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35 Best Local Gluten-Free Restaurants in Michigan

If you’re looking for the best gluten-free restaurants in Michigan, it’s helpful to have someone who has vetted the recommended gluten-free dining options. Here’s a list of the best Michigan restaurants with gluten-free menu items…

Best Local Gluten-Free Michigan Restaurants

If you live with Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity, eating out can be a challenge. Not only must ingredients be free from gluten, but restaurant staff must also be trained in preventing cross contact. 

This can make eating out with friends and family a significant challenge. Luckily, there are great restaurants across the state of Michigan that take your dietary needs seriously. 

From the Upper Peninsula to the Ohio border, there are gluten-free dining options to be found in every region of the Awesome Mitten. Let us help you discover hidden gems and famous favorites. 

Editor’s Note: Each of these restaurants offered gluten-free options at the time of publication. Please verify with each restaurant prior to ordering, as management and food preparation may change. Most restaurants on this list are NOT 100% gluten free but take precautions to prevent cross contact.

Gluten Free Dining in the Upper Peninsula

There is nothing more beautiful than Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. From crystal blue water to breathtaking waterfalls, it’s definitely a “bucket list” destination.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free restaurant in Marquette, I highly recommend Donckers. Located above the candy shop, I had a delicious gluten free breakfast. I loved the decor, and the staff was fantastic. 

If you’re looking for some eats and drinks later in the day, check out Ore Dock Brewing.They serve delicious seltzer, and The Burger Bus is parked outside, on Thursdays. Their menu is gluten free, even fried chicken. (*They do have gluten free buns and wheat brioche buns on the truck.) 

Donckers Restaurant, Marquette - Marquette Restaurants
Donckers Restaurant | photo via @erica.terry

Northern Michigan Gluten Free Restaurants

I’ve been to Traverse City numerous times. My favorite restaurant has been, and will always be, Taproot Cider House. Not only do they have a great selection of cider, they offer a fantastic gluten free menu. I’ve really enjoyed their gluten free pizza. 

MiddleCoast Brewing Company launched a separate gluten free kitchen in June of 2022. That kitchen will offer nachos, tacos, and pizza. No word yet on whether or not they will carry gluten free beers. 

If you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop at Third Coast Bakery. As Northern Michigan’s only dedicated gluten and dairy free bakery, you’re bound to find something you love. Looking for ice cream? Stop at Milk And Honey Cafe. They offer vegan and sugar free options as well. 

Nourish Juicery And Kitchen - Blissfield, Michigan
Nourish Juicery and Kitchen | photo via @nourishjk

Gluten-Free Dining in Grand Rapids

Of all the regions of Michigan, Grand Rapids offers the most gluten free dining options. So much so, my blog post about Gluten Free Grand Rapids Dining Options has an embedded map so you can find all of them! 

The Michigan gluten-free restaurant causing the most excitement is the new Papa Chops Eatery on 28th street. EVERYTHING at this restaurant is gluten free. French fries, onion rings, fried chicken, burgers – you name it. The online reviews from happy diners are GLOWING. 

If you’re in town, make sure to visit Michigan’s first dedicated gluten free brewery, Brewery Nyx. Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Visit Rise Authentic Baking, a 100% gluten free and vegan bakery. Or grab ice cream from Frosty Boy on Plainfield, which offers Kind Crumbs gluten free mix-ins. 

Brewery Nyx - Grand Rapids, Michigan
Brewery Nyx | photo via @brewerynyx

Gluten Free Restaurants in Central Michigan and the Tri-Counties 

Despite being a Central Michigan University graduate, my knowledge of Michigan Gluten-Free restaurants in Mount Pleasant is lacking. (I didn’t receive my Celiac Disease diagnosis until I was done with college.) If you’re looking for restaurants in that area, I suggest consulting the Find Me Gluten Free App

However, I did have a fantastic time exploring the Tri-County/Great Lakes Bay region during my Mitten Trip. My best gluten-free dining option was Uptown Grill. They served gluten free pancakes the size of your head! 

If you find yourself in Frankenmuth, enjoy wine and delicious gluten free food at Prost! While I haven’t eaten there personally, Ashley P shares in her Frankenmuth Mitten Trip article that Honey B’s Eatery is a good place for a gluten-free breakfast. 

Prost Wine Bar &Amp; Charcuterie - Frankenmuth, Michigan
Kale & Artichoke Dip with homemade gluten-free bread at Prost Wine Bar & Charcuterie | photo via Margaret Clegg

Greater Lansing Gluten Free Restaurants

My favorite restaurant in Greater Lansing is Anna’s House. A Michigan based chain started in Grand Rapids, this eatery prepares gluten free orders in a separate cook space. They even have gluten free cinnamon rolls. They’re only open until 3 pm, so don’t dawdle! 

If you’re looking to grab something for dinner, I recommend Buddy’s Pizza. The original home of the Detroit-style pizza, they prepare gluten-free pizza orders in a separate prep area. However, if you’re vegan, their pizza dough does contain buttermilk. 

If you want to satisfy your sweet tooth, stop at Sweet Encounter Bakery in downtown Lansing. They also offer a delicious quiche in the morning. More than just a bakery, they also offer cooking classes for adults and children. 

Buddy's Pizza
Buddy’s Pizza

Gluten Free Dining in Michigan’s Thumb Region

What would Michigan be without the “Thumb?” This includes Lapeer, Huron, and Sanilac counties. You’ll find beautiful lighthouses and stunning lakeshore views, along the Michigan Thumbcoast.

