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The Awesome Mitten - Winter Camping in the UP

Winter Camping in the UP

This post was originally published on December 18th, 2012. It was originally written by Claire Moore, but has been updated by Vaughn Springer. Most Michiganders have acclimated to the occasionally

Arts Beats & East Royal Oak Michigan - The Awesome Mitten

Royal Oak Celebrates Ford Arts, Beats & Eats

Ahh, Labor Day. Every year, I’m filled with bittersweet sentiment as this holiday (symbolic of the end of summer) approaches. Bitter, of course, because this means the awesome summer weather we’ve

The Art of Style: Styleshack

Readers, you know I love writing about our Awesome Mitten’s many artists, artisans, and art festivals, but there is one type of art I don’t often get the chance to talk

The Kalamazoo Garage Sale Art Fair

There are only a handful of things Michiganders appreciate more than craft beer and summer’s at the beach and local art is one of them! The Mitten is home to a

Leigh Difulvio: Mixed-Media in the Mitten

Michigan has long been a source of inspiration for artists around the country and internationally. Leigh Difulvio is an Illinois native, whose time at Northern Michigan University cultivated her love of art

Michgan’s Awesome Potters Market

It is rare to find such a vast and impressive display of pottery prowess in one easily accessible location–especially with free admission! Lucky for you, art lovers, one of the largest

Ann Arbor Fiber Expo 2014

Autumn certainly is in the air! The leaves are changing hues; bright yellows and brilliant reds line the sidewalks. The breeze not only smells heavenly, but chills my nose. I

Photography in the Mitten: Candi, Inc.

A name like Candi Inc (pronounced “ince”) procures thoughts of sweetness, perhaps a little bit of business savviness, and, if you’re like me, an impressive set of photographic skills. After all, Candi

deck art 2014

Deck Art: Where Sport Meets Art

South Street Skateshop and the Rochester Downtown Development Authority are collaborating a fourth time to hold Deck Art 2014 on East Fourth Street and Main in Downtown Rochester, May 15th

Paul Varga Sculpture

Paul Varga has been creating and inspiring others for the better part of the past fifty years.  Since 1972, Varga has sculpted and taught sculpting and art classes in numerous

UP Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace

It’s that time of year again. The transition from summer to fall has begun. There’s a slight crispness to air that wasn’t evident last week and it may be time

Artcenter Traverse City

Artcenter Traverse City, a 501c3 educational and charitable non-profit membership organization, has been a prominent facet of Northern Michigan’s artistic community since the 1950s. Artcenter Traverse City (ATC) supports the

Thing Thing in the Mitten

Thing Thing is possibly one of the most unique design groups in our Awesome Mitten. Inspired by humor and their love of, well, things, Thing Thing is comprised of University

Che Bello: Designers and Drinks

Che Bello is an uncommon shopping destination for more than one reason. Not only does the boutique carry only several pieces of one style, thus ensuring your fashion taste is