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Crisp Point Lighthouse | Whitefish Point, Michigan

The Crisp Point Lighthouse is one of Michigan’s most remote lighthouses, but it’s also one of its most scenic.

Situated a few miles west of Whitefish Point as the crow flies, and roughly forty-five minutes away from Tahquamenon Falls, Crisp Point Lighthouse is well worth checking out. Even if you’re not a huge maritime fan, the view from the top of the lighthouse and the scenic beach on which it stands to make this well worth the trek.

Besides, if you plan to visit the Tahquamenon Falls area, you’re already going to be nearby. And in my opinion, visiting Crisp Point Lighthouse is easily one of the top things to do in this area.

How to Get to Crisp Point Lighthouse


See the sign to the right that says “Lighthouse”? Signs like that mark the road all the way to Crisp Point Lighthouse from M-123.

Getting to Crisp Point Lighthouse is a bit of a trek. County Road 500 is only about five miles southwest of the Upper Tahquamenon Falls, and both it and CR-412 (the road that ultimately leads you to the lighthouse) are well-maintained gravel roads that weave through a huge and mostly undeveloped wilderness.

If you’re coming from Newberry, take M-123 north to the intersection with CR-500 (this is a gravel road). Turn north on CR-500 to the intersection of CR-412. Take CR-412, and follow the signs to the lighthouse.

My Experience at Crisp Point Lighthouse

I was visiting the Tahquamenon Falls brewery while researching my U.P. Breweries book and decided to drive out to Crisp Point while in the area. I’ve been wanting to visit this lighthouse since I first read about it a few years ago and now that I’ve been there, I’m a little bummed it took me so long!


The view from the top of Crisp Point Lighthouse is expansive.

Recent renovation efforts have done much for the lighthouse. There’s a little store on site that sells Crisp Point memorabilia (staffed by a rotation of volunteers), and sections of boardwalk lead you to both the beach and the lighthouse. There is no fee to climb the tower, and man, it’s such a beautiful view from up there. The photos I took may look nice but trust me; this is something you should see for yourself.


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What to Do at Crisp Point Lighthouse

I’d recommend allotting either a whole morning or afternoon to visit Crisp Point Lighthouse so you have time to walk the beach, climb the lighthouse tower, learn a little of the history and just enjoy the area. The lighthouse sits on a huge, undeveloped section of beach and you’d be remiss if you didn’t explore it.

This was my first visit to the Crisp Point Lighthouse, but it definitely won’t be my last.

crisp point lighthouse

Bottom Line: A visit to the Crisp Point Lighthouse is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon when visiting the Tahquamenon Falls area. Climb the tower, walk the beach and enjoy this serene section of the Upper Peninsula.

Getting there: About five miles west of Upper Tahquamenon Falls, turn off M-123 onto CR-500 and drive for 11.6 miles, then veer right onto CR-412. Drive 6.5 miles on CR-412 and arrive at the lighthouse. The drive will probably be about 45 minutes each way.

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