Bond Falls Jesse2 Check out the Beautiful Bond Falls

Check out the Beautiful Bond Falls

Bond Falls Jesse1 Check out the Beautiful Bond Falls

Bond falls is one of the top waterfalls in the U.P., as judged both by how awesome the thing is and how many people were there the late September day my family and I visited.

It wasn’t nearly as crowded as Tahquamenon Falls, but I was still surprised at how popular it seemed to be. It’s way out in the Western Upper Peninsula, after all, near Watersmeet (home of the Nimrods) and Paulding (home of the Paulding Mystery Light).

At any rate, I feel like the folks over at have done an excellent job describing Bond Falls so I’m not going to recreate the wheel. Here’s what they had to say about one of the coolest waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula:

“This is the best single waterfall in the Western U.P, and the second best waterfall in Michigan. If you are in the Western U.P., possibly on your way to or from the Porcupines or Copper Harbor, this is a definitely worth a stop.

Bond Falls is in the western U.P. on Bond Falls Rd, east of Pauding MI. This is the most impressive waterfall in Michigan with the possible exception of Tahquamenon Falls. The main drop is 40 feet high and 100+ feet wide. Above the main falls are a series of cascades and rapids that must drop a total of 20 feet.

The water level is controlled by a dam, and a steady flow over the falls is maintained for scenic reasons. Of course during the spring melt the flow is much higher.

Bond Falls is a Michigan State Scenic Site. The site was renovated around 2003. The old parking area was upstream of the falls, and a steep concrete stairway led to the base of the falls. The new parking area is near the base of the falls, and a level boardwalk leads you to prime views of the falls. The area is not quite as wild looking as it once was, but it is accessible to everyone. The trail on the east side of the falls is still wild with some steep rocky climbs. There are other trails that go off into the woods, and there are campsites nearby.

In addition to being very picturesque, this is a very popular waterfall, and unless you visit early in the morning or in winter, you are going to have a lot of company.”

Well, there you have it. If I would have read their entry before my visit I probably would have expected the company!

Bottom Line: If you like waterfalls and you like the Upper Peninsula, Bond Falls is an absolute must-see.

Bond Falls Jesse3 Check out the Beautiful Bond Falls

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