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19 BEST Petoskey Restaurants to Satisfy Your Cravings

Petoskey is a small town in Northern Michigan that’s home to less than 6,000 permanent residents. But when seasonal visitors infiltrate the area, it bursts with thousands more during any given week. As a result, the Petoskey restaurants scene thrives and appeals to both residents and travelers.

From fine dining restaurants to fast-casual diners, you’ll find every kind of restaurant in Petoskey — and all of them offer local flavor and a commitment to Midwestern hospitality. These are fantastic places to keep you fueled as you experience all the fun things to do in Petoskey.

Casual & Comfortable Restaurants in Petoskey

For diners who are in search of a welcoming atmosphere and a quick, delicious meal, there are many casual, family-friendly restaurants in Petoskey to choose from. Most of them are open throughout the entire year, making them an appealing option for locals and visitors alike.

Mighty Fine Pizza

Known as “The hardest working 480 square feet in Petoskey!”, Mighty Fine Pizza is a hidden gem that dates back to the 1960s and was the first pizza place in Petoskey. This 8′ wide, 60′ long building is home to freshly-made dough, local ingredients, and sauce made from scratch.

City Park Grill

City Park Grill is a restaurant housed in one of the most historic buildings in Petoskey. Located in a building that was constructed in 1875 and was originally used as a billiard hall reserved exclusively for men, City Park Grill is considered a must-visit attraction to uncover the history of the community.

In addition to learning a little bit more about Petoskey, you can grab a scrumptious burger, an innovative sandwich, or a mouthwatering entrée from this popular local restaurant.

Duffy’s Garage & Grille

For those in search of a restaurant that features a fun and lively atmosphere, Duffy’s Garage & Grille is the perfect spot. This family-friendly restaurant is best known for its vintage car motif, which appeals to diners of all ages.

In addition to having an eclectic vibe, this restaurant is known for having the best burgers in the entire town.

This was a great family atmosphere for us. Great options for delicious food. We loved how their weren’t TVs everywhere and how the decor was fun and unique. But maybe our favorite part was the Brix soda. My kids (and frankly, me too!) love when we can get a soda with real cane sugar. Plus the fries were perfectly crisp.

-Leah Heffner
Duffy's Garage &Amp; Grille, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Duffy’s Garage & Grille | photo via @foodiefollowings

Southwoods Pub & Grill

Southwoods Pub & Grill is best described as a local haunt, often attracting the people who have long called this community home. Travelers will find that this unsuspecting restaurant is a hidden gem.

It serves incredible food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is open seven days per week. At Southwoods Pub & Grill, convenience and flavor collide.

There is nothing like comfort food – whether it’s a rainy night or you’re just looking for something with that stick-your-ribs kind of quality. And when dinner can do that – we had baked lasagna and macaroni and cheese – as well as dessert – peanut butter pie – I know I leave feeling nothing but satisfied for the rest of the evening.

– Leah Heffner

JW Filmore’s

When traveling, it is best to eat where the locals eat. And while many places on our list are local favorites, JW Filmore’s is up there with the best of them. Quiet, unassuming, and pleasantly delicious are great words to describe JW Filmore’s.

While this restaurant has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, you’ll love the family-style atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re right at home.

If I could get a job just taste-testing the biscuits and gravy at all the restaurants across the state – what a life! I loved how there was the option to have sausage gravy included in other breakfast platters. Plus their drip coffee was excellent.

– Leah Heffner

Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Tacos should probably be a love language and if anyone were to ask me what food I would choose to eat for the rest of my life, I would say tacos without hesitation. So if you feel the same on one or both of those accounts, you should try Jose’s Authentic Mexican Restaurant. The portion sizes are just right to try a couple of different things and get to experience many different flavor combinations.

The atmosphere is cozy and the service is incredibly quick. You’ll love it.

The Back Lot

Food trucks are their whole own genre of cuisine. Smaller menus. Able to eat with your hands. Quicker turnaround from order to order up. And the only thing better than one food truck is multiple food trucks, and that’s just what you’ll get at The Back Lot.

Whether you’re craving fish and chips, mac and cheese, pizza, sandwiches, or tacos, The Back Lot has exactly what you’re looking for. Of course, you can always mix and match and make the feast of your dreams!

Palette Bistro

This restaurant truly has it all. Palette Bistro is described as a casual-upscale restaurant, and its diverse menu is inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine. In addition to offering delicious meals, this restaurant features breathtaking views of Little Traverse Bay.

