Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
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Awesome Mitten’s Guide to Pine Mountain Resort in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has dozens of winter things to do, and Pine Mountain Resort should be at the top of your list this year. This family-friendly ski resort has everything that you need to make lifelong memories — skiing, full-service dining, modern lodging, and more.

Pine Michigan Resort is more than just a winter destination, though. It offers golfing from spring through fall as well. So even if you’re looking for summer things to do in the Upper Peninsula, this ski and golf resort is a fantastic destination.

We hope that our guide will help you plan your getaway at Pine Mountain Ski and Golf Resort!

Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort, Iron Mountain - One Of The Top Michigan Ski Resorts: Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort, Spring Things To Do
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort

Pine Mountain Ski and Golf Resort Overview

Part of the Trademark By Wyndham Collection, Pine Mountain Ski and Golf Resort in Iron Mountain Michigan (The Gateway to the Upper Peninsula) is a 4-star, all-season destination. You’ll find it off US-141 and US-2, only a few miles from the Wisconsin border.

The resort was established in 1939 by Fred Pabst, and it became one of the top ski hills of the late ’30s and early ’40s. He even offered train rides to Pine Mountain on weekends from Milwaukee and Chicago.

Pine Mountain Resort changed ownership in the late ’40s, and innovation by the Trepp family made it the first ski resort in the area to have 100% snow-making and grooming as well as aerial lifts. With its snow-making and grooming capabilities, it consistently opens first and closes last among area ski resorts.

After an extensive renovation in 2019, Pine Mountain continues to be the only ski-in, ski-out resort in the Upper Peninsula. Also, it provides some of the best ski adventures and has been rated the No. 1 family ski resort in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Fast Facts

Here’s a list of some things that you’ll find at Pine Mountain Resort:

  • 500-foot vertical drop
  • More than 220 acres for skiing
  • 35 open ski runs
  • Bone Yard terrain park
  • World-renowned artificial ski jump
  • 18-hole golf course

The Ski Patrol

One thing that Pine Mountain Resort takes seriously is the safety of its visitors. It employs an award-winning ski patrol team, which is available at all times during the winter season.

Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @mark_hauer

Best Things to Do at Pine Mountain Resort

With 220 acres of the best-groomed ski trails in the Upper Peninsula, Pine Mountain Ski Resort offers plenty of year-round recreation for all ages and skill levels. Check out everything that you can do during your Iron Mountain Michigan visit.

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

With miles of top-rated ski runs, downhill skiing and snowboarding are two of the best activities to do at Pine Mountain. The ski trails range from easy to difficult, including some across backcountry and freestyle terrain. Two double chairlifts and one triple chairlift take you to the top of the ski hill.

If you need ski and snowboarding equipment, Pine Mountain has a full-service ski shop. You can rent all the downhill equipment that you need — skis, boots, poles, snowboards, and bindings. You can even get helmets. The shop staff members are experts at fitting guests for the correct sizes.

Snowshoeing, Cross-Country Skiing, & Biking

Pine Mountain is full of trails that are ideal for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. When you stay at the resort, you get free access to the cross-country ski trails, snowshoe rentals to trek the golf course trail, and two-hour bike rentals.

Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Ski Jump - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort – Ski Jump | photo via Jesse Land

Climbing the Ski Jump

The Pine Mountain Ski Jump is one of the best and highest artificial ski jumping hills in the world. The climb to the top is challenging, but you’re rewarded with an amazing view when you get to the top. It’s even possible to see the aurora borealis at night.

Your journey starts at the bottom of Pine Mountain with a climb up 500 concrete stairs to the base of the ski jump. There, you’ll find a really nice pavilion and observation deck next to the Upper Peninsula Veteran’s Memorial. It’s a great spot to take a break after climbing the stairs.

Your legs will burn. Your lungs will heave. You will have to stop, probably more than once, to catch your breath. And when you get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with this view.

I walked the steps a few weeks ago in place of my normal cardio routine and my legs were still sore days later. And now I’m hooked! I’ve been back a few times since, and last weekend I even kept going, all the way up to the top of the ski jump.

There’s just something about climbing 500 concrete steps, especially when you have the time to do it a few times in a row, that begets a feeling of accomplishment. Never mind that you could just drive to the scenic lookout and skip the stairs entirely. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

Jesse Land

If you’re ready for an even bigger challenge, you can climb to the top of the ski jump itself. Keep in mind that the stairs are designed for athletes to climb. There’s a handrail on one side to steady your balance on the way up and down the steep incline.

I like to take my time on the way up and then hang out at the top for a while to enjoy the view. And always make sure to hang onto something. You never know when a stray gust of wind could kick up and make you lose your footing. (It’s happened.)

Jesse Land
Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @c.g.empyreal

Learning at Ski School

Pine Mountain Resort welcomes skiers of all levels, including novices. A team of highly qualified staff provides skiing and snowboarding instruction for all ages. You can reserve private or semi-private lessons by the hour, and discounts are available for multiple students. Group sessions are available too.

