Finding The Flavor Of Superman Ice Cream In Michigan
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Uncovering the Mysterious Flavor of Superman Ice Cream: A Truly Michigan Treat

You may be surprised to learn that the flavor of Superman Ice Cream isn’t well-known outside of the Midwest. But kids across Michigan instantly recognize those fruity swirls of red, yellow, and blue you see in cups and cones, and usually also on tongues and faces, all summer.

Superman Ice Cream At Frosty Boy, Belleville - Superman Ice Cream
Frosty Boy in Belleville | photo via @halalindetroit

In fact, you can find it almost exclusively in Michigan. Only a few other states in the region have it, and there really is no substitute for the Michigan summery goodness that is Superman Ice Cream!

Note: a 2019 WorkWise study found that Michigan is the only state where the overall favorite ice cream flavor is Superman, topping the national favorite of cookies and cream.

From unofficial origins to a mysterious flavor combination, let’s dive into this all-time favorite frozen dessert.

Superman Ice Cream, Bay City - Superman Ice Cream
photo via @emmmaswartz

So What Flavor is Superman Ice Cream?

The flavor of Superman ice cream is slightly different depending on which Michigan ice cream brand you taste. Superman ice cream flavors are Blue Moon, Red Pop (or black cherry), and lemon (or vanilla).

Superman Ice Cream Colors & Flavors

The original Superman ice cream features blue, red, and yellow colors. These remain the same across all of the brands… and then there’s a separate mystery regarding Blue Moon ice cream.

Stroh’s Ice Cream makes Super Rainbow with Blue Moon, Red Pop (strawberry), and lemon. The Red Pop pays homage to Faygo’s classic strawberry pop, which is a well-loved Michigan drink.

Both Hudsonville and Purple Cow, though, make theirs with Blue Moon, black cherry instead of Red Pop, and vanilla instead of lemon.

The Blue Moon Ice Cream Flavor Mystery

No one really knows the flavor of Blue Moon ice cream. The bright blue color is where it gets its name, but the proprietary blend remains under lock and key.

Speculators say that they can taste a range of flavors — marshmallows, almond extract, citrus notes, and cereals such as Fruit Loops, Fruity Pebbles, and Trix.

According to patent ownership, Austrian chemist Bill “Doc” Sidon created the formula while working as the chief flavor chemist at Petran Products in Milwaukee in the 1950s.

Many people have tried to replicate the original Blue Moon recipe, and although some have come close, the true formula remains a secret. Nevertheless, it’s a popular flavor alone and as part of Superman ice cream.

Superman Ice Cream in Other States & Canada

In other Midwestern states, the Superman flavors vary a little more:

  • Ohio-based United Dairy Farmers, for example, creates Super Moo with a combination of blue vanilla, cherry, and vanilla.
  • In Wisconsin, Cedar Crest Ice Cream makes Super Madness with blue raspberry, cherry, and vanilla flavors.
  • Then there’s Laura Secord Chocolates based in Ontario, which uses blueberry, strawberry, and banana flavors for its Super Kid ice cream.
Stroh's Beer And Loud &Amp; Jackson Ice Cream - Superman Ice Cream
Antiques at the Jackson County Fair: Stroh’s Beer and Loud & Jackson Ice Cream (precursor to The Parlour)

The History of Superman Ice Cream

The origin of Superman ice cream is still up for debate, but the most accepted story is that the Stroh Brewery Company invented the swirling concoction during Prohibition.

Like many other beer and spirits producers in the country, it had to restructure its operations in 1920 when the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol was banned.

While saloons were closing, ice cream parlors were becoming popular hangouts for men. At the time, Stroh Brewery head Julius Stroh decided to turn the company’s Detroit factory into a nonalcoholic beverage producer.

The company started making near beer, birch beer, malt products, soft drinks, and ice. Under a different brand — Alaska — it made ice cream. When Prohibition ended in 1933, the ice cream was so profitable and popular that it continued making the frozen treat alongside its beers.

Stroh Brewing built a new ice cream facility in Detroit in the early 1980s. During a corporate restructuring, it was sold in 1989. Then, in 1999, Stroh Brewery ended its brewing operations and sold its brands to Miller Brewing Company and Pabst Brewing Company. Melody Farms ran the Stroh’s Ice Cream business, keeping the name for several years.

In 2005, the business was purchased by Dallas-based Dean Foods, which continues to distribute Stroh’s Ice Cream and its unique Superman flavor under the name Super Rainbow. The ice cream factory was moved to Illinois in 2007, but the distribution center remains in Detroit.

Many other Michigan ice cream brands created their own versions of Superman ice cream. All of them have different names for the treat too. For instance, Purple Cow calls it Scooperman and Hudsonville Ice Cream calls it SuperScoop.

Eating Superman Ice Cream From The Island Ice Cream Store At Presque Isle Park In Marquette Michigan
Enjoying a scoop of Superman ice cream at Presque Isle Park in Marquette Michigan | photo via Ashley Pichea

Michiganders Memories of Superman Ice Cream

While the origins and flavors of Superman Ice Cream are fascinating, its impact on individuals and communities is equally compelling. For many, this vibrant ice cream is more than just a treat; it’s a trip down memory lane.

The unique blend, which some describe as a mix of bubblegum, cotton candy, and fruit, often evokes memories of sunny days, childhood adventures, and moments of joy.

Moreover, many Michiganders have personal stories tied to this iconic flavor. From enjoying a cone after a baseball game to sharing a scoop with friends on a hot summer day, Superman Ice Cream is intertwined with countless cherished memories.

