Biking On Mackinac Island - #Mittentrip - The Awesome Mitten
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Ultimate Guide to Mackinac Island Biking | Rentals, Trails, & More

Thoughts of fudge, horses, and history are usually top of mind when thinking about visiting Mackinac Island, but the Mackinac Island bike trail around the island is one of its most unique features.

The relatively flat path, which makes it accessible for most riders, encircles the entire island – all 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island – and offers stunning views of Lake Huron, the Mighty Mac, and beautiful, wooded landscapes, making Mackinac Island biking one of the best things to do on Mackinac Island!

Mackinac Island Biking Pro Tips

If you have a bike, try to bring it to the island – the Mackinac Island ferry fare for a bike is a reasonable $16.

If you choose to rent bikes on Mackinac Island, the least expensive is Ryba’s Bicycle Rental with a fare of $9/hour.

Be sure to give yourself at least two hours to do the loop if you plan to stop along the way.

Biking On Mackinac Island - #Mittentrip - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Shalee Blackmer.

Mackinac Island Bike Rentals

Mackinac Island bike rentals usually include one gear, three gear, tandem, and mountain bikes – something to suit everyone’s needs. Attachments of baby carts and baskets are also available.

For the main Mackinac Island bike trail loop, one gear is enough for that adventure. If you plan to head to the top of the island for biking trails on Mackinac Island, renting a mountain bike is more expensive, yet worth the investment.

Best Mackinac Island Bike Trails

There is no right or wrong way for the path to be taken! If you wish to save Arch Rock (Mackinac Island) for the end, start by heading west out of town on the paved path – there is a solid yellow line that leads the way.

Although there are no cars, conventional rules still apply to bikes and horses regarding which side of the road to ride on.

Mackinac Island is 8.2 miles around the outside, and it’s the perfect biking trail for all ages!

Biking Mackinac Island

This weekend, we traveled to Mackinac Island for #MittenTrip (my Mackinac Island weekend getaway guide is here). When we began our bike ride around the island, the sun was out and the water was calm – a perfect summer day for a bike ride!

I rocked my High Five Threads tee to spread the spirit of Michigan pride along the way, but man, was I impressed by all the other Michigan gear. Kids, grandparents, teens, and adults all sported gear related to the Great Lakes State. Woohoo!

Seeing all that Michigan love made my day.

What to See When You Bike Mackinac Island

Biking On Mackinac Island - #Mittentrip - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Shalee Blackmer

For our adventure, we tried to see all that we could. I recommend that your stops along the route should include Mackinac’s natural spring, a small woodland hike to a peaceful creek for a break along the first section of the trail.

At the halfway point, there is a rocky beach and concession shack to grab some much-deserved grub. Grab some of the smooth rocks on the shoreline and see how many times you can skip them! I failed at the challenge, but it was still a blast.

Continuing along, you’ll pass picnic tables, benches, and footpaths that are the perfect place to take a small hike or relax along the shore.

Just when you have almost finished, you’ll have the opportunity to pull off to view Arch Rock on Mackinac Island from below. The famous natural landmark towers above the path and shoreline.

Another couple hundred feet down the path, there is a bike parking area and stairs to lead you 207 steps up to the arch for a vantage point above the formation.

Getting Around Mackinac Island on a Bike

Biking On Mackinac Island - #Mittentrip - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Shalee Blackmer

After the gentle Mackinac Island bike ride and relaxing adventure, you’ll land back in town where you can switch out your one gear bike for a mountain bike.

Now is the time to head up Fort Hill towards the peak of the island. Brace yourself – the hills can be killer! Once at the top, hang a right to pass by the top of the fort.

At the intersection just past Fort Mackinac, take a left on Garrison Road. Skull Cave will be the first point of interest on this route. Once you have learned its history, stay right on Rifle Range Road until you hit a path known as Sugar Loaf Road.

Along this trajectory, Mackinac Island’s Sugar Loaf will appear and you will most likely stand in awe at the massive 70-foot cliff-rock that towers above the surrounding forest. There is a cave that runs through the rock, although an adult can’t fit through it, it is still fun to try climbing to the cave to sit and relax.

Biking On Mackinac Island - #Mittentrip - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Shalee Blackmer

According to island historians, during wartime, soldiers would come to the rock for honey. Millions of bees would create their hives and produce so much honey it would drip from the rock. No one knows exactly what happened to the bees, but today more bats call the rock and crevasses home.

Next, you should take a quick stroll up the west staircase to the lookout point that provides an elevated view of the rock and forest. It’s a must-do!

Now, you have to put that mountain bike to good use right? That’s what I thought!

Mountain Biking on Mackinac Island

Biking On Mackinac Island - #Mittentrip - The Awesome Mitten
Photo courtesy of Shalee Blackmer

That means it’s time to get off the pavement and onto the skinny, bumpy, and sometimes muddy bike paths. There are dozens of trails similar to this on the island, so pull out your map (available at multiple places on the island) and pick one that looks thrilling!

Tranquil Bluff is a good choice and it gives you views of Lake Huron along the way.

The crowds on the inner paths of Mackinac are a complete contrast to town. Getting to the top takes work, and most people prefer to stay on the flat shoreline. This means space to roam, woods to relax, and bluffs to reflect.

Enjoy Biking Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is the best of both biking worlds. The flat, family-friendly path is fun, relaxing, and energetic. The hilly central part is peaceful, adventurous, and crowd-less. I would say that is pretty impressive for an island that is only a few miles wide!

One last note: Beware of biking selfies! They are a common reason for bike crashes on the island.

Pictures are fun, but don’t be that person steering a tandem bike while taking a selfie driving on the wrong side of the road (true story). Or, the mom who accidentally runs over her own kid while on FaceTime. Oops!

What are your favorite ways to explore Mackinac Island by bike? Any favorite spots?

More Things to Do on Mackinac Island

When you’re done biking Mackinac Island, be sure to stop at one of the best Mackinac Island restaurants or get a room at one of the top Mackinac Island vacation rentals. There is so much more to do, see, and enjoy on Mackinac Island!

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