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9 BEST Things to Do in March in Michigan

Looking for the best things to do in March in Michigan? We’ve got you covered!

March in Michigan is often a seasonal signal that the worst of winter is over and spring weather isn’t too far off. However, it also means that many of the events that the wintry antics played by Jack Frost are about to melt into the warm embrace of Mother Nature.

Essentially, March is when events in Michigan explode and multiply. With everything going on, you can find plenty of things to do in Michigan, and this list makes planning your first steps into spring easier.

Keep your coats on, but keep your spring wardrobe on standby. Although Michigan is known to be chilly, during the winter months, the month of March might surprise you with a few springlike days.

Monsoon Vietnamese Cuisin-Grand Rapids
Monsoon Vietnamese Cuisine | photo via truettglen

Tantalize Your Taste Buds

After being cooped up during super cold weather, people want to venture out and try new things. So, it’s not unusual for early spring to coincide with food-related events and festivities.

Restaurant Week is one of them. This themed event happens all over the country and is a great way to shine a spotlight on local eateries and restaurants. Several Michigan towns host annual Restaurant Weeks during the month of March, including Grand Rapids and Detroit.

If you love food or are just interested in checking out something new to add to your palate, don’t be afraid to try something new and delicious.

Michigan Maple Farms - Rudyard, Michigan
Michigan Maple Farms | photo via Michigan Maple Farms

Sample Fresh Maple Syrup in Michigan

One of the sweetest perks about March in Michigan is tapping into a Maple tree and reaping some tasty maple syrup. Throughout the month of March, guided tours and Maple syrup festivals take place across the state.

You can learn about how to determine which maple trees are ripe for tapping, the process for collecting maple syrup, and some interesting history about how ancient indigenous populations were vital to the American maple syrup trade. It’s a neat bit of U.S. history woven into tasty packages of maple yummies.

Copper Dog 150 Calumet
Copper Dog 150 | photo via hanna_wescott

Accelerate Your Adrenaline & Cheer on the Underdogs

March is the perfect time to attend a winter sports competition in Michigan. Winter sports still reign during early March, particularly in this part of Michigan, and the Copper Dog 150 is a fantastic event to attend if you want to get a cold-season sport on your roster before the spring thaw.

Spectators will gather in downtown Calumet to watch this famous sled dog race the first weekend in March. More than 350 canine athletes and their humans compete in the event. Racing their way through the Keweenaw Peninsula, one of these athletic pups will bring home the big prize before the event is over.

Be prepared to travel — you’ll be making your way to Copper Harbor and back to Calumet before it’s done. Gas up your vehicle, don some warm clothes, and get ready to watch one of the most exciting dog races in the Lower 48.

Butterflies At Dow Gardens In Midland
Butterflies in Bloom | Photo by Amanda Shaffer

Escape to the Tropics without Leaving Mid-Michigan

Dow Gardens hosts its annual “Butterflies in Bloom” event from March to mid-April. This interactive exhibit showcases thousands of colorful butterflies from around the world within the tropical environment of the Dow Gardens Conservatory.

Admission is included with a regular Dow Gardens ticket or an annual pass, but reservations are required. Tickets must be bought online or by phone in advance, and visitors are advised to arrive before their ticket time, considering a 0.25-mile walk to the Conservatory.

T2D March - Garden Show

Get Inspired at Michigan Home & Garden Shows

One of the things that many people can look forward to in Michigan in March is knowing that spring is around the corner. That also means that home renovations and gardening are fresh activities for to-do lists.

So, when the Michigan Home and Garden Shows come around, it’s a great time to dive into these things. Here are several events that are worth attending:

Connect with other homeowners and gardeners who are looking to bring a fresh look to their spaces and exchange ideas. It’s also a nice opportunity to get a new outlook on innovative ideas for your home and gardens.

Attending these home and garden shows is a refreshing way to network with others who have the same outlook as you. So, break out of your winter cave, and start looking forward to spring projects.

T2D March - Spring Wine

Take a Spring Wine Tasting Tour

Although spring officially starts on March 20, the weather still tends to be chilly in Michigan. So if you haven’t taken a wine tour (or want to get one more in before it heats up), now is the time to do it.

One of the benefits of Michigan’s weather and geography is that it allows local vineyards to cultivate grapes that produce great regional wines throughout the state.

If you want to gather a dedicated group of wine appreciators for a tour, do it while the night air is still crisp and the moonlight is bright. There are dozens of amazing Michigan wineries to visit.

Michigan State Parks Camping

Experience Early Spring Camping

Michigan is truly one of the greatest states for recreation in the United States. So if you are thinking about an early spring camping trip, you have picked an awesome state for it. Whether you’re in the Upper or Lower Peninsula, there is no shortage of great camping spots.

Just remember that it is still going to be chilly, especially at night. So, be prepared to bundle up while you’re sleeping, but also be prepared for the gorgeous morning that will follow a night of roughing it.

Indoor Waterpark

Get Away Without Leaving the State

When the snow melts and the sun emerges, spring break in Michigan is approaching. If you’re looking for spring break destinations but don’t have the funds to head to warmer climates, a Michigan staycation might be a good option.

Don’t miss our list of some of the best Michigan spring break ideas — including day trips and overnight getaways close to home.

Whether you want to fish on a river, hike along a groomed trail, spend time checking out museum exhibits, or go for a scenic drive, Michigan provides opportunities to do all of that and so much more.

Rockport State Recreation Area - Alpena, Michigan
Rockport State Recreation Area | photo via @nat_geo_vibes

Stare at the Night Sky

Michigan covers a lot of land and water. So, various spots are far enough away from big cities to get a clear view of the night sky. One of the perks of these open skies is the spectacular stargazing opportunities in Michigan.

Early spring is one of the best times to take in the spectacular views of a starry night or catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. So, find a quiet spot, and grab a comfortable chair and blanket.

If you have a pair of binoculars or a telescope, then you’re already ahead of the stargazing game. Evening skies are clear and bright, waiting for you to take it all in.

Discover More Things to Do in March in Michigan

Early spring is a transitional time and happens to be one of the greatest times to experience various events in Michigan. Whether you’re engaging the last of the winter sports season, tasting wine, or planning your spring garden, there are countless spring things to do.

As the weather changes, you get to catch the last wave of chilly nights that open into beautiful mornings during March in Michigan. If you are planning or thinking about a Michigan trip during March, there’s time to do something amazing!

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