Whether you prefer to sit indoors and soak up the atmosphere, or you want to enjoy an alfresco meal while soaking up some of the best views in Petoskey, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your meal at Palette Bistro.

Palette Bistro, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Palette Bistro | photo via

Upscale Petoskey Restaurants

With spectacular views and opulent resorts, Petoskey attracts the kind of crowd that enjoys the fine dining experience. As a result, there are several upscale Petoskey restaurants to choose from, all of which offer a spectacular ambiance and a delectable menu.


Chandler’s is consistently ranked as one of the best Petoskey restaurants for fine dining. Located in the city’s Gaslight District, this restaurant has been charming diners for more than 20 years.

When you arrive at Chandler’s, you have the choice between seating in the main dining room (which has a European feel), the outdoor patio that’s open during the summer months, and the wine cellar. This allows you to customize your experience and choose the atmosphere that best suits your mood.

Open for both lunch and dinner, this restaurant is known for its progressive American menu, and you can always count on an excellent wine list. The servers will help you pair your meal with the perfect vintage, ensuring that you enjoy the full experience at this fine-dining establishment.

Chandler's, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Chandler’s | photo via @travelinlindys

The Sagamore Room

Another fabulous restaurant to consider in near Petoskey is The Sagamore Room. While most fine-dining restaurants in town offer lunch and dinner service, this elegant restaurant exclusively serves the most important meal of the day — breakfast.

Some of the most well-known menu items at this restaurant include the eggs Benedict and the blueberry streusel pancakes. Located in the Inn at Bay Harbor, this restaurant — with panoramic views of the bay — has a Victorian feel that allows you to begin your day in a state of relaxed splendor.

Stafford’s Roselawn Dining Room

Stafford’s Roselawn Dining Room is a fine-dining restaurant that allows visitors to enjoy wonderful food and impeccable views at Stafford’s Bay View Inn. Throughout the year, this restaurant serves lunch and dinner, but it’s, perhaps, most well-known for its Sunday brunch.

If you’re looking for a leisurely place to enjoy one of the best meals in town, Stafford’s Roselawn Dining Room is an excellent choice. It’s a local mainstay rooted in history yet prepared to trek forward into the future.

Chandler's, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Chandler’s | photo via @suellenjparker

Breweries & Wineries in Petoskey

Like many northern Michigan towns, Petoskey has become a haven for wineries and breweries. Travelers from around the state, as well as locals, appreciate the fact that there are many relaxing and authentic places to go where they can sip a local brew or enjoy a Michigan bottle of wine.

Beards Brewery

Beards Brewery is a local craft brewery that was established in the community just more than a decade ago by two residents who had spent their whole lives cherishing all things Petoskey.

While the brewery was originally located in the heart of downtown Petoskey, it relocated to a new space where it could offer guests more beer and better views of Little Traverse Bay. With a dozen beers on tap at any given time, visitors can enjoy year-round selections, seasonal options, or limited releases.

Beards Brewery, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Beards Brewery | photo via @reelcraftpass

Petoskey Brewing Company

Petoskey Brewing Company is a craft brewery that has been operating out of downtown Petoskey for the last decade — but it’s housed in one of the original brewery buildings in the city.

Located in a building that was affectionately known by locals as the “Old Brewery” and was constructed in 1898, the brewery aims to bridge the past with the future. Today, guests can enjoy more than a dozen different beers at any given time, all of which are produced on site.

Petoskey Brewing Company, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Petoskey Brewing Company | photo via @hodophile_sightseers

Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery

Michigan is home to hundreds of wineries, but few have the ability to call themselves one of the best in the state. Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery, however, consistently ranks as one of the top wineries in all of Michigan.

At this winery, guests can sip incredible wine that was created from the grapes grown in the vineyard, all while soaking up the sprawling views that surround them. It’s one of the most relaxing and peaceful spots in town.

Two Bottles Of Wine, Love Sangria And Sweet Reisling, At Petoskey Farms Vineyard &Amp; Winery
Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery | photo via Leah Tennant

Gabriel Farms & Winery

Gabriel Farms & Winery has been a working farm in the community for more than a century, and guests today can appreciate the historic nature of the barn itself. Instead of operating as a centennial farm, though, this location is a destination for travelers who want to enjoy the fruits of the region.

