Day 350: Tahquamenon Falls Brewery

tahquam falls brewery website photo Day 350: Tahquamenon Falls Brewery
Courtesy of Tahquanmenon Falls Brewery

Located inside Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Tahquamenon Brewery serves many park guests its delicious food and carefully crafted beers.  The large wooden deck outside the brewpub is a great place to relax, eat some great food, and enjoy a drink after a long day of walking around the park.

During the logging boom in the early 1800s, the Tahquamenon Falls and the Tahquamenon River played an important role in moving the massive cedar trees that were so important to the logging business. Camps popped up along the river permitting workers to stay out in the woods longer.   One company that capitalized on the boom was the Barrett Logging Company, and they, too, constructed their fair share of camps. The Tahquamenon Brewery’s website explains, “Logging camps were often given numbers rather than names and this camp rightfully received the name Camp 33 as it was the 33rd logging camp the Barrett Logging Company was to construct.” Why is Camp 33 important? The location of this camp is where the brewery now sits.

tahquam brewery pasty krissy Day 350: Tahquamenon Falls Brewery
Tahquamenon Brewery Pasty. Photo courtesy of Krissy Schwab.

Committed to preserving both the history and natural beauty of the land, Jack Barrett helped create the Tahquamenon Falls State Park, and in 1950, he built a replica of the original camp. In 1990, the grandchildren Jack and his wife, Mimi, restored Camp 33.  Six years later, the brewery was added and the establishment became known as Camp 33 and the Tahquamenon Falls Brewery.  Lark Ludlow is the current brew master, and she works hard to serves up some amazing seasonal beers.  My personal favorite is Blueberry Wheat Ale, unfortunately only available in August.  The light refreshing ale smells and tastes like blueberry pancakes.  My boyfriend enjoys the Black Bear Stout, rich with a smoky yet chocolately flavor.

In addition to world renowned microbrews, Tahquamenon Brewery serves delicious and inexpensive food. If you are looking for a traditional Upper Peninsula Pasty, the brewery is a great place to get one.  It’s light and flaky exterior holds the savory stew-like filling, and it goes well with any of the heartier beers. You might also try the locally caught Whitefish. One bite, and you won’t have to wonder why Jack Barrett felt the need to preserve the falls, river, and the land surrounding it.

tahquam blueberry stout krissy 1 Day 350: Tahquamenon Falls Brewery
Tahquamenon Falls Brewery Blueberry Wheat Ale

Tahquamenon Brewery is open year round.  Whether you get there by car, motorcycle, or snowmobile make sure to check it out!

~Krissy Schwab, Feature Writer


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