Chapel Falls in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore near Munising, Michigan

Hike to Chapel Falls in Pictured Rocks

The Chapel Falls trail is an easy 1.4-mile hike that leads to a gorgeous waterfall with a sixty-foot drop.  Since it’s not right off a paved road, there’s a good

Eagle River Inn

Fitzgerald’s Eagle River Inn

The Fitz (aka The Eagle River Inn and Fitzgerald’s Restaurant) is the sort of place I’m surprised isn’t famous across the Upper Peninsula. But if the current owners keep doing

Brown Fisheries Fish House

Eat Fresh at Brown Fisheries Fish House

Do a Google search for “Brown Fisheries Fish House” and you’ll find five-star ratings from sites like Urbanspoon, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. They’ve also been written up in The New York

Piers Gorge

Hike Piers Gorge

I just got back from a two-hour hike at Piers Gorge, and man… what a place. The Gorge is quickly becoming one of my favorite places in the world, not

Au Sable Light Station

Hike to the Au Sable Lighthouse

The hiking trail to the light station is an old coast guard road. It skirts the beach the whole way. The Au Sable Light Station is the standout lighthouse in

Camping at Blind Sucker #2 Campground

Camping at Blind Sucker #2 Campground

Choice campsites abound. You’ve got to camp at Blind Sucker #2 campground sometime just for the name. But beyond the humorous title bestowed upon it, this little rustic campground is


7 Spectacular Upper Peninsula Views

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is known for its scenic beauty. We all know this. What you may not know is where the best vantage points are to take in some of