Fun (And Cheap!) Stuff To Do In The Marquette Area

Fun (And Cheap!) Stuff To Do In The Marquette Area

As a college student who is both poor and easily bored with routine, I am always looking for new (and cheap) experiences in Marquette. Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of fun and affordable things to do when you need that well-deserved study break, or bargain get-away.

1. Lakenenland

Photo courtesy Tom Lakenen.

Created by Yooper Tom Lakenen, Lakenenland is a nearly 40-acre display of over 80 sculptures, open to the public seven days a week, all year round. The pieces have been lovingly constructed using found objects and one man’s treasure (junk!) since the site’s creation roughly 15 years ago. Lakenenland is a well-known and favorite spot of locals and visitors alike. Of course, donations are accepted, but best of all: it’s free to roam this one-of-a-kind outdoor gallery!

2. DeVos Art Museum

Photo courtesy DeVos Art Museum.

The DeVos Art Museum is located on the campus of Northern Michigan University, in the School of Art and Design. The museum hosts exhibits year-round, free of charge. Visiting artists include illustrators, furniture craftsman, photographers, digital media artists, and more. Many give tours of their work, and individual artists talk about their artistic processes. Museum tourists are encouraged to attend screenings and listening parties, so get in touch with your creative side at the DeVos Art Museum today! Their current exhibits include “Andrew Ranville: No Island is a Man”, and “You Complete Me: Mediating Relationships in Contemporary Art.”

3. Marquette Maritime Museum and Lighthouse

Photo courtesy Shayla Hagelberg.

Complete with SS Edmund Fitzgerald and SS Henry B. Smith shipwreck exhibits, as well as tours of the Marquette Harbor Lighthouse and a memorial dedicated to World War II US Navy Captain David McClintock, the Marquette Maritime Museum and Lighthouse offers a self-guided trip into the past. Adult admission is five dollars for either the museum or the lighthouse, or nine dollars for both; children are three dollars per site, or five dollars for both. At the Marquette Maritime Museum and Lighthouse, delving into the area’s and our country’s fascinating histories is much more economical than buying that old DeLorean.

4. Thirsty Thursdays

Photo courtesy Claire Moore.

Enjoy a good brew? A hoppin’ dance floor? How about delicious cuisine? Marquette is known for its many area pubs, bars, and clubs that participate in Thirsty Thursdays – also known to locals and students as the best day to drink, dance, and eat for cheap! Participants include The Doghouse Pub, The Wild Rover, Verabar, and The Blue Lounge. Many venues offer discounted beers on tap, appetizers, and access to the hottest spots in town. Who says you can’t have fun on a budget?

5. Marquette’s Natural Beauty

Photo courtesy Claire Moore.

Probably the most satisfying and least expensive thing to do in the Marquette area is to go outside! Not more than 10 minutes from downtown are numerous hiking and mountain biking trails, including the North Country Trail. Travelling through Marquette is as easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly as ever when one utilizes the centrally located city bike path. The fun doesn’t stop when the snow starts flying: snowshoeing, snowboarding, and skiing are favorite pastimes of the area’s residents. Marquette Mountain offers deals throughout the week, as well as College Night Saturday: free equipment rental and a $17 lift ticket after 4pm for students.

So there you have it – no excuse for not getting out and enjoying the wonderful city of Marquette!

~Claire Moore – Feature Writer

Got something else that’s fun, and cheap, to do in Marquette? Let us know in the comments!

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