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11 BEST Summer Things to Do in Mid-Michigan

When you think of summer in mid-Michigan, do historical sites and apple orchards top your list of places to visit? While these mid-Michigan destinations might not be your “normal” summertime haunts, we think there is good reason to explore them as part of the best summer things to do in Michigan!


Visiting Michigan Apple Orchards in the Summer

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering what there is to do at a Michigan apple orchard in the summertime. So we thought we’d dive a little bit deeper into the best summer things to do at an orchard in Michigan…

Summer at Uncle John’s Cider Mill

Whether you like traditional cider, hard cider, or wine, you’ll find it at Uncle John’s Cider Mill. In addition to offering samples and selling award-winning ciders, the family-run farm in St. Johns, Michigan, has a wonderful bakery and several fun activities to do during the summer.

During the summer season, Uncle John’s Cider Mill will be open from Thursday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm, making it the perfect destination or detour for your Michigan adventures.

Summer Series

Are you looking for a different way to end the weekend? Uncle John’s Cider Mill on US-127 in St. Johns is a must-visit if you are returning home from up north or just looking for a Sunday afternoon activity.

Serving up live music and delicious local eats from 2-5pm on Sundays during the summer months, a visit to Uncle’s John is the perfect ending to your weekend of Michigan summer bucket list adventures.

Sunflower Fest

Uncle John’s Sunflower Fest will take place the second weekend of August. Cut flowers and sunflowers will be available to take home – just $5 per handful!

Craft Shows

With close to 100 vendors each, Uncle John’s craft shows are a summertime must-visit event in St. Johns and mid-Michigan!

Andersonorchard Jeff.versteeg
photo courtesy of @jeff.versteeg

Anderson & Girls Orchard

Add Anderson & Girls Orchard to your Michigan bucket list this summer! This wonderful farm and orchard have been in operation for over thirty years. A petting zoo with over 140 animals was added in 2000. 

Anderson & Girls Orchard is a great activity for families to do during the summer. There are lots of events throughout the summer. Even if there is not an event happening, the orchard provides a chance to play with animals, shop at the farmer’s market for fresh produce, and of course, the wonderful sweet shop that offers a full menu of great food to enjoy. 

Unique Places in Mid-Michigan to Visit this Summer

Mid-Michigan is full of unique places to visit in the summer months. From historical sites to natural wonders, these land-locked counties provide unlimited opportunities for exploration and enjoyment each summer. Here are a few hidden gems in mid-Michigan that we think you ought to explore this summer…

Curwoodcastle Metro.detroiter
photo courtesy of @metro.detroiter

Curwood Castle Park

Curwood Castle Park is one of Michigan’s most precious hidden gems. This park is nestled in the heart of Owosso and is home to Curwood Castle — the historic home built by writer James Oliver Curwood in the early 1920s.

When you visit the park, you will first find yourself walking through mature Oak and Sycamore trees, wondering if there really is a castle lying in wait. Keep going — you only have to take a few more steps before you will see the glistening yellow castle standing on the banks of the Shiawassee River. 

Grandledge Allnatural.adventures
The Ledges at Oak Park | photo courtesy of @allnatural.adventures

The Ledges

Situated about 10 miles west of Lansing and along the Grand River, Grand Ledge is a picturesque city. Its name came from the river, which is the longest in Michigan, and it’s most well known for the sandstone ledges that rest along the riverbank.

The best place to hike and climb “The Ledges” is in Oak Park at 700 W Front Street in Grand Ledge.

Lumberjacks and Rivermen’s Park

Lumberjacks and Rivermen’s Park near Alma, MI, was founded in 1926 when George Beck found out that the last area of white pines was set to be cut down. He called upon his lumberjack friends and bought these 40 acres to preserve these fantastic pines.

In the park today, you will find a cook shanty and bunk, as well as a caretaker’s house. There is a beautiful nature trail to explore as well as a playground and a bandshell. The park provides you with some history of lumberjacks and rivermen and also a gorgeous forest to explore. 

Dowgardens Thetridge Adamkostus
photo courtesy of @adamkostus

The Tridge

Located in Chippewassee Park, The Tridge in Midland Michigan is a must-visit place this summer in Michigan. “The Tridge” is the official name of a wooden footbridge that spans the Chippewa and Tittabawassee Rivers. This attraction opened in 1981 and consists of a single 31-foot tall pillar that supports three spokes. Each of the spokes is eight feet wide and 180 feet long. 

Wooden Shoe Village

When checking things off your Michigan summer bucket list, there are many wonderful destinations and things to do. One relatively unknown location you might want to consider in the north-central part of the state is Wooden Shoe Village.

This small community is located in Gladwin County, and while you won’t find much on a Google search of this area, there are several beautiful things to see and do in this hidden gem of a small town. 

Muskegonriver Liddy Uh
photo courtesy of @liddy_uh

More to Explore this Summer in Mid-Michigan & Beyond

Beyond the orchards and unique destinations, mid-Michigan is full of wonderful places to enjoy being in nature. Some of our favorite ways to enjoy nature in mid-Michigan include…

And if you’re looking for more summer things to do in Michigan beyond the land-locked counties in the center of the state, be sure to check out the entire #MIAwesomeList Michigan summer bucket list!

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