Also, the resort offers the Moving Mountains Adaptive Program, which provides skiing and snowboarding instruction to people with disabilities. It’s a wonderful way for them to participate in outdoor winter sports.

Golfing at Timberstone Golf Course

From spring through fall, Pine Mountain Michigan is a gorgeous destination for golfing. Its 18-hole championship Timberstone Golf Course offers a world-class experience. The course is regularly ranked one of the best in the United States.

Timberstone was designed by Jerry Matthews to magnify the natural beauty of the Upper Peninsula. It stretches across 240 acres of lush foliage with streams, lakes, and magnificent mountain views. You can book spring, summer, and fall golf-and-stay packages to make the most of your visit.

Pine Mountain Ski Golf Resort Iron Mountain Michigan @C.g.empyreal 2
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @c.g.empyreal

Peeking Behind the Scenes

Would you like to see the operations behind Pine Mountain Ski and Golf Resort? At The Lodge’s front desk, you can book a 1.5-hour tour that includes a golf cart ride to the top of the mountain, a lesson on the science of snow-making, and a look into what it takes to maintain and groom the ski hill.

Attending Events

Pine Mountain Resort hosts numerous entertainment and local brewers at its dining venues throughout the year. It hosts many events too:

  • Jump Weekend in February
  • Easter Buffet in April
  • Mother’s Day Buffet in May
  • The Midwest Comedy Tour in November
  • Christmas Craft Show in December
  • New Year’s Eve celebration
Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @wittsendwi

Jump Weekend

The FIS Ski Jumping Continental Cup in February is probably the biggest athletic event at Pine Mountain. The Kiwanis Ski Club, which maintains the Iron Mountain ski jump, welcomes thousands of people to watch ski jumpers from across the world speed down the artificial slope at more than 60 mph.

The famed Jump Weekend is one of the country’s best winter experiences. Along with watching the jumpers, you’ll get to enjoy great food — burgers, brats, and beer — and live music. Basically, it’s a huge winter party in the Upper Peninsula.

Since the event is held in February, it breaks up the winter season nicely, providing something to look forward to when there’s not a whole lot going on.

I’ve had two very distinct types of experiences at the jumps:

1. Partying. We get a group of people, a grill, and a bunch of food and beer; bring a portable fire pit; and have a party outside in the middle of winter. It’s a blast. Oh, and there’s ski jumping too. We honk our car horns when someone has a nice jump and then give random high fives to strangers.

2. Spectating. (aka “not partying”) A couple of years ago, only one of my friends was able to make it up for the jumps. He happens to be a photographer, so he and I made taking photos more of the focus and stayed away from the booze. And you know what? It was brilliant!

The Upper Peninsula’s crisp, clean winter air is awesome if you’re dressed for it. We walked around, took photos of the jumpers, caught whiffs of other people’s campfires, and still made time to grill out.

Jesse Land
Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @shebelievedandsoshedid

Eating at Pine Mountain Michigan

There are three places to grab a bite to eat while you’re skiing, snowboarding, golfing, or just exploring everything that Pine Mountain Resort has to offer. And, there’s a market with 24-hour snacks and drinks at The Lodge.

Farmers Restaurant

Farmers Restaurant is a full-service bar and restaurant that’s legendary for its food and spirits. It’s open daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, the restaurant is home to the Upper Peninsula’s Sports Hall of Fame.

The Sitzmark Bar

Open Friday through Sunday during the winter, The Sitzmark Bar offers a variety of drinks, including hot beverages. There’s always live music, and in March, you can enjoy the ice bar on Saturdays. You can have your drinks on the 3,000-square-foot deck with a delightful mountain view.

The floors and walls of the bar were built from World War II glider crates, and glider wing parts were used for the roof rafters.

The Spruce Cafeteria

Next to the Sitzmark deck, you can get a range of homemade entrees at The Spruce Cafeteria for reasonable prices. It’s the perfect spot for a break between skiing or snowboarding down the runs.

Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @c.g.empyreal

Staying at Pine Mountain Ski Resort

To get the most out of your Pine Mountain Resort visit, you can reserve a room at The Lodge or reserve one of four condos. The Lodge has 55 inviting and warm modern rooms, while the condos feature mountain-themed decor and accommodate large families and groups.

You can take advantage of a wide array of amenities during your stay too — fresh cookies and bottled water upon arrival and check-in, free Wi-Fi access, and access to the saltwater indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, bean bag toss, and table tennis. Additionally, you can get firewood and gather around a fire pit for two hours.

If you’re visiting Pine Mountain for a romantic getaway, you can seal your love on the Love Lock Fence. Bring your own lock, or purchase one at The Lodge’s front desk.

Pine Mountain Ski &Amp; Golf Resort - Iron Mountain, Michigan
Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort | photo via @c.g.empyreal

Plan Your Pine Mountain Resort & Upper Peninsula Getaway

Pine Mountain Ski and Golf Resort has so much to offer all year. From downhill skiing to golfing to events, there’s always something to do in Iron Mountain. And while you’re visiting the resort, you can explore other things to do in the Upper Peninsula as well.

Thanks to Jesse Land for his contributions to this article.