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Where to Dance the Night Away in Detroit

Spring has sprung! That means, the summer music festival season is approaching quickly and it’s time to prepare. There’s no better way to knock off the cobwebs and get your dance moves aligned then to hit the dance floor – “Detroit style.” I’ve come up with a list of the best places to get groovy, let loose, and shake what your momma gave ya in Detroit. So let’s tighten up those boogie shoes because these dance floors show no mercy. See you out there?

TV Lounge – 2548 Grand River Ave, Detroit

Where To Dance The Night Away In Detroit - Awesome Mitten
Beam me up – Photo courtesy of @ChasPics

The holy grail of all dance clubs in the city of Detroit where they boast the best atmosphere and
talent around, TV Lounge is a personal favorite. With a wicked new sound system located inside and a patio that defines the term “Sunday Funday,” their summer Sunday parties are a must attend event. Bring your sunglasses!

The flow of the Lounge makes any busy night not seem so cramped because there is always ample room to get your boogie on without stepping on anyone’s toes, literally. Paxahau, some of Detroit’s most famous party planners, throw down some gnarly events here, so look out for anything coming from these guys at the Lounge. Also, I’m looking forward to them hosting some of the best after parties when Movement weekend arrives. Be sure to get your tickets to these early, they sell out in a hurry.

The Grasshopper Underground – 22757 Woodward Ave, Ferndale

Where To Dance The Night Away In Detroit - Awesome Mitten
DJ Randy – Photo courtesy of Katie Stretch

Now this club isn’t technically within the Detroit city limits, but being just outside its lines and in Ferndale, I’ll allow it. The Grasshopper Underground, or “Ghop” as some call it, is located in downtown Ferndale and provides sweet beats to the city. As you make your way downstairs, you’re greeted with a spectacular sound system, dimly lit atmosphere, and a wide open dance floor ready for the taking. Not to mention, their solid booking of both legends and local artists means that no matter what night you make it down into the Underground, you’re in for a treat!

The Works – 846 Michigan Ave, Detroit

Where To Dance The Night Away In Detroit - Awesome Mitten
Juan Atkins – Photo courtesy of @ChasPics

One of the more eccentric on this list, but with its deep history in electronic music over the years and unique culture that surrounds it, you gotta get down here at least once while you’re visiting (or living in) the city. With an array of sounds from Techno to Dubstep, plenty of electronic genres play behind these doors. It’s located in Corktown off Michigan Avenue, The Works is a Detroit nightlife staple in the electronic music community. Since they have two separate rooms of music, you are sure to find an option that will help you dance back and forth as the night goes on. Its real dance floor appeal is a reminder of the rich history of where all these sounds came from, from the city that birthed it. This is the place to end your night since The Works is open until 4 AM, so it’s the perfect place to keep dancing even after regular dance floors have closed.

Exodos Rooftop – 529 Monroe St, Detroit

Dancing outside in the summer is the bees knees, and dancing on a rooftop is icing on the cake. These facts alone make Exodos Rooftop in Greektown a place for summer jams. With one of the more unique dance floors in the city, half inside and half outside while surrounded by elegant awnings and a multi-level setup, this marks it as one of the best spots in the downtown area. They’ve been known to have some wicked Thursday night bangers, featuring underground local acts, so we can all hope these return this summer because sometimes you just need get your boogie on before the weekend hits.

The Whiskey Disco – 1456 Woodward Ave, Detroit

New to the scene, but another downtown gem is The Whiskey Disco. Located just outside of Campus Martius, this basement dance floor has a warming décor and underground vibe. Decorated with a phenomenal wood finish and cozy couches, feel free to take a seat while you grab a drink and give your feet a rest before getting back on the floor. With the DJ booth tucked away in the corner, all eyes are on the prize as you dance the night away in one of Detroit’s best new clubs. Look forward to some stellar Movement after parties from these cats, which will be a nice escape from all the overpacked venues around the city.


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