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Michigan’s Best Attractions (Question Mark?)

Michigan Roadside Attractions - Awesome Mitten
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Michigan wouldn’t be Michigan without some charming, small town attractions. Here is a list of some of the ones I want to visit and some of the best ones I’ve already seen:

  • The World’s Largest Cherry Pie Tin (Traverse City): Where else would this treasure be located other than the Cherry Capital of the World? Situated just outside the Sara Lee Bakery outlet, this tin can hold a 17′ 6″ pie that weighs over 28,000 pounds. Just 50 miles away, Charlevoix has their own record breaking pie tin that can hold a cherry pie weighing over 17,000 pounds. If you want more record breaking cherry events, check out TC’s annual Cherry Festival next summer!
  • The Mystery Spot (St. Ignace): Right when you cross the bridge you’ll see sign after sign about a mysterious place called The Mystery Spot. Come here to see crazy things like water running up a tube and watch someone casually climb up a wall. Right next door you’ll find the Weird Wax Museum that’s dedicated to local history and freaky wax figures.
    Michigan Roadside Attractions - Awesome Mitten
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  • Da Yooper’s Tourist Trap (Ishpeming): If someone doesn’t know what a Yooper is, take them here! This place is crazy and filled with souvenirs, a museum (featuring the Largest Motorized Tricycle in the state and the Largest Working Chainsaw in the World?!) and a comedy musical.
  • The World’s Largest Tire (Allen Park): I would hope that a state known for it’s automobiles would have the World’s Largest Tire! Located on I-94 in Allen Park, this tire is 12 tons and 80 feet tall. It was used as a ferris wheel at the New York World’s Fair in the 1960s.
  • Hell, Michigan: This one is just fun to say! They have a Screams Ice Cream, a hearse show and an opportunity to be Hell’s mayor for a day. Hell doesn’t sound too bad after all!
  • Christmas, Michigan: Another town that takes their name seriously. Located in the UP, this place has a giant Santa and Mrs. Claus and every house I saw (mid-summer) had Christmas decorations up still! Definitely a place to stop on your way to Munising.
  • The World’s Largest Christmas Store (Frankenmuth): Another one for the Christmas lovers! Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is open all year round and houses more than 1.5 football fields worth of Christmas ornaments and other assorted holiday decorations. If you need an ornament of anything (and I mean anything), this is the place to shop!
    Michigan Roadside Attractions - Awesome Mitten
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  • Gravity Hill (Arcadia): Place your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill and watch as it rolls upwards! I’ve never been here but I’m dying to try it.
  • The World’s Largest Weather Vane (Montague): Just north of Muskegon, in the small town of Montague, you can see a huge 48 foot tall weather vane.
  • Hamtramck’s Disney Land: On the same level as Detroit’s Heidelberg Project, Hamtramck’s Disneyland is a unique site. Located in a normal neighborhood and in a backyard, you can see a handmade version of a theme park. This one you have to experience for yourself!

Who knew Michigan is home to so many of the world’s largest items! There are so  many more quirky attractions across the peninsulas, what are your favorites?

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