Most of my thumb gluten-free dining experiences have been in Port Huron. My husband and I both enjoyed Raven Cafe. From the delicious soup, to gluten free sandwiches, this restaurant is popular with many in the gluten free community. And we love their bookshelf-lined walls! 

We also had an enjoyable lunch at Kate’s Downtown. My gluten-free sandwich was huge and served with chips and a pickle. They also offer a huge beverage menu. I highly recommend the strawberry French soda!

Nourish Juicery And Kitchen - Blissfield, Michigan
Nourish Juicery and Kitchen | photo via @nourishjk

Metro Detroit Gluten Free Restaurants

Probably the most famous Michigan Gluten-Free restaurant is Renee’s Gourmet Pizzeria, in Troy. This dedicated gluten free pizzeria switched ownership in the past few years and is now called Tru Pizza Company. The new owner, Achilles DiNello, also recently purchased Rumi’s Passion Gluten Free Bakery.

However, Mr. Mike’s Grill in Westland is one of my absolute favorite Metro Detroit gluten-free restaurants. With a completely separate prep space, you can enjoy pancakes, burgers, and fries. Even dessert! I highly recommend their gluten free Reuben. I order it every time I go. 

If you find yourself in downtown Detroit, stop at Breadless. This 100% gluten-free eatery also offers plant-based options. The Elephant Room and Bangkok 96 Street Food are also on my “bucket list” of Detroit eateries to visit. 

Renee Pizzeria - Troy, Michigan
Renee Pizzeria | photo via Margaret Clegg

Gluten Free Dining in Ann Arbor

Zingerman’s Roadhouse is an icon in Ann Arbor. Lucky for us, they handle gluten free cooking beautifully. Whether it’s their gluten free grits and bits waffles for breakfast, or their gluten free fried chicken for dinner, Zingerman’s Roadhouse is my happy place. 

If curries and dal are more your thing, grab a meal from Earthen Jar, near campus. All food prepared on-site is completely gluten-free. (Non gluten free bread options are prepared off-site.) They also offer gluten free cupcakes!

Wanting dessert? Stop by Ann Arbor’s 100% gluten-free bakery, Tasty Bakery. I also highly recommend Blank Slate Creamery, where all gluten free ice creams are clearly labeled, and they’ll scoop from a fresh tub. Also visit Mindo Chocolate’s new downtown Ann Arbor location on 4th avenue.

Earthen Jar - Ann Arbor, Michigan
Earthen Jar | photo via Margaret Clegg

Southeast Michigan Gluten Free Dining Options

Drive southwest of Ann Arbor, and you’ll find Nourish Juicery and Kitchen. Located in the small town of Blissfield, everything here is gluten free. Even all the delicious looking baked goods. You can also find them at the Adrian Farmers Market on summer weekends. 

Alas, this is not an area I’ve traveled to frequently. Those who use the Find Me Gluten Free app have recommended Hillsdale Brewing Company and those who eat gluten free recommend Rice and Barley Taphouse in Adrian, which is an Asian fusion restaurant. 

Nourish Juicery And Kitchen - Blissfield, Michigan
Nourish Juicery and Kitchen | photo via @nourishjk

Gluten-Free Dining in Southwest Michigan

For me, Southwest Michigan includes Battle Creek, Kalamazoo, and smaller towns like Marshall and Niles. In Marshall, you’ll find Outside the Box Cafe. This dedicated Michigan gluten-free restaurant allows you to build your own bowl. 

If you’re in greater Kalamazoo, there are many chain restaurants that offer gluten free options. In Portage you’ll find Core Life Eatery, which is mostly gluten free, except for their wraps and tacos. Head almost due south and you’ll find Gluten Free Sensations bakery in Three Rivers. 

Drive 50 miles west of Three Rivers, and you’ll come to one of the newer Michigan Gluten-Free Restaurants. The Rage, located in Niles, offers a 100% complete gluten free menu. Their menu offers burgers, fries, tacos, pizza, and more. 

Gluten Free Sensations - Three Rivers, Michigan
Gluten Free Sensations | photo via

More Michigan Gluten Free Dining Options

Of course, there are more Michigan gluten-free restaurants than what I’ve listed here. Check out my complete Michigan gluten free dining list. This list contains a sublist of 15 dedicated gluten-free restaurants. 

Please remember that all of my recommendations are suggestions. Always do your own diligence in asking restaurant staff how they prepare gluten free meals. Ownership, menus, and preparation methods can always change. 

If you’re looking for baked goods, please check out my master Michigan Gluten Free Bakers list. Many are home bakers, and do not have storefronts. However, some sell at various farmers markets across the state of Michigan. 


  1. Marie Catrib’s is the best Gluten Free Food I have had. I love the quinoa burger and the Morning Glory Cupcake. Heaven! You are treated well once you get seated. There is always a line of enthusiastic diners.

    1. Dear Donna,
      I whole-heartedly agree. I don’t know that I’ve ever felt more love from a restaurant owner or staff. Gluten-free or not, everyone should stop here.

  2. Jimmy Schmidt is no longer directing the menu and gluten free program at MooCluckMoo. The buns are no longer baked on premises and other menu changes have occurred

  3. So sad. I hear Moo Cluck Moo is no longer GF, and WOW in Okemos has closed. You need to do another list! 🙂

  4. This list is no longer accurate. Some restaurants have added gluten back to their menus, changed their names, or are out of business.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, Margaret – we’ll have one of our writers research this for better accuracy!

  5. You forgot Nourish Northern Michigan in Cheboygan! Their whole menu is gluten free and they are so unique. Breakfast and lunch 👍

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