Its divisive nature, where people either passionately love or strongly dislike it, only adds to its charm and mystique. In the end, whether you’re a fan or a critic, there’s no denying the cultural significance and emotional resonance of Superman Ice Cream in the hearts of many.

Eating Superman Ice Cream From The Island Ice Cream Store At Presque Isle Park In Marquette Michigan
Enjoying a scoop of Superman ice cream at Presque Isle Park in Marquette Michigan | photo via Ashley Pichea

Why I Love Superman Ice Cream

Growing up in Michigan, summers were synonymous with Superman ice cream. As a child, I would eagerly await those long, sun-drenched days when my parents would take me to our local ice cream parlor.

Each lick was a burst of fruity flavors, a delightful dance of bubblegum, cotton candy, and a hint of fruit that I could never quite pinpoint. It was a mystery, and that was part of its allure.

But it wasn’t just the taste that made me fall in love with the red, blue, and yellow ice cream. It was the memories it evoked. Every scoop was a throwback to those carefree days of running around with friends, of laughter echoing in the backyard, and of the sheer joy of being a kid in the heart of summer. It was the flavor of baseball games, picnics in the park, and late-night giggles during sleepovers.

As I grew older, my love for Superman Ice Cream never waned. In fact, it deepened. I began to appreciate the nuances of its flavors, the subtle differences between brands, and the stories behind its origins.

I learned about its deep-rooted connection to Michigan and how it became a symbol of Midwestern summers. And while I ventured out and tasted ice creams from around the world, Superman Ice Cream always held a special place in my heart.

It’s not just an ice cream for me; it’s a piece of my childhood, a slice of Michigan’s culture, and a testament to the simple joys of life. Every time I indulge in Superman ice cream, I’m transported back to those golden days, and I’m reminded of the magic that lies in the little things.

Today, as I share this delightful treat with my own children, I see the same spark in their eyes that I once had. And I realize that Superman ice cream is more than just a flavor; it’s a legacy, a tradition, and a timeless joy that transcends generations. It’s a reminder of the beauty of nostalgia and the power of flavors to evoke the most cherished memories.

So, here’s to Superman Ice Cream, the flavor that has colored my life with happiness, memories, and endless summer days. It’s not just an ice cream; it’s a feeling, and it’s one I’ll cherish forever.

Superman Ice Cream, Jackson - Superman Ice Cream
Dairy Store at the Jackson County Fair

No Affiliation With DC Comics

Despite being referred to as “Superman” ice cream, this frozen treat was invented before the superhero made his first appearance in Action Comics in 1938. Also, DC Comics has never granted a license for the character’s name to be officially used for this colorful swirl. So, the origin of the name is an even bigger mystery.

To avoid copyright issues now, ice cream parlors and manufacturers sell the frozen dessert under various names — ie. Super Rainbow, Scooperman, and SuperScoop. But that doesn’t hold it back from being a legendary flavor that kids love and adults remember fondly.

Superman Ice Cream - Superman Ice Cream
Superman Ice Cream at the Minow Bucket | photo via Rebecca Calkins

Best Places to Get Superman Ice Cream in Michigan

Of course, you can buy various brands of this delicious ice cream at your local grocery store. Doing so gives you the option to try each flavor on its own or in other combinations — blue and red, blue and yellow, or red and yellow — just like Neapolitan ice cream.

But you’ll have more fun going to an ice cream parlor, and Michigan has plenty.

While you can go at any time, consider going in July — National Ice Cream Month. Make your visit even more special by visiting on the third Sunday of the month — National Ice Cream Day!

Superman Ice Cream - Superman Ice Cream
Superman Ice Cream | photo via @meg_claw_c

Here are some ice cream parlors across Michigan that we recommend for trying the Superman flavor of ice cream:

Is Superman Ice Cream your Kryptonite? Where is your favorite place to get Superman ice cream in Michigan?

Superman Ice Cream - Superman Ice Cream
Superman Ice Cream | photo via @never_ending_joy

More Superman Ice Cream Recipes & Treats

Although the ice cream is amazing on its own, it’s fun to experiment with it in other recipes.

That’s exactly what Cynthia Yousif did in her small Sterling Heights bakery — Cynthia’s Edible Arts. What started out as baking for fun and holiday gatherings has turned into a full-blown business for her. She makes various cheesecakes, chocolate-covered treats, and marshmallow confections. Most interesting to us is her Superman ice cream cheesecake, which is topped with Fruity Pebbles.

Liz, the Cupcake Lady, lives just across the border in Indiana and created a Superman Ice Cream Cupcake to honor her husband’s love of Superman ice cream. While it doesn’t actually contain Superman ice cream in the cupcake, the colors and flavors are all there, and it’d be delicious served with a scoop or two!

Superman Ice Cream Gifts

If you or someone you know LOVES Superman ice cream, you will love these fun Superman ice cream gifts we found…

Superman Ice Cream Candle - Superman Ice Cream
Superman Ice Cream Candle | photo via @FamiliarFragrances

Superman Ice Cream Candle: A wonderful blend of vanilla & bubblegum fruitiness brings the smell of this eccentric ice cream to your comfortable living environment.

Superman Ice Cream Sticker - Superman Ice Cream
Superman Ice Cream Sticker | photo via @StuckonMichigan

Superman Ice Cream Sticker: An ice cream cone filled with red, blue, and yellow ice cream in the shape of Michigan is the perfect sticker for any Superman Ice Cream lover!

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