Romantic Restaurants In Michigan
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7 Romantic Restaurants in Michigan for an Amazing Date Night

Looking for romantic restaurants in Michigan to celebrate a special date night like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary? I’ve got you covered.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of my personal favorite romantic spots in Michigan, perfect for enjoying a drink, a meal, and the enchanting atmosphere they each offer.

With countless options across the state, here are 7 top choices for a romantic evening and dinner, complete with delicious food and drinks.

Romantic Restaurants In Michigan - D Prime Steakhouse In Detroit
D Prime Steakhouse | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

D Prime Steakhouse | Detroit

D Prime Steakhouse in downtown Detroit is located in The MGM Grand Casino. I truly think this spot is a hidden gem. It is tucked away in a corner of the casino but offers an amazing ambiance with low light, and a delicious menu along with the best complimentary bread and butter to start with and even more delicious drinks.

The service here is wonderful. Whether you sit at the bar or reserve a table tucked away in this space, it is a delightful spot to spend a date night in the city. D Prime Steakhouse is truly a luxury spot with outstanding service and the most romantic restaurant to celebrate a special occasion.

Ottava Via | Detroit

In downtown Detroit, Ottava Via in Corktown is a delightful Italian spot known for its beautiful ambiance and delicious food and drinks.

This is one of my favorite spots to visit when I am in downtown Detroit. Corktown is a lowkey area of the city that provides the perfect setting for a quiet and intimate date night.

Img 6928 1 E1706045025244
Pasta from Tiramisu | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Tiramisu | Northville

Tiramisu in downtown Northville offers delicious Italian food and a romantic atmosphere, complete with a cozy fireplace in the main dining room. The extensive wine collection complements the tasty food.

One of the highlights of the menu is the ability to create your own pasta which really allows you to create your own specific taste. Every time I visit, I always opt to create my own pasta as it allows for a unique and different dining experience every single time.

Don’t miss the delightful cannoli for dessert – it’s just as delicious as the main meal.

Additionally, downtown Northville in general, is a wonderful spot to walk around and is perfect for an after-dinner stroll. This small town is very lively even in the colder months.

Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse | Birmingham

Nestled in Birmingham, Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse offers an amazing romantic atmosphere on regular days. During Valentine’s Day they do everything they can to make the place feel even more romantic and special including napkins that look like roses.

The food is delicious, they have a wide range of drinks, and its location adds even more to its appeal. Downtown Birmingham is a wonderful place to walk around after you have a delicious meal and has such a warm and welcoming charm to it.

Cafe Cortina
Cafe Cortina | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Cafe Cortina | Farmington Hills

Located in Farmington Hills, Cafe Cortina is a luxury restaurant with a charming atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a romantic evening. 

The beautifully plated and delicious food is a treat for both the eyes and the palate. There is a lot of effort that goes into the food presentation and it tastes even better than it looks. The exceptional desserts add even more to the experience.

Trattoria Stella In Traverse City
Trattoria Stella | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Trattoria Stella | Traverse City

Trattoria Stella in a true hidden gem of Traverse City. This is a unique dining location with amazing Italian food. With a rotating menu offering consistently delicious and unique options, it’s an ideal choice for a lovely and romantic evening in northern Michigan.

Although Traverse City has many delectable food options, Trattoria Stella is the most romantic restaurant by far.

Inn At Bay Harbour Lobby In Petoskey
Inn at Bay Harbour lobby | photo via Kassandra Olschanski

Vintage Chophouse and Wine Bar | Petoskey

Nestled in the Petoskey area, Vintage Chophouse and Wine Bar inside the beautiful Inn at Bay Harbour offers a surprisingly romantic and quaint setting.

The space for this restaurant is not large, but that is what makes it even more romantic and quaint. It is the perfect spot for a quieter evening while also being tucked inside a really gorgeous hotel.

The food is extremely delicious and this is one of my favorite spots to visit for a date night, a special occasion or a Valentine’s Day celebration.

Try a New Romantic Michigan Restaurant

Exploring new romantic restaurants in Michigan can be a delightful and fun idea for a date night. There are so many unique dining spots in this lovely state that allow you to discover unique flavors and experience the creativity of local chefs.

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