look no further than the Waterloo State Recreation Area, located just an hour’s drive from Lansing in Chelsea. With over 40 miles of scenic trails and a variety of equestrian sites, this is the perfect place to saddle up and explore the stunning natural beauty of Michigan’s largest state park.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors here, from guided horseback rides to fishing and hunting spots and much more.

Additional Horseback Riding in Michigan

Michiganders and out-of-state visitors who enjoy horseback riding can also find trails and horseback rentals on Mackinac Island, at the U.P. Equestrian Center in Marquette County, and in Lake Ann, among many other places.

Silver Lake Sand Dunes Michigan

Find a New Way to Experience the Beauty of Lake Michigan

Horseback riding for just $10 at Silver Lake State Park is a heck of a deal, but it’s also an incredible way to experience the majesty of Lake Michigan and the beauty of Michigan as a whole.

There are so many places along Lake Michigan to explore all year round, whether travelers are looking for a beach town to explore (trust us, they’re even more tranquil in winter), visit a scenic lighthouse, or even take a scenic drive.

Adventure awaits along Lake Michigan and a ride on the Silver Lake Dunes or a visit to a small town can offer a whole new appreciation for Michigan and the Lake Michigan shoreline.

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