In addition to sipping wine that was created at the farm, visitors have the chance to pick raspberries, apples, and other fruits when they’re in season.

Gabriel Farms &Amp; Winery, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Gabriel Farms & Winery | photo via @gabrielfarmsandwinery

Local Coffee Shops & Cafes in Petoskey

Whether you need to be caffeinated for a day of adventure in Petoskey or you simply want a burst of energy as you enjoy the views, you’ll want to grab a cup of coffee from one of the best local coffee shops in the city.

Roast & Toast

Roast & Toast is a locally owned cafe that has been serving fresh-roasted coffee in Petoskey since 1993. At this coffee shop, you’ll never be served a cup of coffee that was roasted more than two weeks ago. It’s one of the best Petoskey restaurants to enjoy a flavorful cup of coffee in the city.

Breakfast food is my number one favorite food. This is elevated for me by great atmospheres. Roast and Toast has both. First, the cup and saucer mosaic on the way in was dreamy. But it wasn’t just the atmosphere – the food and coffee were amazing. The dining section was super cozy and it is for sure the kind of place you could spend all day in, meeting with friends, working, and drinking way too much delicious coffee while consuming way too many yummy baked goods – as if either of those are a thing.

– Leah Heffner
Roast &Amp; Toast, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
Roast & Toast | photo via @kempersweeney

North Perk Coffee

Located in downtown Petoskey, North Perk Coffee is a favorite among locals who enjoy supporting small businesses in the area. While you’ll certainly get a cup of coffee as quickly as possible, this shop prides itself on being a place where people gather together and enjoy good conversation.

North Perk Coffee, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
North Perk Coffee | photo via @northperkcoffee

The Grove Beverage Cafe

Sometimes the thing we need the most is something to sip on while we stroll a picturesque downtown. Personally, I’m a beverage lover. So The Grove Beverage Cafe is a great fit. Whether you are looking for a coffee, tea, or cocoa, or perhaps something a little more unique, like freshly pressed juice or kombucha on tap, The Grove has got you covered.

I also give major points to any place with a strong house plant display. And let me tell you – their house plant game was strong. I could have sipped my entire drink while just admiring the plants and dreaming of taking some starts with me when I left (I didn’t).

Petoskey Ice Cream Shops

Corner Scoops

Like any good Northern Michigan town, there are plenty of places to get a scoop of ice cream in Petoskey. Perhaps the best one in town is Corner Scoops, a seasonal ice cream shop that connects full-time residents and visitors who are only passing through.

Corner Scoops is just a few steps away from the local elementary school, making it a favorite place among families. With welcoming picnic tables shaded by rainbow umbrellas, it’s impossible to miss this delightful hometown ice cream shop that serves some of the most delicious flavors in the area.

American Spoon

If you’re looking for something different, head to the American Spoon Cafe to get some of the best gelato you’ll ever have. With 24 flavors to choose from and cups sizes varying from 2 flavors to 4 you’ll have endless combinations to try.

Don’t forget to grab a loyalty punch card while you’re there. In no time you’ll have it filled up and getting a free gelato!

American Spoon, Petoskey - Petoskey Restaurants
American Spoon | photo via @madeinmetro


Frozen yogurt + toppings = the things kids’ dreams are made of.

Snickerdoodlz in Petoskey is a topping-lovers’ paradise. You choose your flavor or flavor combo of frozen yogurt flavors then add toppings to your hearts’ content.

Pricing is by weight – which is both interesting to know what your dessert weighs and always a surprise!

Pestokey Pastry Shops

Johan’s Pastry Shop

Every town has their bakery. That place where when you go when you are back on a quick visit, or before a Saturday soccer game, or anytime you need a taste of home.

Johan’s Pastry Shop has been a long-time staple of the Petoskey community. It’s an easy walk from the beach and has delicious donuts.

Stop in for breakfast, or snack, or to take an awesome pastry on the road with you.

Enjoy Delicious Petoskey Restaurants During Your Visit

From fine-dining restaurants with waterfront views to comfortable diners with extensive menus, you’ll easily find the meal that you’re craving in Petoskey.

Its small-town charm has been perfectly preserved throughout the years, and this community’s commitment to local businesses ensures that flavorful and unique restaurants thrive in the area.

Whether you live here or are staying in nearby Petoskey lodging, you’re sure to discover a new favorite restaurant.

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