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Flint Coffee Foster Coffee Company

Flint, Michigan is the New Coffee City

Things are brewing in the city of Flint. While the city receives its share of bad press now and again, businesses here dedicate themselves to transforming this city into what

Egg Month - The Awesome Mitten

Celebrate Michigan Eggs With These Recipes!

I love eggs. What’s not to love? Michigan eggs contain only 70 calories while also supplying high-quality protein and essential vitamins and antioxidants. And while eggs are delicious on their

kalamazoo history map of Michigan

Kalamazoo History Puts Michigan On The Map

Kalamazoo, the popular small town in the southwestern portion of the Awesome Mitten, is rich in culture, civil rights heritage and innovation. I spoke to several residents to gain a

Flint hockey helps a city rise from the ashes Awesome Mitten

Flint Hockey: Helping a City Believe Again

There are four seasons in Michigan: football, basketball, baseball and hockey. Outside of Canada, the passion for hockey burns the brightest in Michigan. Just an hour north of Detroit, which is nicknamed

Detroit's Banza chickpea pasta

Banza Continues Detroit History of Innovation

Innovation, Creativity, Dedication. Detroit business owners have embodied these characteristics for decades. Just like Henry Ford changed the world by bringing affordable transportation to the masses, Brian Rudolph, creator and co-founder of Banza, wants

Children can help pick vegetables during nutrition month

Savor Michigan Flavors During Nutrition Month

March is the perfect time to celebrate National Nutrition Month in Michigan! Now that gardening season is right around the corner, it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves to stop eating all that frozen,