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14 Best Disc Golf Courses in Michigan to Play

Looking for the best disc golf courses in Michigan? We’ve got you covered!

No matter where you go in Michigan, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and see the state’s wondrous beauty.

Whether you go to a beach town, visit a forest, have a picnic along a river, or just go for a drive, Michigan’s beautiful scenery can make your eyes widen, bring a smile to your face, and make your jaw drop.

One of the best and most fun ways to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Michigan is by playing disc golf. The game seems simple — a combination of Frisbee and golf where the object is to get discs into metal catch baskets.

But, the game takes the right amount of skill and patience if you’re playing competitively. If you’re not, it’s a fun twist on two fun Michigan pastimes, and it’s a great summer activity to do with family and friends.

Disc Golf - Ella Sharp - Jackson, Michigan - Disc Golf Courses
Disc Golf – Ella Sharp | photo via @kaykhon21

A History of Disc Golf

Today, disc golf is enjoyed by thousands of people all around the world. The Professional Disc Golf Association estimates there are more than 50,000 active members and more than 9,000 courses in the United States alone.

But, the game goes back much further. It was invented in the early 1900s, and the first game was held in Canada in 1927 by a group of elementary school kids throwing trash can lids onto patches of ground.

The modern version of the game arose in the 1970s when Ed Headrick helped create the game. After redesigning the Frisbee for Wham-O, Headrick went out on his own and started his own company, which he called Disc Golf.

In 1976, Headrick and his son formed the Disc Golf Association to formalize the game and develop both discs and targets. The next year, they created the modern basket catch, a staple of every disc golf course. The majority of disc golf courses around the world today still use baskets that Headrick designed.

Did you know that Frisbee discs are used in the game Guts? You can learn more about Guts Frisbee and its history too.

Disc Golf - Ella Sharp, Jackson - Fall In Southcentral Michigan
Disc Golf – Ella Sharp | photo via @natekrumm

Top-Rated Disc Golf Courses in Michigan

So, where can you go to play disc golf in Michigan? As it turns out, more than a few places. The Mitten State has nearly 500 disc golf courses located all over the state. You don’t have to go far to find one!

Below are some of the best disc golf courses in Michigan that you need to play if you’re a disc golf enthusiast.

Flip City Disc Golf Course

1120 E Pierce Rd, Shelby, MI

Michiganders have dubbed Flip City one of the best disc golf courses in Michigan, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s built on a former farm with a blend of open areas and wooded areas on almost every hole.

It offers 24 holes and some eye-opening changes in elevation because of its rolling hills. The course is a challenge but tries to be accessible to everyone.

Silver Creek Disc Golf Park

331 Silver Creek Rd, Harvey, MI

This course utilizes surrounding wooded areas to offer one of the state’s more challenging courses. It has 18 holes, with a little bit of elevation, but accuracy is key along the tree-lined fairways as well as the greens.

Depending on your level of play, it can serve as a good challenge with a focus on the fundamentals.

Powder Mill Disc Golf, Marquette - Summer In Marquette
Powder Mill Disc Golf | photo via @dakotahomfeld

BlueGill Disc Golf

3168 8th St, Wayland, MI

This course is arguably one of the most scenic in Michigan and offers 24 challenging holes. The course has lots of elevation changes, but each hole flows nicely into the next tee. The main course covers more than 8,000 feet, so you’ll definitely get your exercise for the day.

Disc Golf at Kensington MetroPark

4570 Huron River Pkwy, Milford, MI

Kensington MetroPark is the perfect place to do a little bit of everything, from a nature walk to biking to fishing. It also has a disc golf course that has hosted both professional and amateur tournaments. The course has four different tees, so novice players and advanced players alike can enjoy it.

The Tailings Disc Golf Course

98 N River Ave, Iron River, MI

Believe it or not, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has some great disc golf courses too. This course provides great views and plenty of challenges with elevation changes and a course located in a heavily wooded area.

The layout is great for players of all skill levels, and it has one of the largest pro shops in the state, so you can buy or rent all that you need.

