Disc Golf At Hanson Hills
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Play Disc Golf at Hanson Hills

There’s nothing quite like summer in northern Michigan, and you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to have fun outdoors while staying in Grayling. The disc golf course at Hanson Hills is one of the best things to do Grayling MI, as it offers opportunities for players of all skill levels as well as plenty of fun for the whole family.

About Hanson Hills Recreation Area

If you are heading to Grayling this summer, you should definitely add the Hanson Hills Recreation Area to your MI bucket list. Not only does this recreational center have playgrounds for young children as well as picnic areas for families to enjoy, but it also features one of the few Professional Disc Golf Association courses in the area. The PDGA “Hill Course” is a 24-hole course that is ideal for avid or experienced disc golfers, as it winds up and down the facility’s downhill ski area.

Of course, this summer bucket list destination is not exclusively for experienced disc golfers. Visitors with less experience or who are more focused on having fun may prefer the Pine Knoll Course, which is an 18-hole flat course that is a bit easier to play. However, in order to keep it interesting and challenging for regular visitors, course managers change the pin and tee placements throughout the season.

This course has earned a reputation for being one of the best things to do Grayling MI because of its various options for players of all skill levels as well as its commitment to maintenance. The course is well-kept and is easy to walk, which appeals to people of all ages and stages. In addition, players are encouraged to enjoy the course for a $2 optional donation, making it an affordable option for summer fun in the city.

Disc Golf at Hanson Hills,

More Things to Do in Grayling in Summer

While no visit to Grayling would be complete without a round of disc golf at Hanson Hills, there also are many other attractions to visit and activities to enjoy in this northern Michigan town. If you are looking to spend more time enjoying the cool winds and the warm sunshine that defines a Michigan summer, then you may want to head over to Hartwick Pines State Park, which is famous for being the largest state park in the Lower Peninsula. The park is filled with winding hiking and biking trails, and visitors may discover an old logging camp and a historic church along the way.

For a touch of history and culture during your Grayling trip, you may want to consider taking a leisurely stroll through Downtown Grayling in order to see the murals that have become iconic in the city. Outdoor murals can be found at various sites throughout town, including Gambles Corner and Ron’s Fly Shop. There also are several indoor murals to discover at locations such as Dead Bear Brewery and the Devereaux Crawford County Library.

Restaurants in Grayling

After you have completed your self-guided tour of the murals in Grayling, you may have worked up an appetite. Fortunately, there are many locally-owned restaurants in town that serve up delicious food for a fair price. The Grayling Restaurant is a local favorite that has been serving residents and visitors in Grayling since 1937. Located right in Downtown Grayling, this restaurant is both convenient and worthwhile. Another highly-rated restaurant in Grayling is Paddle Hard Brewing, which is known not only for its food but also for its craft beer that is brewed on-site.

No summer day in Northern Michigan is complete without an ice cream cone, and fortunately, one of the best local ice cream shops in Michigan is located in the heart of Grayling. Wimpy’s is a favorite among locals and travelers alike, as it serves up dozens of unique frozen treats. It perhaps is most famous for its Wimpy Wizards, which are an alternative to the flurries that blend candy bits and toppings with soft serve. Rather than blending the ice cream and toppings together, the Wimpy Wizard is created by layering the two ingredients.

Disc Golf At Hanson Hills, Grayling - Disc Golf At Hanson Hills
Disc Golf at Hanson Hills | photo via @borkini3

Lodging & Campgrounds Near Grayling MI

These campgrounds near Grayling make it easy to visit this welcoming Michigan town in the summer:

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