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Brew Tour: Eastern Market Brewing Co.

Eastern Market has been a Saturday staple in Detroit since 1891. It provides weekends full of fresh produce and local vendors. With the rise of Detroit over the past couple of years, the spirit of the city has never been so bright. The community is starting to grow organically. Local, small businesses are taking up residence in brick and mortar shops. Tucked away on Riopelle Street, just a block back from the hub of sheds, a new brewery is taking form in the historic district, Eastern Market Brewing Co. Construction is well underway. The brewery is slated to open in early Summer.

“We had come across this building while walking around the market one Saturday afternoon,” Dayne Bartscht told me as we walked around the space. “There was so much energy around the market, and we knew that our business should be planted here.”

Brew Tour: Eastern Market Brewing Co. - The Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of Eastern Market Brewing Co.

Early Stages

Bartscht and his partners reached out to the owner of the building. They learned that it already had a bid on it from a company in New York City. That soon fell through and the building landed in their hands. The spot is an old meat packing plant from the 1920’s called “S&D.” Exposed brick lines the building. It adds that industrial feel that blends well with the historic area where the brewery sits.

“Eastern Market Corporation has been an absolute pleasure to work with throughout this entire process,” Dayne explained. “The community had open arms when we came to them with our idea.”

Brew Tour: Eastern Market Brewing Co. - The Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of Eastern Market Brewing Co.

Grand Plan

The rest of Detroit has been on a steady revitalization over the years. Eastern Market put a 10-year plan in place for growth within the community. More vendors look to join on for year round vacancy. This adds more opportunities for residents to have housing that is affordable. Riopelle Street is a huge part of this project to bring retail vendors to the area.

“If all goes according to plan, we should be open this June. With our first phase built out, we can hold around 100 patrons,” Bartscht told me as we climbed the stairs to the second floor of the brewery.

The lower part of the establishment will have a full bar of draft beer with community style sitting. Bartscht and his team are knocking out part of a wall that faces an ally. Here you can cut on through and enjoy a drink outside. Eastern Market Brewing also has brought in brewmaster Hazen Schumacher. Schumacher brewed at both Bell’s and Atwater Brewery. The 5-barrel system will be a nice change for Schumacher. He is looking to get creative with small scale batches.

Brew Tour: Eastern Market Brewing Co. - The Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of Eastern Market Brewing Co.

“We knew that taking small steps to building our business was key to its growth and success. Seeing what our consumers like will be crucial to defining who we are in this community, both with Eastern Market and our local brewers.”

Detroit’s Spirit

In the early 1900’s, Detroit had a strong presence of breweries around the city. These were strongly influenced by the German immigrants that migrated to the Midwest. Eastern Market was home to a handful. The most notable is Stroh’s Brewing. It stood across Gratiot. Bartscht and his partners are looking to bring that energy back into Eastern Market with the opening of Eastern Market Brewing Co.

“We’re excited to bring our spirit into the market, giving shoppers a place to unwind and have a locally brewed beer. But we are also giving them a chance to stop and enjoy this beautiful community we now call home.”

Brew Tour: Eastern Market Brewing Co. - The Awesome Mitten
Photo Courtesy of @BrewChaz

Keep up with Eastern Market Brewing Co. to find out more on opening dates and watch the progress of their space. You can find them on Instagram at “@EasternMarketBrewing” and give their Facebook page a like!

Do you plan to visit Eastern Market Brewing Co? What is your favorite style of beer?

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