The Tailings Disc Golf Course - Iron River, Michigan - Disc Golf Courses
The Tailings Disc Golf Course | photo via @outtaboundsdg

Chippewa Banks Disc Golf Course

400 Towsley St, Midland, MI

Located close to Midland’s downtown area on the banks of the Chippewa River, this course is open year-round, is free, and is fun for disc golfers of all skill levels. While the 18-hole course is compact, it’s challenging and offers great views.

Sage Creek Disc Golf

Memphis, MI

Located less than an hour from Detroit, this course offers 24 holes and a layout that covers both sides of Sage Creek. There are water hazards, elevation changes, and other options that make this a fun, yet challenging course.

Many of the holes are technical, but it’s a great course to take in the scenery and watch your discs soar.

Disc Golf at Kalkaska Log Lake Campground

2475 Log Lake Rd NE, Kalkaska, MI

The holes here are shorter than at other courses around the state, but this is a very technical course. Players don’t need a lot of distance to hit the baskets, but being in control and taking precise shots is important. With the shorter distance, there’s a good chance of hitting an ace during your round.

Disc Golf At Kalkaska Log Lake Campground - Kalkaska, Michigan - Disc Golf Courses
Disc Golf at Kalkaska Log Lake Campground | photo via @seanpwthed231

Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort

9520 E 18 1/2 Rd, Manton, MI

If you’re looking for a slice of disc golf heaven in Michigan, this is the place to be. Spread across 45 acres are two 18-hole courses with multiple tees on every hole and accommodations for players of all ages and skill levels. There’s also a pro shop on site with hundreds of discs from top manufacturers.

The courses include Little Bigfoot, for more experienced players, and Wild Haven’s original Yetisburg course, with a figure 8 or links-style layout. There are also plans for a Sasquatch Safari, which will mix tees and pins from both of the courses.

Hanson Hills Disc Golf

7601 Old Lake Rd, Grayling, MI

This course is located within the Hanson Hills Recreation Area and features 27 holes spread across three different layouts — Pine Knoll, the Hills, and the Pines.

Pine Knoll is considered one of the most challenging courses in the state. It requires long-distance throws and precision accuracy, so be prepared to be challenged.

Hanson Hills Disc Golf - Grayling, Michigan - Disc Golf Courses
Hanson Hills Disc Golf | photo via @fooloflife

Goldenrod Disc Golf Course

6405 Irish Rd, Davison, MI

Owned and operated by the Genesee County Parks & Recreation Commission, this is a full-sized, 18-hole course that’s free to play.

Not only are there 18 fun holes of disc golf, but there are nearby amenities, including picnic tables and grills. So, this is a great spot to play with family and friends before sitting down for an outdoor picnic.

Earle Brewer Park

399 84th St SE, Byron Center, MI

This 36-hole course is one of several in the Grand Rapids area. There are two courses here — a north course for beginners and a south course, which is a championship course for more advanced players.

You can expect to play through wooded areas and rolling hills, and the courses have been described as clean and easy to navigate.

Earle Brewer Park - Byron Center, Michigan - Disc Golf Courses
Earle Brewer Park | photo via @_ian_hamilton_

Hunts Hideaway DGC

9306 E Dodge Rd, Otisville, MI

Located northeast of Flint, this course has been reviewed as one of the coolest, yet most challenging, courses in the state. On a course described as creative and tough, you must keep your wits about you while trying to avoid different water traps and find the baskets with a variety of long and short throws.

This is a private course with an admission fee to play, and you’re asked to make contact on Facebook before heading there.

Disc Golf at Hickory Hills

2000 Randolph St, Traverse City, MI

Traverse City is one of those Michigan towns where visitors feel like they can do anything. That includes playing disc golf. Located on the west side of town, this course usually offers 24 holes — including a breathtaking view of West Grand Traverse Bay on Hole 18 — and a little bit of everything else.

Since it’s also used for skiing, there are some major elevation changes, as well as a mix of open and tight fairways, so you should come prepared for a challenge.

Visit Disc Golf Courses in Michigan Today!

Whether you’re a disc golf aficionado or you’ve been chomping at the bit to learn how to play, you don’t have to go far in Michigan to find a quality course. No matter where you go, just remember that it’s all about having fun.

Take time to appreciate the good time you’re having with family and friends, and don’t forget to soak in the awesome Michigan scenery that’s around you. A day on a disc golf course is a day well spent in Michigan!

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